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Project Serpo

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  • Dex
    From Chris First I apologize for using this distribution list, I do not know anyone who is on it and no one has given me permission to write to you. I think
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 8, 2008
      From Chris

      First I apologize for using this distribution list, I do not know anyone who is on it and no one has given me permission to write to you.

      I think this is sufficiently important to warrant disclosure.

      I first heard about project SERPO when I was taking the SRC induction course. This is where a group of military scientists were taken to an alien�s home planet and it is not fiction. Several other contactee stories were also discussed along with the details of the atomic bomb and the then advanced aircraft used as the British deterrant. (Vickers Valient).

      Several of my friends have been taken on board alien craft and on trips into space and I have been taken too. These trips were very confusing and we had no choice as the aliens were in total control.

      I have been to several alien planets including zeta reticulum where I went to a resteraunt on a rocky cliff near the sea where we watched the triple sunset at dawn and spent the day watching the three suns gyrate around the sky and witnessed midnight at noon. Another was a star ten light years away, I made two trips there, once with my pregnant girl friend and a second time to pick up my child that I had left behind 15 years before and to return an alien child we had been given in exchange for ours. The aliens who took us were not native to the star nor were they zetas.

      Our child spoke no human tongue and was only familiar with the stone age culture she lived with on the other planet, the planet did have some advanced technology and there was a radio telescope there. She has now learned english and is married to another feral child.

      I have grappled with taloned bug eyed aliens on a local beauty spot near me during the day at midday and met commander of the alien�s local starship who came to see me.

      The aliens have stabelised the sun as it was about to explode in a stella nova in 2006 but was prevented and the explosion petered out in 2003 since then the sun has cooled by a few degrees (in 5000K) and the earth is back to normal. However it has stabelised at a slightly higher temperature and light output and so will enhance plant growth to enhance the earths�s life. The sun�s yellowing has been reversed and the sun has been rejuvinated to how it was 1000 million years ago. It means the sun will now be stable for another 1000 million years.

      That was the object of the aliens visit, to save the human race from extinction by the formation of a planetary nebula. They came 6000 light years with their giant machines to save us.

      Every so often they fire poweful laser beams through the earths upper atmosphere to crack carbon dioxide to soot and oxygen to correct the damage we have done to our global atmosphere. If they had not we would have all suffocated through low oxygen in 2003.

      They want us to join the Galactic Federation of Sentient Beings.

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