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  • Dex
    Andrew (going beyond ET) Let me explain something from my perspective... The spiritual war is an increase in evil. The focus on the negative gives it the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 4, 2008
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      Andrew (going beyond ET)

      Let me explain something from my perspective...

      The spiritual war is an increase in evil. The focus on the negative gives it the attention it graves.

      For instance..
      I'm not saying what transpired through our discussion..is a direct cause, but, should be carefully considered.
      After our talk mentioning England and the evil thereof, there occurred a crime in 'England' involving two French students in today's news that is literally beyond comprehension.

      An analogy...

      God can reshape this reality through us more accordingly if our minds of power focus more on the positive. The other thought dwelling repeatedly, which has already been acknowledged, may manifest counter productively the repair our consciousness, of which in my opinion, is in dire need of.
      God created insights that go beyond the sensory apparatus of physical forms.
      Contemplate the potential of a mental creation and maybe, we'll see more of how we can produce the healing necessary to save mankind from spinning retrogressively out and away from the attributes of the Light of Life.
      The intelligent negative wants to live and partake in reality through our thought form manifest abilities as God does.
      In the lower, apparently, the negative is God like in it's actions.
      Lets try not to feed the thought stream. When it involves 'principalities and powers' competing, our limited understanding participation tends to cause more damage than the good we expected.
      The Devil argues to God the fact that we claim to be mature enough and the wiser, so it (the Devil) says, then we're responsible for the manifest. Leaving it unblamed and acting only as a power of principles for mankind.
      Think about...


      yes I agree that higher non-humans are currently participating to
      change negative imbalances in our lives.
      You can only change something that you recognise though.
      You can only avoid something negative if you recognise what to avoid.
      that as much goes for an informative, but negative post about drak
      alien social engineering as it does signing up for a Boylan workshop.

      There are a great many positive things to learn from an identification
      of the negative ETs and their modus operandii ... and for many people
      just ignoring them hoping they will go away is not an option.

      You seem to suggest that information about violations is not
      constructive - Thats not right.

      I think that we should also focus on the activities of goodness and
      light too, but the nature of human/alien contact is not a one sided
      You said that yourself the other day ... there was a gospel model for
      the following events - one is taken one left - your words .. who gets
      taken and why ? who gets left and why ? and by whom ???

      our models of goodness and light are being challenged before our eyes
      by clever impostors and deceivers, with clever abilities and clever
      charades ...

      The lady cited below left us for a Christian retreat and despite the
      alien droids parked outside my window on flash earth the Angels of
      Christ still keep their watch with me too.

      You seem to be saying that citing Paul Schroeder's story of alien
      abduction and cruelty is inappropriate - thats the thin end of the
      wedge Dex.
      There is Absolutely NOTHING for people like Paul .. no society, no
      fraternity - no representation, little atemporal protection, no
      worldly response or responsibility no politics ... closing the door on
      him at p4c is slamming the lid on his vat of green jelly.

      You are ready to leave Dex, I know this .. others need to feel that
      they have that freedom and amount of society available to them too ...
      quality space and mindset in which they can make informed spiritual
      choices about themselves and their future.
      Thats not easy if you are a victim of alien trauma.

      I'm sure Paul could have done with essence healing and those magical
      herbal arts and natural mysteries to make his life feel more beautiful.


      -- In prepare4contact@yahoogroups.com, "Dex" <dexxxaa@...> wrote:
      > Andrew and everybody..The below posting is one reason why it would
      be more constructive to consider others reading here concerning the
      information about violations.
      > We're destined to eventually leave this behind. The plan from our
      higher counterpart ET's are changing the negative imbalances. It takes
      > Didn't you hear about the release of the FARC captive's in South
      > Well, let me inform you that this work is being ET assisted in case
      you didn't know. I'm not at liberty go into the details.
      > Just take my word for it.
      > (Note: However, Andrew, the old English writings was a fascinating
      > It revealed to me how important it is in keeping faith in God.
      > Dex
      > Hi, Mary,
      > Please reconsider leaving the list. I have enjoyed your posts so
      much and have learned a lot from you already.
      > You are VERY useful on this list. I'm sure Dr. Sala would agree.
      > My take on this list is that the more enlightened we become, the
      more prepared we will be when contact actually occurs. Your posts have
      been so knowledgable and spiritual, and IMHO, added that important
      quality which we can all benefit--and grow from.
      > Sincerely,
      > Noelene
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      > Subject: Re: [prepare4contact] Re: BEE DISAPPEARANCES COULD GET WORSE
      > No I don't think so. I was sent the link for this list by a friend who
      > thought learning about ETs would be good. When certain topics come
      up I always
      > try to teach about what I know. My life has been about natural
      health. I've
      > been re-evaluating my usefulness on the list and don't think it is a
      > where I should be. The thought of being controlled or influenced by
      > entities is just not what I'm all about. Being a staunch Catholic
      and believing
      > that my God will take care of me is a much better frame of mind to
      be in. So
      > in the future yes, you probably will not see posts from me.
      > Warmly ~ Mary
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