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Re: [ufodiscussion] DAdmiral (Mike McConnell) Dan Burisch and Marcia Discussion

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  • masanga@talktalk.net
    Dex, I share your sentiments. But if you want someone to grow up what can you do? We cannot communicate with the people who inhabit the Black Projects
    Message 1 of 4 , Jul 3, 2008

      I share your sentiments. But if you want someone to grow up what
      can you do? We cannot communicate with the people who inhabit the Black
      Projects community and they are in a position to pick and choose what
      information and feedback they will receive from the outside world. And they
      are living and working in isolated compartments too, where they may often be
      subjected to false and artificial realities that are actively maintained by
      their controllers. So I think we're pretty-well powerless to influence them
      and we'll probably sleep better at nights if we can accept this fact.

      As to being subject to their rule, I don't think we have anything to
      worry about so long as we are alert and responsive to the inner-guidance
      that is provided for us continually by our own higher minds/spiritual
      intelligence - call it what you will. And if we should fall under their
      power for some reason, I think we can best regard it as a necessary
      experience and a progressive step on our own personal journey of
      evolutionary growth and development.

      But I feel that there is an evolutionary drama unfolding here to
      which we probably should pay attention if we know what is good for us. That
      drama certainly looks like a negative soap-opera when we just focus on the
      personalities involved and observe all the petty intrigues and deceptions
      and manipulations and squabbles that they engage in on a daily basis. But
      there is also a grander plot afoot that implicates humanity's whole
      relationship with the wider cosmos and with itself. I see the Black
      Projects community as presenting humanity with a significant evolutionary
      challenge and a choice to make - a choice that was summed-up by
      Shakespeare's Hamlet in his famous soliloquy: "To be, or not to be? That is
      the question!" The members of the Black Projects community appear to have
      chosen "not to be" and they are inviting us to choose likewise. They are
      claiming the absolute right to determine our relationships with ET and the
      wider cosmos without our knowledge or consent. I think we have no choice
      but to consider their demand and the response that we collectively make to
      it will determine the course of humanity's further evolution. Perhaps 2012
      will mark a critical juncture in that collective evolutionary
      decision-making process.


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      Marcia Discussion

      You know Regan...I agree with you entirely. What jerks in Official
      capacity. The mind set is childish and blind unto itself.
      God and I want it to grow up. The only thing I ask is that I'm not subject
      to it's rule.

      > Thanks for this, Dex.
      > But Jees, what a real-life soap-opera! Can this really be the
      > squalid and turgid level on which the members of the Black Project
      > generally live out their fear-fraught, conflict-ridden, melodramatic
      > Now they have given themselves Apophis to worry about, although if I was a
      > member of their incestuous throng I think I would be hoping that Apophis
      > would land right on top of me and so put an end to my self-chosen
      > Who can be immersed in such fractious, cynical, treacherous, duplicitous
      > perpetually angry and hostile relationships without craving release?
      > people are like warring street-gangs. How can they possibly take
      > responsibility for informing and guiding the destiny of the planet? They
      > are insane.
      > Regards,
      > Regan
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      > From: Dex
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      > Subject: [ufodiscussion] DAdmiral (Mike McConnell) Dan Burisch and Marcia
      > Discussion
      > This is a cross posted discussion. A DonDep commentary. The discussion is
      > between Dan Burisch (Former scientist at area 51, Marcia, and the DAdmiral
      > (Mike McConnell. Our National Intelligence Director).
      > You might like it. I know I did. Verrry interesting...Dex
      > Posted Today:
      > The Art of Bamboozling
      > DonDep- The power went out for a brief moment a short while ago and I just
      > lost an hour-long post I had been writing about this issue, and the one in
      > which the transcript between Daddy-O, Danny-Boy, Marcia Ann, and Ann
      > shows just how suspect the 'facts' as alleged are.
      > Regarding the photo; children often look very similar, aside from race and
      > weight, when they are newborn and very young. The similarities have little
      > to do with it. Dan DID grow up with a little girl in the household for
      > awhile, allegedly his (Dan's) sister but officially his cousin.
      > What does have alot to do with it is the amount of time and research UJ
      > in uncovering that the girl he thought of/thinks of being his sister is
      > actually his cousin, born 45 days after Dan. Unless the hospital was
      > complicit in forging birth certificates, such as SUNY was in denying he
      > ever been issued a degree there. Possible? Yes, but not likely. Unless of
      > course Shady is right and the SNEDs crew has been pillaging pop culture
      > the X-Files and Fox Mulder's sister syndrome.
      > I also made the case for Dan having to live with round-the-clock
      > surveillance, and what this does to one's mind. The fact Dan can even
      > maintain a semblance of independence is sometimes amazing, but the fact is
      > that he's knowingly misrepresenting the facts. He - Dan - had promised
      > once we met "face-to-face", he would fill in the missing information such
      > who COMMAJ17, COMMAJX, and K were. He never volunteered, and on the rare
      > occasion when I would gently endeavor to have him do so, he evaded any
      > subject he wasn't already discussing....none of which was relevant to the
      > subject.
      > Except when I asked for a "private meeting" away from the ever-present
      > recording devices and cameras. They ended up taking me to the UNLV
      > like they had taken Bill Hamilton. Marcia it turned out had brought a
      > recorder, though Dan had suggested he turn it over to me afterwards to
      > if I wanted to. No, Marcia demurred vigorously; no way! I'm certain she
      > it to John, but as it was, I lost whatever zest I had for an honest
      > dialogue. I didn't learn anything new that Dan hadn't already told me,
      > except for an indication that 'they' (Majestic) were opposed to any
      > disclosure that would 'alarm' the population. I forget the nuanced way
      > half-truth was couched, as I didn't seriously think they would want Dan to
      > forego the 'warning' aspect in his 'message'.
      > Boy was I ever wrong!
      > After we had first arrived at Marcia's and Dan would come over at night,
      > evening he impressed upon us his hidden rage at having the girl he
      > was his sister being accidentally killed by his alleged parents, John and
      > Dodie Crain. If it turns out that he is being kept from discovering that
      > might just have been wrong and misled all these years, what would be the
      > possible consequences? No wonder Marcia clamped down and removed Dan's
      > from public access. Dan's been very insulated for a very long time, and to
      > have him now question the very source of his bitterness might threaten his
      > ability to function according to plan. Of course, he may be party to
      > feigning such a situation based on the similarity to Mulder's
      > sister-syndrome, again as Shady suggests.
      > But the real heart of what I wanted to point out was in the transcript:
      > ANN: I wish I could have stopped Kevin, but with the way things have
      > out, it doesn’t matter.
      > DADMIRAL: Well, that’s too true.
      > DAN: The XXXXX XXXXX are all known as well. Ann, what is Kevin up to now?
      > ANN: Not so much now as last year. Dan, I thought you knew? Meaning about
      > Kevin?
      > DAN: No, ma’am!
      > MARCIA: Sis, you mean about Kevin realizing that Dan and I are on the same
      > side?
      > ANN: No. John, I wish you would have told them. Now I’m in a pinch.
      > DADMIRAL: And early in the conversation for you! (laughing) I apologize
      > the situation. Would you like me to go on?
      > DonDep-
      > So, Ann is saying she wishes she could have stopped Kevin (from what?
      > me the facts about the Priory induction?), but that it doesn' matter since
      > they were having him tracked by their MAJINFSEC?
      > ANN: No, I’ll tell them. Dan, you remember our March 17, 2006 conference?
      > DAN: Do you mean where we discussed about the possibility of Kevin
      > I was Illuminati? (laughing)
      > ANN: That’s the same one. Yes. The one right after the Priory first
      > approached you and John.
      > DonDep- So, Dan was plotting to mislead Kevin. Oh what tangled webs we
      > when first we practice to deceive! This was the time that Dadmiral and Dan
      > were about to be inducted into the Priory of Sion, the keeper of the
      > bloodline of Christ. How Christian in their behavior!
      > DAN: I remember then, yes. Go ahead.
      > ANN: There was a mix up in communication between myself and Kevin, I was
      > doing the in between, and –
      > DonDep- The fact remains Dan did nothing at any time to inform (or even
      > disinform) me of what he knew about these people, including Kevin. Is he
      > trying to have it both ways now? He pointedly didn't take the bait later
      > after that meeting at the UNLV library when I said, "you know, I have
      > different sources." THAT would have been the time to do the honorable
      > even if it was to lie: "Let us explain who you are hearing from and why."
      > They didn't say that, because they couldn't be truthful without giving
      > the fact they were truly unaware of the extent of those "different
      > The fact was they could not be forthcoming as they were already engaged
      in a
      > psy-op; either as a direct lie, or by 'with-holding' certain information.
      > DADMIRAL: And so you failed with the in between.
      > ANN: Yes, I failed with the in between. The Priory would never have
      > you were willing to peace it with them if you were still dragging around
      > somebody like Don. So I first flagged the relationship per J. You even
      > understood as long as they were in danger. Being the danger was real, no
      > need to go into it further with either of you.
      > MARCIA: What in hell’s half acre are you talking about?
      > ANN: Let me go on?
      > MARCIA: I want to hear why you didn’t tell me!
      > ANN: I will.
      > DAN: You can be thankful you aren’t in reaching distance right now!
      > DADMIRAL: To you or Marci?
      > DAN: Let’s see what she says.
      > ANN: May I continue?
      > DADMIRAL: Go.
      > ANN: So as I was saying, as long as they were in danger, you didn’t mind
      > But, --
      > DAN: I’m getting a bad feeling where this is going.
      > ANN: But, I didn’t cross the information back to Kevin because he was
      > under surveillance by Majfinsec for monetary concerns as Maj was closing.
      > DAN: Kevin?
      > DonDep- Yes, Dan, you were just BAMBOOZLED! How does it feel??
      > DADMIRAL: He added the comments to our conversation Dan.
      > DAN: Oh, Jesus Christ! I thought that Don added them for his Planet X
      > theory!
      > DADMIRAL: Yes, and I let you think that.
      > DAN: Son of a bitch, John! (yelling)
      > ANN: Look Dan, Kevin was working both sides. I couldn’t let him in on the
      > induction and what you agreed!
      > DonDep- Again; Dan, how does it feel to be bamboozled? Or was this
      > intentional?
      > Either Dadmiral is once again admitting he lied to Dan (by allowing him to
      > believe an untruth) or both he and Dan are role-playing with Dan feigning
      > indignation. Either way, it's damnable behavior.
      > MARCIA: Sis, you should have told me! What kind of shit is this? (yelling)
      > Is this thing with you going all the way back to New Orleans?
      > ANN: Goddamnit Marci this doesn’t have anything to do with f**k**g New
      > Orleans! (yelling)
      > DAN: Oh, Jesus! Oh, Jesus!
      > DonDep- The reality of how deeply he had been lied to is settling in on
      > and he knows that he was indeed a party to it (unless of course this is
      > a farce that he is knowingly playing a role in). Marcia is now acting the
      > same way; what kind of people are so close and yet so capable of
      > either other? It speaks volumes about the culture of Majestic; not the
      > of environment to bring up true patriots and idealists in.
      > DADMIRAL: Listen to me! (yelling) The Planet X thing takes credibility,
      > which you have, and throws it in the shitter! It’s no more than him
      > what you said in the hallway about that other character and the affidavit.
      > Future visions? You watched a video, right? Listen up here! Apophis could
      > hit us! That’s not a vision, that’s science. That science backs up what
      > Looking Glass showed.
      > DonDep- I can't believe that John is lying straight to Dan's face, when he
      > knows better! He KNOWS the information that even now Google & Microsoft
      > hiding from us, as of today's announcement! To be truly credible, John,
      > don't "throw leaves" at the problem, you come clean and tell us what you
      > really know. Tell them you have to have "loose cannon" going off with all
      > manner of drunken lurching in the zig-zag world of the majestic
      > "don't wake 'em up too quickly" 'Disclosure'. And I insist you show me
      > I changed what Dan said in the hallway about 'that other character'
      > and the 'affidavit'. What affidavit could be more important that the one
      > from April 13th, 2005 and the one from April 5, 2007? Did you get your
      > surveillance tapes mixed up? And what 'video' did you watch, or rather
      > Dan? "So help me!" Dan later yells, and it's true; what's he really gonna
      > do?
      > DAN: What? I thought that was lowered?
      > DADMIRAL: We’re waiting on better data. So, it’s stock up for awhile now
      > case we can’t stop it. It’s not a planet killer, but it will interrupt us
      > for some time.
      > DonDep- Now I thought this was the plan all along; hide the real cause of
      > the coming poleshift just because of all the political baggage on
      > This way you can have your catastrophe and eat it too. But nooooooo....
      > had to not just have it your way, but through many good people over the
      > in order to perpetuate a lie.
      > At least you recommend "preparation". We could've all been working
      > on this but we could never end up having an honest and respectful
      > Perhaps because both parties aren't capable; that should be charitable
      > enough.
      > DAN: So, you are telling me Don is right?
      > DADMIRAL: Yes and no. No. He is waiting for some Pole shift right?
      > DAN: He is waiting for Nibiru as a Brown Dwarf or something like that.
      > is a decided difference between an electromagnetic pole flip, which I
      > believe is underway now, and a geophysical as in T2. I tried to speak with
      > him about it, that this is a cyclic issue of chaos-cosmos. There’s no
      > talking to him. He goes deaf just like the people he calls dissonant.
      > DonDep- This is an out-and-out LIE. You did NOT try to "speak with me
      > it"; recall the conversation if you think I'm wrong! It simply didn't
      > happen! I didn't go "deaf" so much as you went "mute" when we arrived in
      > Vegas, Nevada, Dan!
      > Back to the other. What’s its potential as an impact event?
      > DADMIRAL: He is wrong about the Brown Dwarf, right about a higher
      > probability of impact of an earth disrupting asteroid. It should be within
      > visible range. I believe it will pass within the Earth Moon distance.
      > DonDep- The poleshift isn't some random near-miss via some errant comet,
      > John. And more importantly, you're keeping Dan much further in the dark
      > I thought. It was YOUR people that sent me that link to the NASA page
      > it, which of course was then quickly yanked. You take no responsibility
      > this, but then again, you've been coverup up for years and with the people
      > that so look up to you! Are you still lying to them and saying you came up
      > with a dossier on Nancy Lieder as if she was simply another 'whacko' that
      > you compiled dossiers on? What do you do when the 'community' believes one
      > thing and you are trying to say another?
      > DAN: Okay, I just wanted to make sure that this wasn’t a T2 involved
      > This still troubles me, as it’s too easily, ah too easy added in your
      > subject matter. I’ve never heard you speak of this before?
      > DADMIRAL: It’s been in the mainstream. It’s nothing we’ve been hiding.
      > DonDep-For having such a 'special relationship', these two individuals
      > apparently communicate very well.
      > MARCIA: Okay, we understand that! Well, no I don’t! The stocking of
      > provisions was earmarked as possible T2 stocking. I’ve never heard
      > in the way of an asteroid until now. Plus, I still don’t understand why we
      > weren’t told of you working an op against us involving Kevin’s additions?
      > DonDep- If this is accurate, then Marcia has been even more bamboozled
      > Dan, but more importantly, has failed to make the spiritual connections to
      > the situation. At least having a grandiose paradigm built of 'stargates'
      > ley-lined planets, bursting with occult symbolism, is more impressive than
      > the New Kid on the Block, Comet Apophus. (Oh that's right, that's the
      > of the Ages", and D&M are alleged to be using their own device to have a
      > "one-time-only" viewing of 'the date'. Smacks of PXism if you ask me; just
      > more smoke n' mirrors, er gas n' lenses.)
      > ANN: I spoke with J and he said it wasn’t more important than us getting
      > Priory on board so you could cut the Illuminati off at the knees!
      > DAN: Wasn’t more important, what, Apophis or Don?
      > ANN: Don, silly!
      > DAN: Well, I will agree that we have had problems with Don broadcasting
      > whatever he got his hands on, when it served his purposes, but these
      > are apples and oranges to me.
      > DonDep- So why did you evade my open-ended statement to tell me who these
      > people were, Dan? I haven't broadcast "everything", Dan, not be a long
      > DADMIRAL: Dan, Marci, you two would be told before anything would get
      > critical.
      > DAN: Screw me! (yelling) What of the impact’s ground zero? Are we
      readying a
      > protocol for movement of the populace from even an estimated ground zero
      > location?
      > DonDep- How do you like the feeling, Dan? Naturally this may not be
      > 'usual', but you of all people should understand. If they haven't prepared
      > anyone for "Apophus", you can bet your sweet bipply they wouldn't plan
      for a
      > "PX".
      > DADMIRAL: Dan, we don’t know if it will hit us!
      > DAN: Right, but we know when it's passing, yes? Why not project it hitting
      > us, and estimate from there? Jesus Christ! (yelling) Do you know how many
      > would wipe out, even if it isn’t an Earth killer?
      > DADMIRAL: That depends on where we estimate it will hit us! We might win
      > war quicker! (laughing)
      > DAN: Not funny!
      > MARCIA: No, you know sir, I don’t, I mean to say, I don’t see that as
      > either.
      > DonDep- Now, Dan is trying to sell the idea of "projection planning',
      > he might have done well to bring up with me during the time he said he
      > would. Dadmiral is rather callous, once again proving his lack of concern
      > for the populations...imagine! Laughing about it, even!
      > DADMIRAL: Look Dan –
      > DAN: No, you look! (yelling) The first friggin chance I legitimately get,
      > am going to expose this information you just gave! (yelling)
      > DADMIRAL: You make damned sure it’s not from me! (yelling)
      > donDep- As if it would make a difference!
      > DAN: I understand, you are in D.C. and trying to hold Dubya together. I
      > understand that. I also understand that this is information I should have
      > been provided so that I could have given a more complete view of what we
      > have, or what some have known. Now, what? This information comes to the
      > public, and it emboldens those who have been screaming doom? You withhold
      > critical information, and how about you Ann? Did you know this?
      > ANN: Sugarlady said Apophis misses us in T1 but maybe not now that we’ve
      > changed the course pushing us off T2.
      > DonDep- This is another irksome thing; we have NO REASON to trust
      > and every reason to believe they are hiding a 'Big Event', a 'cataclysm'
      > one kind or another. We don't "scream doom"; in fact, Dan, you "scream
      > Unity!" wayy too much without practicing the basic tenets.
      > DAN: Damned if we do and damned if don’t.
      > DADMIRAL: Not really, it will miss us.
      > DAN: A moment ago you said we weren't sure it would hit us, now you are
      > it will miss us?
      > DADMIRAL: The numbers say it will miss.
      > DAN: Which numbers? The ones before the stargates were grabbed or after?
      > DADMIRAL: There are no real after numbers because we tore them down. The
      > glasses.
      > DAN: Exactly! Think about what Ann just said! I have no choice! I have no
      > choice but to announce what I’ve learned!
      > DADMIRAL: How? Exactly what have you learned?
      > DAN: John, I have no choice but to say that while there is a possibility
      > that Apophis will strike us, and that while this has been in the
      > media, that the appearance of the lack of consideration by the Maji was
      > the full story.
      > DonDep- Dan to the rescue again! He will take it upon himself to "tell the
      > world!"
      > DADMIRAL: What does that do to help anyone? It will strengthen the idiotic
      > claims of people like Don, who are waiting for the sky to fall! (yelling)
      > MARCIA: What it will do, is tell the truth.
      > DAN: Thank you!
      > DonDep- You truly mischaracterize me, John, but considering how you lie to
      > your 'kids', or maybe they are 'in on it', I shouldn't be surprised. Now
      > no-one knows the truth officially. Your own paranoia gives you away. Never
      > once did you engage the debate; it was all "leaf throwing".
      > DADMIRAL: You were nicknamed S1 while you were in liaison with Nxxx.
      > DAN: Thanks for letting me know. I thought H1 held.
      > DADMIRAL: No. Separate classification for separate duties. We had to call
      > you something.
      > DonDep- Did you ever tell him that H-1 was an inside joke, for "Holy One"?
      > And what does "S" stand for? "Stupid One"?
      > DAN: Is there anything else you haven’t told us? Anything of such
      > importance?
      > DADMIRAL: Dan, no.
      > DonDep- Here's Lucy with the football, Dan! Go on, run down the field and
      > give it a good kick! Whoops, Lucy pulls the ball away, AGAIN.
      > (A hangs up.)
      > MARCIA: Why did she hang up?
      > DAN: I don’t know.
      > DADMIRAL: Let’s try to dial her back. Her console reads busy.
      > DAN: Huh?
      > MARCIA: I’ll try to call her later. She may be having an anxiety attack.
      > DAN: I have to tell you, John: If there is one more thing – just one more!
      > DADMIRAL: You’ll what?
      > DAN: You’ll find out. My word on that! As it is, now I have to break the
      > news that the Maji were considering and the new group is now considering
      > Apophis issue. I suppose we could add it to DVD number 2. I am also going
      > have to look into it.
      > _________________
      > DonDep- Yes Dan, just one more! But John knows you can't do anything about
      > it! Tsk, tsk!
      > ------------------------------------
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