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Re: Testimonial Evidence of Secret AgreementsConcerning Extraterrestrial Life

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  • Dex
    George B s Commentary Cross posting: Testimonial Evidence of Secret AgreementsConcerning Extraterrestrial Life ________________________ Clifford Stone s story
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 27, 2008
      George B's Commentary
      Cross posting:

      Testimonial Evidence of Secret AgreementsConcerning Extraterrestrial Life

      Clifford Stone's story is important: he's led to an alien, then blacked
      out. It was intended to shock him, scare him into compliance and make him
      afraid of ever talking. So, on the one hand Stone is being
      shock-conditioned to obey, obey, obey, while on the other he feels what
      grays feel and frees one. About two years ago, Stone was dead-on with his
      opinion that we need to be very cautious about some aliens, but now in his
      Above Top Secret thread he seems to have gone slack, opining that no aliens
      will cause harm here. *Abductions and an intervention continue.
      (from Alien Mind - a Primer)
      *The so-called Nordics and Semitic's are human-looking aliens discussed by
      government whistleblower Dr. Michael Wolf and others (see Richard Boylan�s
      website). Wolf said that Nordic's (tall, often blonde aliens who look like
      humans) and Semitic's (long-nosed aliens who look Semitic-human) come from
      the fourth and fifth planets of a star called Altair, which is easily
      visible from our northern hemisphere. However, Wolf said both groups are
      derived of another human-looking group from the Pleiades star cluster. In
      other words, they would all be related. *Billy Meier�s much-disputed
      contacts feature �Pleiadians� (although he now calls them Plejarans).
      The problem with �Pleidians� is two-fold. One, contactees say the
      Pleiadians are enemies of the grays, yet that appears to be contradicted by
      reports that Pleiadians say they�re part of a �galactic federation,� which
      sounds exactly like the IFSP (the gray alignment as reported to Phillip
      Krapf). Secondly, the Pleiades star group (purported home of �the
      Pleiadians�) is only 100 million years old, so life couldn�t have evolved
      there yet. Instead, the name of those human-looking aliens should reflect
      their origin, which certainly isn't the Pleiades. *If US soldiers were to
      ride into Africa and say �we're from Africa because we have a base here,�
      no one would call them Africans.
      Some abductees interviewed by David Jacobs say Nordics were involved in
      their abductions. As Jacobs writes,� the evidence clearly suggests that the
      Nordics are most probably adult hybrids of human/alien mating.� (The Threat
      p. 93) Abductees told Jacobs that Nordics have been seen wearing
      tight-fitting, one piece uniforms, sometime of a silvery color. Brenda, who
      was interviewed by Budd Hopkins, said she was abducted and taken to a base
      where grays and Nordics worked side by side. At an MIT conference on
      abductions, researcher Jenny Randles said her research showed that in
      Britain, 35% of abductions are by Nordics, 6% of abductions in the United
      States are by Nordics, and in Europe 25% are by Nordics. (C.D.B. Bryan p.
      68) In other words, evidence suggests that �Pleiadians� and Nordics are
      IFSP aliens.
      There are further inconsistencies in �the Pleiadian� story. Given that
      aliens have diverse kinds of skin, eyes, and other features that derive
      from various evolutionary conditions, it�s unlikely that aliens who arrive
      here would just happen to look just like we do. So, when aliens who arrive
      look exactly like humans and say they just happen to be based in our
      vicinity, something is wrong with their story. Biological diversity
      suggests that humans were taken from our planet in order to create the
      Nordic, Semitic and �Pleiadian� contingents. They appear to be mere props
      for the IFSP intervention, fallbacks to be used in a multi-pronged IFSP
      approach to humankind. Given that they look like we do, the IFSP would
      assume that we might trust them. They are too eager to please black budget
      gangsters, and they simply milk them along--offering one tidbit after
      another while failing to explain their own history.
      So-called �tall white� aliens look so much like humans that if they wear
      sunglasses, they can mix in a human crowd. After Charles Hall wrote that
      �tall whites� established a base in Nevada in 1954, the year Eisenhower
      reportedly met with tall gray aliens (Emenneger, Sandler 1974), Michael
      Salla suggested that tall whites and tall grays may be related. If that�s
      true, the fact that sharp-chinned, tall grays reportedly accompany and give
      orders to shorter grays would further suggest a tall white-IFSP status.
      There�s evidence to suggest that tall whites and other hybrid enclaves are
      fed selective versions of IFSP propaganda. As airman Charles Hall wrote in
      his first book, a �tall white� alien doctor was astounded to learn that
      humans actually feel love. Apparently, the tall white doctor was told
      otherwise. In other words, the IFSP may have provided tall whites with
      anti-human dogma that makes it easier for tall whites to kill troublesome
      humans, as Hall and other witnesses say they have. In a 2007 interview,
      Hall said a tall white female asked him, �Do you understand that we love
      our children more than humans love their children?� (Hall quote from Sweeps
      Fox show 11-07)
      At various junctures, non-IFSP aliens here have described the tall whites
      as an IFSP dependency (gray alignment). This is alarming news because it
      would mean that back in 1954, the tall whites were allowed a base near
      Indian Springs, NV under false pretenses (they pretended to be anti-gray).
      Hall reports that US servicemen were ordered to supply the tall whites with
      foodstuffs, technological components, and more. Soon, US presidents were
      eliminated from direct control of such interactions. Worse yet, someone in
      the US command gave tall whites permission to kill foot patrolling US
      airmen who frightened them, even though the airmen were never briefed about
      aliens in the vicinity. As Michael Salla writes in his book Exopolitics,
      Eisenhower felt betrayed by the Rockefeller faction that removed such
      interactions from basic, consitutional controls in order to keep them
      Other former airmen have corroborated Charles Hall�s story about the tall
      whites, and reported MAJESTIC member Dr. Michael Wolf told Chris Stoner
      that parts of a gray alien craft that crashed in the ocean west of San
      Diego in 1941 were shipped to the Air Force base at Indian Springs, NV.
      Wolf said he worked on the base for a time.
      Meanwhile, the tall whites� status is easy to discern through remote
      sensing because their energy and communications network appear to bundle
      into that of the Verdants (the dominant IFSP alien population, reports
      Krapf). This has been checked repeatedly (see how-to chapter), and has been
      repeatedly underscored by non-IFSP aliens. Even IFSP and �three
      ellipticals� aliens have tacitly admitted it. In their defense, they
      concede that multiple approaches are needed for the IFSP strategy. They
      suggest that the total population of the IFSP�s off-world human-hybridized
      enclaves is relatively small when compared to the human population, yet the
      scheme is typical of the Verdant resort to spectacle and excess. Rather
      than ask our permission, they occupied nearby star systems under the
      pretense of tending to a brief phase of human evolution. No doubt during
      interventions elsewhere they�ve taken some such planets for themselves.
      Finally, I don't trust the Thomas Castello story (a security guard at
      Dulce, he says). Dulce stories tend to vary too much. And security guards
      are a dime a dozen, not high level. Anything that speaks of Dracos in the
      Alex Collier vein could suffer the strange, disinfo-like defects of
      Collier's story (25 foot tall reptilians as a major power in the Milky Way,
      etc.) I point this out to emphasize that some accounts fail the smell test,
      basic scientific and population dynamics that are consistent in more
      plausible reports about aliens.
      --George LoBuono
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