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More On The Crystal Skulls

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  • Dex
    From Shady Cross posting: May 2008 Coast to Coast interviewed Richard Shafsky on the Crystal Skulls. While listening to Richard explain how ‘light and
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 26, 2008
      From Shady
      Cross posting:

      May 2008 Coast to Coast interviewed Richard Shafsky on the Crystal Skulls. While listening to Richard explain how �light and sounds� could produce images �as clear as you see on a tv screen� within the crystal, well my interest was piqued.

      After listening to this interview I am amazed at the similarities to the Looking Glass and the images provided therein.

      Here are some notes I took while listening to this very informative interview:

      On Images he has Viewed:

      According to Richard for 40 years images of Earth�s past, present and future have been captured via the crystal skulls. He has video taped the images and maintains they are as clear as any picture can be. He said the images are spectacular in what they represent because they are not images that are common to what we would see today. He said they have observed some presentations of Earth as thought they are taken from a satellite.

      Richard has been privileged to have seen many viewings of not only past civilizations on this planet but also of civilizations on other planets.

      Richard has personally seen the pyramids on the Giza Plateau at a time when there was a lot of activity there, ETs were present, ones he calls the �bubble heads� and others which were very large humanoids he refers to as giants, flying craft were present, there was a very large crystal on the top of the Great Pyramid. There were water ways around the surrounding area.

      On the Crystal Vortex

      �These crystals are stargates, when you look inside you can see a vortex form, images come up, you can view into other dimensions, into the past, at ancient civilizations, you can view areas on Earth in the past when there were ice sheets at on one time covering a large part of the earth.�

      �You can also contact the Aliens via this quantum tool. You can also have �downloads� via the crystal.�
      Quantum means to go beyond the parameters of the constrictions of space-time-distance.

      On Sound & Light

      �The Mayan Crystal skull is made of Clear Quartz Crystal. It has piezoelectric properties and our tests on them show they can be activated by Light and Sound. Some really good work was done by Stephen Halprin. We subjected the Mayan Crystal Skull to the Peruvian Singing Vessels and each time we changed a note, we changed an octave, we got different images which came up in the stone.

      And as you subject the crystal skull to different colours in the Light spectrum you change channels �you change images.

      Some images are very small, others encompass the entire stone-these images are as clear as images on a computer screen. These Crystal Skulls are like a super-charged mainframe computers, they are in no way, shape or form the same as other crystals which have been energized.�

      On the Crystal Computers

      The large crystals could be thought of as �Master Computers� which connect into �home base�- Main Computer Hub. So the smaller crystal skulls would be akin to desktop computers which connect to the large crystals which then connected to the MainFrame.

      According to the Mayans this was the way it was set up in the time of Atlantis and they were not only communicating with each other here on Earth but also with other Beings in the Greater Community. (wonder if they opened a door for the reptilians to come through?)

      On ETs and Aliens

      Richard says: � During one viewing I saw these bulbous headed humanoid aliens standing around a crystal skull projecting a laser light at the crystal, a human figure formed within the skull, the Light formed into a humanoid configuration!�

      �Some of the ETs which were present on Earth (during the Mayan time) and who are still present, some of them are in the configuration of what we would call The Greys- those are not necessarily friendly at all- I am not sure they are a life-form that we recognize as being a life-form.�

      Some aliens, ET life forms have been here for a very long time. Some go back to our pre-history, we�ve observed them through the Crystal Skull, they look like giants. Steve Quayle has relayed about them. The giants are very present in Mayan history and not very nice at all.

      There are other ET presences which appear to be very human, some of them are very large in stature. And we do have in the Mayan history consideration for actual genetic splicing, genetic manipulation having taken place.

      The Mayans are the link to the Progenitors who created the skulls and they were definitely ET.

      Some of the skulls resemble the Aliens. Some with the elongated features, a very high forehead, The Bubble-heads are humanoid but have very large elongated facial features with a higher forehead than we do.

      On the Mayan Priesthood

      He says these crystals have been in the safe keeping of the Mayan Priesthood much to the chagrin of many who have tried to acquire not only the crystals but also some masks with tremendous powers, from this priesthood. On one occasion back in the 1970s a helicopter gunship opened fire on a Mayan village on the Guatamala and Mexico border. One of the Former Presidents of Mexico captured the Mayan Crystal Skull so the Mayan Priesthood went in at night and retrieved it. He was using it as a Power Tool and had a dark-worker working for him.

      The Mayan Shaman used the crystal skull to protect his people from the giant humanoids. These giants were able to emanate a powerful psychic field that was crippling to human physiology. The Mayan shaman with the assistance of warriors from the Order of the Jaguar and the Order of the Eagle were able to combat the giants. The Mayan Priest would use the crystal skull to reflect back the psychic field the giant was emitting, knocking the Being down. The warriors would then dispatch the giants. (*Law of Rebound at work there.)

      �A Shaman who has been trained in the correct working of the stone is able to activate it mentally. When this happens many opportunities are raised as many doorways are opened up including communication with Beings in our galactic neighborhood-not necessarily on Planet Earth.�

      Richard is aware of 9 Ancient skulls but says there may be more.

      The Mayan skull is the one he has worked with. He has been under the tutorage of the last Mayan Priest responsible for protection of this particular skull. This Mayan Priesthood lineage has been protecting this skull for over 5000years and the skull it self goes back several 100,000 years. (back to the time of Atlantis maybe?)

      2012 is an end of the Mayan civilization- the End of the lineage protecting the skulls. Francesco is the final Mayan Priest to watch over the Skulls. There will be no more after him.

      On the Earth Changes:

      Earth changes have been viewed and Richard says we are in for a tumultuous time ahead and it is incumbent upon us all to prepare for these very catastrophic times ahead.
      He says we will have a very bright future but we do have to prepare for it- prepare by surviving through these catastrophic events.

      He says these are all normal Earth cycles.

      �Back 30 years ago, I was viewing images in the Crystal of our Galaxy, Francesco- the final Protector Priest of the Mayan Skull was pointing out to me where we are out on the Galactic Spiral and as the Galactic Spin is taking place- he pointed out the Zone that we were coming into (that I understand occurs every 36,000 years). We have now entered that Zone.

      There are things that are occurring that are affecting our Solar System, that are affecting our sun. Sun Cycles are overlapping. When sun cycles change it has a big impact on planet earth.

      Earth changes were pointed out, weather changes causing famine, melting ice-caps, temperature variations and some axis and pole shifts. These geo-physical changes are what we have to prepare for. Magnetic shifting is already taking place.

      They are going to occur because of where we are (in the Shar, or in the Region of Ni�bi�ru) in the Galactic Spin.

      On the Opening of the Stargates

      It was also pointed out that it was not only earth changes which occur while we are in this area of space but that it is also when stargates are going to open and we should anticipate a lot of interstellar communications going on and a lot of sightings of ufo craft.

      Richard says the Stargates which are opening now are the ones we need to pay attention too. The stargates are where �others�, ETs, can come in.

      On the Reptilians:

      Richard says this is mostly a good thing but there are a few of those that we are being protected from, they don�t really wish us well at all. Their intentions are not Good however we have to leave them to our off-world Protectors. The Mayans were very well aware of those who did not have our best interests at all and in some pictographs they depicted �if this one comes in-this is a bad one�. However those who are Protectors have protected us in the past and they will protect us in the future, that is when the intervention will take place. They are not going to come down to planet earth and intervene, their intervention is going to occur off-world and the Mayans are very clear about that.

      �The ones we have to be very, very careful of are the reptilians.�

      As it was relayed to Richard we all have a bit of reptilian genetics in us, as part of our brain and the intervention that took place into the human race around 200,000 years ago was for other genetic material to be spliced in to counter-balance that reptilian influence. Richard says � I have seen the visuals of them and they are not here in our favour�.
      Having the other genetic material as a counter-balance allows us to absorb information which counters the reptilian influence. We have to leave it to our off-world benefactors to block the reptilians out.

      �When you pull the reptilians up in the Crystal Skull you recognize straight away that is not something you want to have interaction with at all.�

      Are there reptilians amongst us? Yes-there are those who are of the reptilian genetic strain.

      George Noory mentions that David Icke believes all the Illuminati are of the reptilian bloodline.

      Richard responds: I don�t know that they all are, although the reptilians are certainly well represented here at the top, but there are also those at the top who have our best interests at heart. The reptilians do not have our best interests at heart and they have certainly made their presence known and their influence does come down from some real high Orders of Privilege.

      On Planet X

      Caller asks: What does the Crystal show about Planet X?
      Richard replys: I don�t know anything about the Annunaki specifically however the infor that we did glean from the Crystal regarding other planets in an orbit around our sun-is Yes we are already being influenced by a rather large planet. Now when it is going to enter our Solar System, what effect that will have-I�ve been told it will occur within our lifetimes although its influence is not going to be as catastrophic as some would believe.

      On Asteroid strikes:

      Richard asked to see if there would be any asteroid hits during that time- there weren�t any.
      "Space isn't The Final Frontier, Peace is"

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