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Alien Abductee Final Withdrawal

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  • Dex
    Cross posting: Alien Abductee Final Withdrawal From John: It is awesome to think of it in this manner Jeffrey and that this is what they have been preparing us
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 25, 2008
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      Cross posting:
      Alien Abductee Final Withdrawal

      From John:

      It is awesome to think of it in this manner Jeffrey and that this is what they have been preparing us for all along , I suppose there's much to think about and more will be coming to us that they are working , abducting , taking in the next months . I'm sure you are receiving much to do with this , but as Dex said there has been many before you which just makes people wonder if this is the Real Deal for lack of a better word . Sightings of both Craft and ETs has been what we term out of the roofs lately esp here for me personally so it does lead me for one to think something is up and I'm looking for what that just might be .

      You got that right . another question is which group is this wanting to rescue us ? I wouldn't like being rescued just to find myself as their reserves for long space trip or journey , As with the Blue colored Gray beings .

      Jeff replies:

      Hi John: My mailbox is receiving hundreds of messages a day now pertaining to this withdrawal, however, when I have a few minutes I will try to respond to the most common questions asked. You have hit on one of them. I am going to come clean here.

      The grays are being sent by "He who has created them" . The same He who has created humans. Humans like I said were created a couple million years after them. The tests (greys) are being performed on humans so that on more pleasurable planets humans will have advanced senses like telepathy, the ability to procreate without having sex, and resistance to foreign harmful viruses and bacteria. If you have ever studied subjects like astral projecting you may be disturbed to discover a few things. Those who astral project can send their soul upwards towards the infinities of space. As their souls progress upwards, extra terrestrial species may collect them and have a direct electromagnetic connection with the person who has allowed their soul to go up and outwards.

      If you are not willing to accept this, then I would suggest not practicing astral projection. But, as your soul progresses upwards you can move up to that place that most people think of as heaven. The grays are the transporters. They are coming to shuttle us to advanced human planets not use us as fuel for their journeys. They have mastered both time travel and fragmenting space, they do not need us for food or fuel, they have enough.

      See you at the meeting place,

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      From: Lyle Lathem

      Yes, I want to finish my job here, but I don't want to come back. The thought of reincarnating again, starting over again on this earth just does not appeal to me at all. Lyle
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      From: Dex

      Dear wyn
      A comment by...Lyle
      (quote) To butt in here.. a playful nature doesn't seem like that term fits... ? I am sincere in my quest.. I want to know why I was gifted like I was.. yet in my quest, I come face to face with this obstacle the greys and Reps that want to milk us and keep us as slaves (unquote).

      Dex writes:

      I'm not in any hurry. I'm wanting to use what abilities I have to help others wyn.
      However, the quote above is definitely good reason for anyone wanting to escape from this world.
      You're at times surprising to me. Hmm.
      The whole point of the challenging paths set before us, those that seek, is finding the way to our freedom.
      Our consciousness, with what we've been told of this density level, is trapped in physical form bondage, and the challenge is in the shaping of our consciousness so that it again becomes acceptable to God, so, again, 'It' can reside within us as the immortalizing Living Light of our Soul.
      And the radiance begins in our foreheads as the Eternal Living Word that guides us throughout eternities experiences.


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