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    Universe maintenance by type IV civilization Signs of type IV extraterrestrial influence in Abell 1835 IR1916, a galaxy 13,230 million light-years away, merely
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 22, 2008
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      Universe maintenance by type IV civilization

      Signs of type IV extraterrestrial influence in Abell 1835 IR1916, a galaxy 13,230 million light-years away, merely 470 million years young from the time of big bang
      India daily Technology Team
      Feb. 22, 2008

      It is the furthest galaxy on the record. The galaxy Abell 1835 IR1916 is located about 13,230 million light-years away. Hence, it is seen at a time when the Universe was merely 470 million years young, that is, barely 3 percent of its current age.

      Scientists are finding extraterrestrial influence in this galaxy. It seems the galaxy was engineered and fit into place by artificial forces. This is the furthest galaxy ever discovered. Therefore it is also the earliest galaxy that we can view through gravitational lenses.

      Some 13.7 billion years ago, after the big bang, the Universe plunged into darkness. Neither stars nor quasars had yet been formed which could illuminate the vast space. The Universe was a cold and opaque place. Some thing went wrong, according to some scientists. Intervention was needed by the Type IV civilization that created the big bang in their massive inter-universe particle colliders. The big bang created a black hole in the hyperspace � our universe with three spatial dimensions and a forward moving single time dimension. According to scientists this was the start of �dark ages� that was eventually corrected through the intervention of the Type IV civilization.

      The galaxy Abell 1835 IR1916 is part of the "Cosmic Renaissance" that was artificially engineered by the Type IV civilization.

      This guy has written at least two more articles along this line

      A connector to Hyperspace for extraterrestrial UFOs - 3.5 billion light years away, and it forms the heart of a quasar called OJ287


      Advanced Type V extraterrestrial civilization demonstrates the process of repaving the inter-universe high way leading to the Hyperspace

      Is he working on gravitational waves or know someone who is?

      The gravity waves that steers the advanced extraterrestrial UFOs and integrated consciousness
      India daily Technology Team
      Jan. 25, 2008

      The Hyperspaces and Universes are teeming with extraterrestrial life forms. The advanced Type II and Type IV civilizations use the gravity waves in higher dimensions to navigate, propagate and creating virtual realization of the UFOs that travels from one space time configuration to another. The gravity waves in higher dimensions are also part of human civilization. We communicate with the chilled universe that forms the platform for all the Hyperspaces that contain diverse forms of universes. The silent communication goes between fellow human beings and the chilled universe that provides cognitive instruction to not only living beings but also to all the entities in the Universes and Hyperspaces.

      Harnessing the integrated consciousness is the final proof of attaining higher status in advancement of a civilization.

      The gravity waves propagates freely and conspicuously in higher dimensions. It is the means by which the Universes and Hyperspaces are wired together.

      The integrated consciousness is a form of manifestation of the gravity wave propagation in higher dimensions.


      A comparison of terrestrial human brain with that of extraterrestrial type V brain manifests a million year gap in technology and sophistication
      India Daily Technology Team
      Oct. 27, 2007

      The Extraterrestrial Type V civilizations may not be as old as you can think compared to that of us. Human brain is a product of evolution that depends much on pattern recognition for its behavior and analysis. The advanced extraterrestrial brain far less dependent on pattern matching.

      The pattern matching actually is far more common in animals than humans. It is far less common among advanced extraterrestrial beings than humans.

      The pattern matching activities in the brain shows how weak the brain is. The advanced brain structure is not dependent on pattern matching and can make decisions even when pattern are unavailable. When human being make decisions when precedence is not available, it tends to guess. Some human brains are advanced. When you hear something like �intuition worked�, you know the brain worked in a very advanced mode and that is why the brain could predict things miraculously.

      As human civilization advance, either human beings will evolve as more intelligent beings where the brain depends less on pattern matching or a new species will come into existence that has an brain structure.

      According to extraterrestrial civilization trackers, a typical advanced extraterrestrial civilization who has mastered the universe and live in the Hyperspace recycling their integrated Zero Point Energies through physical planets like our self is perhaps a million years ahead of us.

      Interestingly civilizations evolve exponentially. That means the advancement of intelligence and less dependence on pattern matching is very rapid in later part of evolution. It means we can catch up to those advanced extraterrestrial civilizations soon in relative terms.

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