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Update from Jeff Peckham

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  • Dex
    Last night s David Letterman late night show interviewed Peckman. The remaining fifteen minutes Jeff shared his take about ET and how the Government believes
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 11, 2008
      Last night's David Letterman late night show interviewed Peckman. The remaining fifteen minutes Jeff shared his take about ET and how the Government believes they've uncovered at least 57 different species. He' says they're from all over the universe and have been dropping in on us for quite some time. He said it's the general belief that the Oil Company's and the White House interfere because the revelation about ET and new technologies would antiquate their economic wealth flow. He talked about his friend filming an alien peeking in his window. Jeff said they had to talk the guy into setting up the camera. He was too afraid of the nightly visits, so, unexpectedly, while not in the room at the time he caught the alien peering in.
      It was a good talk without ridicule.
      About time. He is a good spokesperson and I hope he keeps up the good work. It's only a matter of time before ET decide to disclose themselves before the world.
      IMO if these power brokers don't get with the program then it's a possible a phase out will ensue and many of them could wind up in a joint world/galactic court charging them with breaching agreements and treasonable greed against humanity.


      Hi everyone:

      At a recent office party, the lawyers were discussing Peckham's initiative and thought it was funny.  It was the perfect opportunity for me to put in two cents about the ET gig, and while I got a few weird looks, it did get them thinking about Peckham's efforts a little more seriously.

      Lynett Durgin

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      Hi All -- the below from Jeff Peckham. i don't think he'll mind my

      sharing it. he's definitely here on an STO mission.

      Peace, wynderer

      Surreal. I'm on Letterman 6/10.�

      From: Jeff Peckman (jeff@extracampaign. org)

      Sent: Sun 6/08/08 8:52 PM


      Dear Friends,

      Life is funny. My ballot initiative campaign

      (www.extracampaign. org) to create an Extraterrestrial Affairs

      Commission in Denver continues to draw a surreal amount of

      unexpected media attention.

      On Tuesday, June 10, I'll be on stage with David Letterman. The

      other guests are Mark Wahlberg and Alanis Morissette.

      http://www.cbs com/latenight/ lateshow/ show_info/ contact/

      On June 7 there as a more in depth profile in the Rocky Mountain

      News to assess whether I'm for real or just delusional for doing

      this ballot initiative. It came out quite well.

      http://www.rockymou ntainnews. com/news/ 2008/jun/ 07/his-ideas- are-a-

      mile-high--- and-beyond/

      His ideas are a mile high - and beyond

      ET panel backer won't let critics bring him down

      Also June 7 was a slightly exaggerated headline in the London Daily


      http://www.telegrap h.co.uk/news/ newstopics/ howaboutthat/ 2088554/Alien

      -video-man-Jeff- Peckman-asks- Barack-Obama- to-back-UFO- plan.html

      Alien video man Jeff Peckman asks Barack Obama to back UFO plan

      It's hard to even remember how many interviews I've done in the last

      month but it's probably at least 50. That includes an uplink on

      Larry King Live May 30.

      This week has been a little more quiet in terms of interview

      requests but who knows what could happen after the Letterman show,

      providing I don't mess up.

      I hope you are all well and happy.


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