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  • Dex
    Alternative Aliens Cross posting: Hi Jay and Jesus Anom and P4C Folks!, Thanks for the post of the Vallee interview Jesus Anom, and comments from Jay! The
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      Alternative Aliens
      Cross posting:

      Hi Jay and Jesus Anom and P4C Folks!,
      Thanks for the post of the Vallee interview Jesus Anom, and
      comments from Jay!
      The following is some 'food for thought', concerning the
      'possibility' that Jacques Vallee may have some connections to 'covert
      government debunking operations', which the following authors allege:

      Mirror site: http://www.subversiveelement.com/MontaukProjectPhoenix.html
      ... Jacques Vallee, a fairly well-known and "credible" UFO
      researcher, who I discovered several years ago has had substantial and
      verifiable links to intelligence/military agencies in the U.S. going
      back 30 or more years (in other words he was a high-level spook and
      disinfo agent who was recruited from France, and worked with J. Allen
      Hynek and other spook/scientists for Air Force Intelligence and similar
      groups; initially at the Batelle Institute near Wright-Patterson AFB in
      Ohio), published a report in 1994 which purported to totally debunk the
      Philadelphia Experiment and show that it was a hoax. Vallee's own
      article itself was complete and utter bullshit, utilizing as it's
      primary source one "Edward Dudgeon", some phony with absolutely no
      credibility who has been conclusively proved a liar--and thus by
      extension Vallee has been so proved as well. Vallee and Bernhard
      Haisch, Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Scientific Exploration which
      published Vallee's article and has refused to disclaim or otherwise
      back off it, have become the target of an ongoing private investigation
      focusing on them having promoted research fraud.
      Barnes shows irrefutably that there was on the part of the Navy and
      other government agencies: 1.) a strong agenda to make a ship both
      radar and sight invisible; 2.) knowledge of the physics by which this
      can be done; and 3.) possession of the technology by which this physics
      could be applied in the field.
      Editor Bernard Haisch and his Journal of Scientific Exploration
      refused to issue a disclaimer regarding this work of outrageous fraud
      and in fact continue to publish it on their website and doubtless
      elsewhere also? Vallee for one reason or another deemed it desirable
      his report be "reviewed" and obviously censored or "cleared" by one
      "Vice-Admiral William D. Houser". Hmmm ... clip..
      -- -- -- --
      THE PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT: What They Didn't Want You To Know by Joe
      Turner (excerpt)
      ... "The Unexplained," segment producer Mark Caras had bought
      Marshall's book and liked its focus on hard, documented evidence,
      instead of the wild stories and speculation of most of the available
      material on the subject. Not only had Caras taken an interest in the
      story, he also played a minor role in Barnes' investigation against
      respected scientist and UFO researcher Jacques Vallee. Vallee had
      written an article debunking the Philadelphia Experiment called
      "Anatomy of a Hoax." The basis for the article was that Vallee found
      another witness to the event, a witness that said that he was there at
      the time that it was supposed to have taken place and that it never did.
      Marshall unearthed admissions made by Vallee himself concerning his
      being taught on how to write disinformation, as well as Vallee's links
      to the shadowy Aviary. The Aviary consists of various former CIA, DIA,
      INSCOM, and AFOSI agents and connected scientists.
      Allegedly dedicated to infiltration, studying and disinforming the
      UFO community as double agents, links for this group can be found at
      such sites as www.nacomm.org/news/1996/aviary.html. The Society for
      Scientific Exploration, that issued last year's report calling for a
      further study of UFOs, is an Aviary infiltrated organization, as is
      their Journal of Scientific Exploration that published both the report
      and Jacques Vallee's fraudulent article.
      When the time came for Marshall to be taped for his appearance, he
      was handed a release form that seemed to stray away from Marshall and
      Caras' prior agreement. Recognizing it as a standard release giving the
      show the freedom to edit as they pleased, Barnes reminded Caras about
      their arrangement which Caras said he would still honor.
      ...August 21 he stopped to see what Mark meant when he said he had
      to make some 'script changes'. What he saw was as far from the truth as
      you could get. In fact, the Office of Naval Research could have written
      the script themselves. There was no mention of Dr. Rinehart or
      Marshall's investigation against the Navy. They portrayed Rinehart's
      account of how the experiment was accomplished as a only a theory that
      Marshall come up with... clip..
      -- -- -- --
      Steve's Note: The following 'could be' two more examples of Jacque
      Vallee's debunking of the UFO field. (from the interview of Vallee that
      'Jesus Anom' posted):

      "Heretic Among Heretics": Jacques Vallee Interview (excerpt)

      ... At Northwestern University, Vallee assisted Prof. J. Allen Hynek,
      the academic consultant on the Air Force's infamous Project Bluebook,
      now seen by most saucer students as either a half-hearted government
      effort to address the UFO craze of the 1950s and 1960s or a full-blown
      coverup. While working with Hynek, Vallee and his wife, Janine,
      compiled the first-ever computer database of UFO sightings....

      [Steve's Note: Hynek was the former head of the Air Force special
      investigation into UFO's called 'Project Blue'. Hynek has been
      'claimed' to be a 'government agent' and 'disinformation agent' by
      people like John Lear, Paul Bennewitz and others. HYNEK also stated
      that he was the one who had delivered the computer program to Paul
      Bennewitz that had begun to analyze the alien communications, which was
      part of the 75,000 dollars grant. He had supplied this tool at the
      request of the Air Force. Paul Bennewitz was the Dulce Base researcher
      that was taken by the government and placed in a mental institution,
      and upon his release no longer had any interest in the field of UFO's.
      Source: 'Driving Mr. Bennewitz Insane' by Philip Coppens
      http://www.philipcoppens.com/bennewitz.html ]

      ... The two most stunning cases of faked UFO events that Vallee has
      uncovered occurred rather recently in the history of saucer sightings.
      In 1980, a strange object purportedly "crashed" in England's Rendlesham
      Forest, a few miles away from an American Air Force Base. Dozens of
      military personnel were dispatched into the forest, without weapons,
      before the supposed crash of a luminous object. After the incident
      conflicting stories leaked to the press and to civilian investigators,
      some of the leaks apparently originating from the front office of the
      military base. Vallee's conclusion-- controversial among UFO believers
      who insist that aliens touched down in Rendlesham Forest--is that "the
      event had all the earmarks of being staged for the benefit of the
      witnesses, perhaps so that their psychological reactions could be
      The Bentwaters case [in which American servicemen at an Air Force
      base in England observed a disk-shaped craft land in the forest] is a
      classic. At the landing site, they had a mix of ordinary guards,
      officers, sentries and so on--they all had orders to go to the site
      under a scenario. And that's not what would of happened if the
      encounter were real--if a strange object landed on the base you
      wouldn't be sending out a hundred people without weapons. The thing has
      all the earmarks of being staged for the benefit of the witnesses, so
      that they could be studied and the reactions of the different
      psychological types and of different ranks could be studied. And when
      you think about it, it's not that weird. If you were in charge of a
      project like that, you'd have to test it in conditions where nobody is
      danger and you can get the data you need. In cases like this one--not
      many but a few of them--that I
      investigated, I had to conclude that these were tests of virtual
      reality projectors....

      [Steve's Note: A 'faked' 'psychological operation' (at Bentwaters)
      is 'possible', ('knowing of the top secret black operations being done
      by the government'), though it could also be more than that.] Returning
      to the interview:

      ... Even more bizarre is the information turned up by French
      investigators in the wake of a bizarre 1979 abduction case. An
      unemployed young man named Franck Fontaine disappeared outside of his
      apartment one morning, reportedly after his friends saw him enveloped
      in a luminous fog. After a week of frenzied press coverage and a
      fruitless search by the authorities, Fontaine turned up in a field
      outside the apartment--with no memory of his unusual experience. His
      friends insisted he had been abducted by a UFO, and police
      investigators, though they doubted that claim, found no other
      satisfactory explanation.
      But as Vallee reports, investigators from GEPAN, the French
      government's aerial phenomena study group, were led to an official in
      the French Ministry of Defense who willingly described the so-called
      UFO abduction as an "Exercise of General Synthesis." What happened to
      Fontaine? "We put him to sleep and he was put under an altered state of
      high suggestibility, " replied the official. When asked if the
      "exercise" was intended to test the investigative abilities of local
      law enforcement agencies, the official said, "That would be a fair way
      to describe it." Then he added, ominously, "If this operation had been
      completed, the next phase would have been far worse." As Vallee notes
      in his best-selling book, Revelations, "It would be fair to assume that
      the [Fontaine] operation could have been a test, perhaps a prelude to
      an experiment of wider scope." Vallee says he knows the name of the
      French official, an Air Force officer, who spoke on 'condition of

      [Steve's Note: Abductions have been being reported from long before
      1979, (from numerous abductee's), so to suggest that a: 'French (or
      and other) government covert operation did an abduction in 1979', and
      then went on to do many more thereafter ('an experiment of wider
      scope'), 'could also be' an attempt to: discount the reality of actual
      abductions by ET's, the reality of which, the government has been
      attempting to hide for decades. Vallee's 'source' is 'anonymous', which
      makes the source not able to be verified.
      While this does not discount the possibility of government
      abductions, (which there is ample evidence of, and which could include
      the case that Vallee claims occurred); however, suggesting that the
      government is doing a 'large scale abduction program', could also be
      being used to make some people believe that ALL abductions are being
      done by the government, which based on the accounts of numerous
      abductees, is false, and thus saying this has the potential effect of
      covering up that reality, whether purposely done, or not.]

      Final thought: My intentions for sharing the above is not to malign
      Vallee, (whom believes in ET's and UFO's0, but to point out that he may
      have been used by others to cover certain things up, (or not.) Love,

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