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The Angel at Area 51

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  • Dex
    This is from another discussion. Thought you might want to read it too. Dex From waterlady Cross posting: Lotus & Stargate Some attempts to use this project in
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 4, 2008
      This is from another discussion. Thought you might want to read it too.

      From waterlady
      Cross posting:

      Lotus & Stargate

      Some attempts to use this project in manners that would immediately lead to an applied technology have resulted in bad things happening to those doing it.

      Reports of angelic beings, described in a manner very like how the Kerubim allegedly appear, have been detailed to me.

      A noted occurrence at the Shady Rest resulted in physical injury to certain personnel and massive property damage.

      Other reports, centering around the Staar-Flower (originally called Star Flower by me ... I guess they like their spelling better!) team at the Frenchman´┐Żs Mountain detailed severe physical and emotional injury to personnel, and the loss of personnel altogether.

      The alleged beings have red-coal-like eyes, multiple (4) faces, and are dangerous to those not heeding warnings to give distance.

      It remains unknown whether the Frenchman Beings related to the Lotus or the alleged stargate.

      The Beings reported having done damage at the Shady Rest, (area 51/S4..Dex) were described in a way that could lead one to the belief that they are Kerubim, and such beings allegedly did directly announce that the Lotus is related to the Seed and Fruit of the Tree of Life.

      Yours very truly, Dan Burisch
      Uncle John: Tell us more of the angel

      Dan Burisch: Yes, I have seen it. - Simply put, the entity teaches me simply enough so even I can understand. It communicates in a form of Hebrew.

      DONDEP: It doesn't talk? Or use telepathy?

      Dan Burisch: I communicate back with same- but after the communication I don't remember how to communicate it in, I just remember the information. If that makes sense? It speaks, so loudly at times we have lost the windows

      ClearEyes: what are the 'physical' characteristic of the angel?

      Dan Burisch: To me, it appears as a flowing pillar of light. It bears a face that is directed toward me, no matter if it is moving away or toward.

      It enters the room from any direction. Once through the wall toward me, from in front of me, directly through my computer and desk. That woke me up!

      DONDEP: Why does it hover near you? Because of your role with the Lotus?

      Dan Burisch: Yes. - I guess.

      BOOMERANG: how many times have you interacted together Dan?

      Dan Burisch: 3 to 4 times per week, for over a year now.

      DONDEP: We hear they're quite afraid of it.

      ClearEyes: do you feel his (?) presense even when you don't see him (?)

      Dan Burisch: I am just...touchy about it. Meaning to say...touchy about talking about it.

      DONDEP: Do you think it's because they sense they are working for the luciferians and the angel reminds them of this?

      Dan Burisch: One should be careful for what ones asks. Seriously. J's wife made such a statement and it happened.

      ClearEyes: that the angel stop by?

      Dan Burisch: Yes.

      DONDEP: What happened to J's wife?

      Dan Burisch: It entered her room from across the room through the wall. She climbed up the headboard and tried to climbe the wall. She was hospitalized from shock.

      ClearEyes: wow - is this a huge form?

      Dan Burisch: 7 feet or so. When it showed at the Ranch during (coincided with one of Art Bell's black outs) it appeared with archetypal wings and burned out 7 labs equipment.

      DONDEP: I trust that nothing we do here gives it displeasure.

      Dan Burisch: She is fine now. She didn't believe what her husband was telling her of it and made some bad remarks I guess.

      It advised her that J was my adviser and to show respect for God.

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