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LARAR'S Sport Model Craft

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  • Dex
    BOB LAZAR S UFO INFORMATION Bob Lazar claims he was employed by our government to work as a physicist and back-engineer the reactor of a captured alien
    Message 1 of 1 , May 31, 2008

      Bob Lazar claims he was employed by our government to work as a physicist and back-engineer the reactor of a captured alien spacecraft. He said he had been hired to replace another physicist who had been killed in an accident while opening one of the alien reactors while it was running at full power. There are several UFO researchers who have discredited him because they found he might have stretched the truth about his background to give himself a better chance of being believed and selling his expert knowledge. What no one has been able to explain away is his W-2 form showing he was being paid by Naval Intelligence.

      My take on this is that he had enough of a technical background to get hired. Since the government was now considering this employment slot a hazardous cannon fodder's position, by hiring Lazar, they would not risk losing any more real physicists in the examination and back engineering of the alien reactor. The other factor that made me believe his description was correct of how a UFO functions is that I have seen a movie showing a UFO functioning exactly as he describes.

      This movie was made more than 20 years ago. It wasn't until after Lazar's revelation that the movie was examined frame by frame to confirm his story. I am the person who examined it. You can too. A UFO was inadvertently filmed during the making of the movie Jaws. I describe it in detail further on in this chapter. Lazar could not have known about it.

      Bob's report of the alien crafts power and capabilities left me awestruck. Bob worked on a 52-foot diameter craft that was referred to as the sport model. Access to the interior was gained through a small entry port on the underside of the craft. It led into a middle deck control area.

      The low ceiling required a man to stoop over, being barely high enough for 4 foot tall Grays. In the center of the control room, three control consoles were laid out in a half circle arc, a seat behind each one. There were 3 arches built into the walls around the control room area.

      They were part of the ships structural framework. The half circle arc of the three consoles was faced toward one particular arch on the wall. When the propulsion system was engaged, a large holographic window with an outside view would appear in that arch. Just to its right, a vertical screen one-foot wide from floor to ceiling appears. Symbols that look like Korean writing scroll down its length. The top surfaces of the consoles light up while in use. All interior walls and surfaces are the same color, a pewter silver.

      There are no angles or seams anywhere in the crafts construction. The entire inside of the craft has a look and texture of injection molding. This type of construction is a sign of mass production. Thousands of these craft could be cranked out quickly by an advanced assembly line factory. There is a six-sided hatch in the control room deck that gives access to the lower deck. The hatch folds up and out of the way, collapsing like a pop up take out tray at a fast food restaurant. The reactor and field generators are on this lower deck.

      The reactor is a metal box 2 foot square and 6 inches high. The base is thicker than the other sides. Inside is a cyclotron that accelerates protons at 220 grams of element 115. One fifteen is an artificially created element. When the protons combine with it, element 116 is formed. This is highly unstable and degrades back to 115 giving off huge amounts of energy. There is no throttle on this reactor. It runs constantly at full power, generating gigawatts of electricity. It's reported to be fifty times more powerful than the Hoover Dam Hydroelectric plant when the dam is running at full output.

      The reactor supplies power to 4 field generators by means of flexible copper colored tubes. Three field generators, mounted in a circle around the reactor, form a toroid [donut] shaped field with the craft in the hole. This field counteracts gravity and time. Centered under the reactor is the fourth field generator on a flexible mount. Earth craft move by propulsion. This system works in just the opposite way. For directional travel, the movable field generator is pointed in the desired path. When power is fed to it, a field forms in front of the craft which pulls the craft through it, like sliding down hill. When the craft travels between the stars, it faces the bottom surface in the direction of travel.

      All four field generators form a field that pulls the craft through the fabric of space-time. It folds space around itself and can travel at hundreds of times the speed of light. When Bob Lazar back-engineered the craft, other scientists showed him several fascinating characteristics of the drive units. When the craft is in hovering mode, a black fist sized dot forms in the air a few feet under each field generator. If a lit candle is lifted up inside the dot, the flame stops flickering and looks like it is frozen in time.

      Bob Lazar once worked inside of the craft with the field on for 2 hours. When he came out no time had passed for him. Bob was told it was because the craft was time shifted. The toroid field is so strong it can bend light completely around the craft. If it is hovering 25 feet over your head and you look up, you can't see it. All you see is blue sky. There are certain other angles of view from which it can't be seen.

      When the craft is in the interstellar travel mode it makes many small jumps. The reactor cycles every few milliseconds. When a craft enters Earth's atmosphere at high speed, it throws a field out behind the craft to slow itself down. There is no reentry friction on the hulls of the type craft that use gravity waves as a propulsion system. The body of the craft is completely surrounded by a strong antigravity field that pushes against any surrounding matter (like our atmosphere). It is the field that makes contact on reentry to or exit from the atmosphere, not the hull. Think of it as magnetizing the nearby air and then applying a repulsing force to the hull that pushes the air away.

      The hull is repulsing the atoms in the air so strongly, they glow white near the craft when the energy is applied to them and they bleed off the energy as photons. You may already have a videotape of this phenomenon in your possession. If you have a copy of the movie Jaws there is a beautiful example of a UFO in slow down mode streaking across the screen. It looks kind of like a shooting star until you play it frame by frame in stop motion on a good 4-head VCR. If you have Jaws on a DVD, you can see it even more clearly.

      When the movie was in production, this particular night scene on the boat was one of the last to be shot. When the film was developed, the UFO was noticed during editing. Steven Spielberg was very upset that the UFO was in his shark movie and thought it would be too distracting. He and his staff debated for 10 days about cutting the scene, but it would have left a gap in the movie that they could not re-shoot unless the crew flew back to Massachusetts, and built another boat.

      The studio would not increase the budget, so Spielberg decided to leave it in. He recently said he has received hundreds of letters about it over the years. When you run the tape frame by frame, you will notice that about every seventh frame the craft throws its energy field out behind it, and the ionized trail it has left behind lights up like a lightning flash, then goes out. That is the reactor cycling every few microseconds.

      When Jaws was filmed, the reactor function and gravity field information wasn't public knowledge. The craft passes from the upper right to lower left screen. A few seconds later another one goes from left to right. That one is still glowing white but going a lot slower. Since no track is visible behind the second one, it can be deduced that the directional field is not visible in the forward speed mode because the gravitational wave is directed in front of the craft where there is no ionized trail to light up. It is thrilling to watch! Bob Lazar got the information right.

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