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Re: [ufodiscussion] The Truth Must Prevail! National Security Dictates It.

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    Interesting revelations, Dex, and highly believable by my reckoning. I m not sure about Cheney being in detention though. Who would have the authority and the
    Message 1 of 2 , May 29, 2008
      Interesting revelations, Dex, and highly believable by my reckoning.
      I'm not sure about Cheney being in detention though. Who would have the
      authority and the courage to do that? Only the super-elite gang of
      criminals who are actually controlling the country, I would think. If he's
      fallen out with them then he must really be in trouble.

      But if the nation has fallen into the hands of lying criminals like
      Bush Jr, Cheney and the Old Boys Network that supports them and runs the
      country, how can it have any security at all? The very idea of "National
      Security" becomes a contradiction in terms then, wouldn't you say? I mean,
      these psychopaths were not placed in office to protect the nation, were
      they? They were put there to plunder and ravish it and to use it as a
      power-base and launch-platform for their hideous-nightmare project in
      tyrannical global empire-building. I'm afraid the USA lost its national
      security long ago and the problem confronting the American people now is
      that of somehow getting it back.

      There is no quick, simple and easy solution to this problem either.
      The rot is too deep and too extensive for that. Things are too far gone
      already and the nation is in terminal decline. There is no avoiding this
      death because it has already happened. The old republic, based on the rule
      of the Constitution, is already dead and has been quietly replaced by an
      unaccountable imperium that rules by secret executive order. But the new
      Imperium is corrupt, incompetent and quite mad. I'm afraid that the chances
      of the American nation transforming itself from within and arising from the
      ashes of its former existence like a reborn phoenix look slim to me. The
      disintegration of the nation into smaller units that are capable of
      governing themselves more harmoniously and intelligently seems a more likely
      possibility and a more desirable one too. At least it could see the end of
      the MIC that has so ravaged all human civilization up to now.

      In such a new world, I trust that ethical ETs would feel more


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      From: Dex
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      Sent: Wednesday, May 28, 2008 12:08 AM
      Subject: [ufodiscussion] The Truth Must Prevail! National Security Dictates

      If this is real, perhaps, some of the reason's why ethical ET's aren't
      welcomed in our world.. From their investigations they've learned the truth.
      Remember Rama, from Ganymede telling Chacho in the book "Date with the Gods"
      a problem we have with our economy is that it's also based on a war armament

      Cross posting:
      Part III

      In conformity with the stance adopted by Robert Chapman, and in deference to
      the Editor’s own distinguished intermediary who sent this material to the
      Editor on 25th May, we have adopted the following procedure here:

      • (1) First, the exact language is retained, with some slight editing and
      some omissions on grounds of length. Certain intervening meaningless
      characters implying extraction of the lengthy text from an incompatible
      program have been deleted;

      • (2) The Editor has broken up the text into groups of paragraphs, preceded
      by cross-heads, to facilitate comprehension of what this document implies;

      •(3) The Editor has selected components of the text/testimony verbatim, but
      has omitted sections which elaborate existing material, the object being to
      provide an overview of this previously never published ‘hard copy’
      information which indicates the catastrophic proportions of the embedded US
      official corruption while, we believe, revealing only perhaps 1% of what has
      been going on.

      As noted, the Editor read this text in the middle of the night of 25th/26th
      May, in order to assess what should be done with this material. He decided
      to post this straight away.

      He would add the following:

      • There is some very unpleasant detail, which all readers will find
      unbearable, but which cannot be excluded, otherwise the whole point of this
      exposure will be lost; and:

      • There are clear references to the Illuminati’s satanic activity which, we
      know goes on behind the scenes and which is addressed in the Editor’s book
      The New Underworld Order.

      But here, at last, we have hands-on, officially-sourced information
      identifying Cheney as what we always thought he was: a reincarnation of the
      worst manifestation of corrupt Luciferian Nazism, exhibiting an unrestrained
      ‘Black’ idolatry of money for self-enrichment, global power and control
      purposes which has corrupted the entire American Government from the top
      down. Fish rot from the head, and the stench of this rotting corpse can be
      smelt all round the world.

      It is perhaps surprising that Robert Chapman has not connected this
      devastating intelligence with the colossal financial corruption crisis that
      we have been reporting. No criticism whatsoever is intended if we wonder why
      there is surprise that billions have been stolen by these crooks, when we
      know now that the sums stolen, diverted and misappropriated under Cheney and
      Bush (the two most corrupt holders of high office in US history) run into
      the hundreds of trillions of dollars.

      It is also quite surprising that the veteran and extremely accomplished and
      courageous former CIA officer who has delivered this devastating data (with
      a great deal more to come) to a Congressional Committee, appears to have
      been unaware of the far larger, indeed gargantuan financial corruption
      scams, thefts and diversions over which this same repulsive Cheney fellow
      has presided in recent years. But what is revealed herewith is evidence of
      the Bush Crime Family’s underlying, structured culture of TOTAL CORRUPTION
      (that is to say, of the ‘anomie’ environment initially identified by the
      French criminologist Emile Dirkheim [1858-1917]), whereby perpetual
      criminality is the norm, and adherence to the Rule of Law is considered
      aberrant, eccentric, and worthy [see below] of death.

      Congress is deeply compromised, with 1,500+ people on The Hill having been
      identified in April 2007, as we reported at the time, as beneficiaries of
      secret offshore bank accounts. Bribery of legislators under Cheney has been

      Therefore, some will ask: what is to be gained from forwarding this deadly
      information to Congress, where, on the basis of past experience, it is
      likely to be buried?

      Well, by exposing its existence to a wider public on this website, are we
      not helping to make it essentially IMPOSSIBLE for the Legislative Branch to
      turn a blind eye any longer to the organised criminality that is herewith
      identified inside the named US structures, to ignore the conditions for
      monumental breaches of US national security they have yielded and will
      continue to generate, and to disregard the associated gross TREASON
      consequently perpetrated by the President and the Vice President of the
      United States against the American people?

      And would it not represent a display of criminally feckless weakness and
      putrid co-conspiratorial complacency for the appropriate action against
      these criminals to be delayed ANY LONGER?

      The curtain rises at the beginning of ‘ACT TWO’....

      Subject: Halliburton Thefts: News from an ex-CIA Insider:

      Dear Bob Chapman, I happened across one of your articles on Halliburton. As
      I am in the process of writing to Waxman's Oversight and Reform Committee
      some of what I know about Halliburton etc., I will pass on some of it to
      you. Please feel free to use it in the interest of the public good.

      Sent on Friday 16 May 2008 to:
      Chairman Waxman, Committee on Oversight and
      Government Reform at http://oversight.house.gov/contact:

      Thank you so much for your integrity and work exposing corruption. I
      collected intelligence in Iraq and Afghanistan for the CIA until August 2004
      when I was outed by Cheney for refusing to make propaganda that Iran was
      developing nuclear weapons. My official title within the CIA was Special
      Operations Advisor to the Director of Central Intelligence. Since I set up
      the Remote Viewing Defense protocols for the Pentagon, I was given a title
      of Remote Viewing Advisor to the Joint Chiefs of Staff and a rank of a
      Two-Star General in the US military.

      That rank was largely a bogus ploy by the Pentagon to get more of my time
      from the CIA and force me to attend a Joint Chiefs of Staff Meeting once a
      month. I did so from October 2003 to July 2004.

      On orders of my boss, DCI George Tenet, in August 2001 I removed a moving
      van full of Pentagon
      documents showing Defense Contractor kickbacks to Pentagon officials.

      I removed them from the Pentagon and they were driven to the CIA.

      It took me about 10 days of time to get the Pentagon people to turn those
      documents over to me en masse. The ethical intelligence methods that I used
      to do so are beyond the scope of this text.

      Alas, the CIA's intention turned out not to be to expose and correct the
      corruption, but to cover it up, as judged by later events. Clearly I did not
      have time to read all of those documents in one week. My job was not to
      evaluate those documents and address the corruption: it was to run a
      counter-intelligence type of op. to collect them.

      However, I did become aware of the depth of corruption during the course of
      that week and did read some of them. It is amazing what ended up in print
      because people in the Pentagon felt so immune from prosecution, especially
      under Mr Bush Jr. in the White House. The main reason for collecting those
      documents, I believe in retrospect, was to allow CIA analysts to evaluate
      how to take business away from other US Defense Contractors and give it to
      Halliburton and Carlyle-related contractors. [Editor: How this was done si
      relate din detail below].

      The mood at the CIA and Pentagon was: war is coming because the Bush Family
      stands to make billions from it: so get ready. I did come across reports
      later which confirmed that the documents had been used in that fashion. That
      is, they were used to blackmail Pentagon officials into 'working on' on the
      Halliburton-Carlyle team, or to judge how much to bribe them to switch to
      that team. So,
      I am afraid, in retrospectively thinking about it, that my actions led to
      worse, not less, corruption. Certainly that corruption did not serve the US
      public nor our country's national security interests.

      I want to mention a conversation that I had with DCI Tenet after giving him
      these documents. The moving van full of them had just arrived at the CIA's
      headquarters in Langley. Tenet laughed and said to me ‘You have just given
      me the keys to the Kingdom’. I guess that I was a bit dense, as I did not
      grasp immediately what he meant. So, I asked him ‘How?’ He said to me in
      front of McLaughlin, the Deputy Executive Director (both of whom I knew
      rather too well at the time), ‘Those documents will make me rich’. Horrified
      that he might fence them on the black market for cash I replied: ‘How dare
      you sell them to the Russians’. I believe that some of the documents that I
      brought back from the Pentagon did get sold to the Russians later to make a

      [After the officer had investigated suspicious fiddling of work rosters
      which, to sum up, ensured that only personnel ‘on the take’ were handling
      Halliburton deliveries...] a CIA official knocked on my office door. That
      was unusual as there was bold black lettering on the door that no one should
      knock without the permission of the DCI. That notice had been put up by
      Tenet because he was
      tired of people taking up my time. He wanted it all to himself and his
      chores. The man then barged in without waiting for a reply from me and
      stated loudly that I had now been called off looking into supply problems at
      the Pentagon, not supply problems to the troops.

      Since the person I had emailed (details omitted) was in the next office,
      presumably it was for their ears that he was speaking so loudly. He then
      shut the door and walked off, again without waiting for a reply from me.
      That man was indeed someone I recognized.

      At the CIA we jokingly called him 'Halliburton's Representative to the CIA'.
      Like his counterpart at the Pentagon, he handled all of the delivery
      problems for Halliburton products arriving at the CIA. He was paid by the
      CIA a salary, just like that Pentagon man.

      But after looking into their backgrounds I could find no evidence that
      either had been hired by the
      CIA or the military through their personnel depts. Neither had done military
      training or been trained at ‘the Farm’ as a spy.

      The more I looked into that, which I had not been called off of, the more
      curious it became. Finally, one day months later I knocked on the
      Halliburton's Representative to the CIA's office door. I was surprised when
      it opened to find not the office of a single man but a whole section of
      offices. I had worked at the CIA for over 30 years and thought I knew it
      inside and out.

      But a new section had been added onto the other side of that door. Over 40
      people worked in it and they were all working for Halliburton while being
      paid by the US taxpayer as if they were CIA. I checked that carefully. The
      CIA's Human Resources Department had no files on them. It had never
      interviewed them for the job. IT HAD NEVER VETTED THEM. The CIA had a back
      door in its security created to let Halliburton put anyone they wanted into
      the hallways of the CIA.

      It was an outrageous violation of US national security. And this was after
      9/11 and the terrorism scare. I immediately reported it to Tenet and he said
      ‘Yes, I know’. I checked with the Head of CIA building security and he
      admitted that he knew too. I asked him what he was going to do about it.

      He said ‘Keep my mouth shut so I can stay alive and I suggest you do the
      same’. That sounded like a threat to me, even though indirectly worded. I
      asked him who would kill me if I talked about it.

      He hemmed and hawed a bit. I asked him if he would try to kill me if I
      talked about it. He said no but others would. I went fishing and asked: Do
      you think Halliburton will kill me for it? He didn't reply. Then I asked
      ‘Will the CIA?’ He said; ‘Not likely, you are inside the CIA’. Then I asked:
      'Will CACI'? At that, he agreed that they would likely try in defense of
      their sister enterprise, Halliburton. I asked him if CACI had their own back
      door into the CIA so that I should be afraid of them while I was inside the
      CIA. He acknowledged that they did. [Details of the CACI 'backdoor' are not
      revealed in this exposure but will doubtless form part of the further
      evidence being dumped on Congress: Ed.].

      Now back to my knocking on the Halliburton company offices at the CIA. A
      security guard there immediately asked me for my Halliburton ID. When I did
      not have one, he asked me if I had an appointment to see someone. I
      mentioned the name of the man who knocked on my door and that man came out
      to greet me. He invited me into his office. The furniture in it was better
      than the DCI had upstairs, though this was on the ground floor. We
      chit-chatted a few minutes and then I got down to business. I asked him if
      Halliburton intended to short the troops on their supplies on purpose, or
      was incompetent. By then I had the evidence in my office that Halliburton
      was shipping only half of its invoice contents in many of its cartons [which
      was what this veteran officer had been investigating previously: Ed.]. That
      was true in the war zones as well.

      It had set up the same corrupt system of swing shift receivers [i.e.,
      ensuring that only key corrupt personnel were used to handle Halliburton
      goods, which was done by rigging the work rotas: Ed.] on at least three
      continents. They received the cartons and signed that the goods well all
      received properly. Then the shortages later were chalked up to thefts or war
      damage, etc. He looked at me awhile before he replied. Then he said: ‘I know
      nothing about it. I then laid copies of some of the documents that I had on
      his desk that proved that Halliburton was doing this. He said he would look
      into it and called security to usher me out of the office.

      Later that day (it was after Christmas in 2001) I reported to Tenet that I
      had found evidence that Halliburton was short-shipping to the Pentagon and
      the war zones. He at first said, ‘That is nothing new’. And then, realizing
      that he had just admitted knowing about it without correcting it said, ‘Have
      a report about it on my desk before Christmas'. He had been saying that
      probably for weeks and now, under the stress of my asking him about this
      corruption, he inappropriately persevered that comment. Christmas had passed
      about 3 days before, at the very least.

      When he caught that mistake a moment later, he admitted: ‘I just can't get
      rid of that problem’.

      I then asked him what he had tried to do about it.

      He did not reply. Instead he sent me to speak to another man he said that he
      had put to work on the problem. Yes, you guessed it correctly: he sent me to
      speak to Halliburton's Representative to the CIA. I had just come from his
      office that morning and I said so.

      Tenet played ignorant of the fact that the man worked for Halliburton. I
      reminded Tenet that I had been asked to show my Halliburton ID to even get
      to his office. He offered to call down there to make sure I could get in
      when I went. I told him that it was his responsibility to correct
      Halliburton's short-shipping and its invasion of the CIA, not Halliburton’s.
      He said that he couldn't because his hands were tied behind his back by the
      White House. I made a mock walk around to the other side of him to look for
      his hands tied behind him and said: ‘That is not what I see’. He said:
      ‘There is nothing I can do about it’. I picked up his phone and handed it to
      him and said: ‘You can start by calling Congress, the FBI, and the New York
      Times. They would believe you, if you did so’.

      He declined to make those calls. I told him that the head of the CIA should
      be a man of courage.
      But he never did make the calls. I went to my office and started making

      First I faxed the documents I had over to the GAO [General Accounting, now
      Accountability, Office]. I needed to have copies of them outside of my
      office before it got raided. They were not national security secrets: they
      were Halliburton short-shipping papers. One of them was even a memo on
      Halliburton stationery discussing the short-shipping policy and how well it
      was working to make profits for the corporation.

      When I called the GAO to make sure that they received the documents, they
      checked them carefully to make sure that they were all legible. There were
      over 100 pages of documents and it took them a while. After they finished
      they agreed to look for the GAO investigator who had come out to speak to me
      before [details omitted here: Ed.].. But before they could get him on the
      phone to me, there was a knock at my door and in barged Halliburton's
      Representative to the CIA.

      [Now read what happened next... Ed.]:

      He yanked my phone out of the wall. Then he had his security guards ransack
      my office and take every shred of paper out of it. Then he had me bodily
      hauled off to a prison cell located inside the Halliburton offices at the
      CIA. It was in the basement there. There I was intimidated and my life was
      threatened. I wondered if it would be ended.

      It occurred to me that the CIA head of building security might not know that
      Halliburton had its own torturers and assassins. I decided to cooperate. I
      promised not to investigate Halliburton for the rest of the year. I figured
      that I could keep my promise for the 2 days left in the year. Somehow they
      accepted my promise and let me go.

      I immediately went up to Tenet's office and complained and showed him the
      bruises that they had given me. He said: 'There, there, everything will be
      alright in the morning'.

      That was not true. Halliburton was still stealing the US taxpayer's dollars
      in the morning and the troops were still going without. But at that time I
      was too tired to fight any more that day. I decided to put myself in a place
      that I could keep my promise and requested leave to fly back to my home in
      California. Tenet agreed and I managed to get out of the building without
      further incident. I believe that the GAO still has the documents that I sent
      them buried in its files.

      They started an investigation into it and then it was interrupted. But I
      believe that they are willing to go forward with the investigation now, if
      asked to do so. I believe that your asking them to do it would be enough to
      accomplish that. The GAO has done a lot of good work. You could write a
      letter to its Head and ask them to restart that investigation.

      It was not true that Cheney stopped running Halliburton [when he took
      office].That is a complete myth. He called in orders to the man I worked for
      [Tenet: Ed.] almost every day and sometimes twice or more times a day. He
      remained the functional head of it in all but name. No one at Halliburton
      had the power to override his orders. Second, it is not true that he
      divested himself of the profits of the
      company. He merely hid how they got to him through a series of shell

      [The veteran CIA officer then explained how in detail how to compare the
      ‘creative’ accounting software and methodology employed by Halliburton, the
      CIA and the Pentagon, from which it was possible to identify how the massive
      ongoing frauds, designed to extract illegal profits out of the Afghanistan
      and Iraq Wars, were/are perpetrated: Ed.].

      Halliburton rigs a Back Door in the Pentagon Accounting Computer:

      It was brought to my notice that Halliburton had already come to the
      attention of a Government investigator. We have already seen that
      Halliburton had both overbilled and short-shipped. The buyer was the
      helpless taxpayer. The investigator worked inside the GAO and had access to
      both Halliburton's bills and [to] the Pentagon's payment of those bills. But
      there was a problem. Those bills and the payments did not match up. In spite
      of the bills being grossly inflated in the first place, the payments
      exceeded the bills! That was not by a little, it was by about 35%.

      The GAO investigator was the same man who had come to talk to me in my
      office. He remembered me and that I had tried to contact him at the end of
      2001. So, he had asked to speak to me by calling the CIA. The CIA would not
      let my phone ring whenever he called [thereby covering up its ongoing
      complicity with Halliburton in these scams designed to ‘milk the wars’:

      But by happenstance one of the many times he tried to call me I picked up
      the phone to try to call someone else. So, we connected. I agreed to meet
      with him outside of the CIA and later that same day we met at a restaurant
      in Mclean, not far from CIA Headquarters. He had with him copies of all of
      the materials that I had faxed over to him. He started by asking me
      questions on them and taking notes. He was particularly interested in
      documenting where I had picked up each document. Then he asked me what I
      knew of the Pentagon overpaying Halliburton. It had been two weeks since the
      CIA's creative accounting department had alerted me to that problem. By then
      I knew a great deal about how that Pentagon overbilling occurred.

      Rumsfeld had let Halliburton set up offices inside the Pentagon just like
      Tenet had let [Halliburton] set them up at the CIA. That was the result of
      secret Executive Orders signed by Bush, Jr. [Editor: In other words, this
      organised criminal operation was explicitly authorised by criminalist
      President George W. Bush Jr. from the outset, who is accordingly being
      fingered by this courageous former top CIA officer as being vulnerable to
      the charge of treason, on the basis of these findings ALONE(irrespective of
      the innumerable other acts of treason that he has committed, and that we
      have identified in these reports].

      I had by that time a copy of that Executive Order [in the singular here:
      Ed.] and handed it to the GAO investigator along with many other documents
      that I brought to that meeting. National security was being trashed by the
      Bush Administration and what I did had the potential to help restore US
      national security.

      None of the documents would have helped the Russians, the Chinese, etc. wage
      war against us.
      I had had that independently verified by CIA analysts before I handed over
      those documents.

      Correcting the theft of funds would help US national security. One of the
      documents that I handed over was the list of Halliburton personnel at the
      CIA and at the Pentagon. Their physical offices were together in each
      location with their own security personnel. I verified that with my own eyes
      the next time I had occasion to go to the Pentagon 20 minutes' drive away.
      In addition, I handed over a document that listed their job titles from
      their CIA or Pentagon badge application which is all that personnel in those
      locations had on them. Even a visitor to the CIA had to fill out such a
      form. The amount of checking on that person's background to get that badge
      is a call or fax to the FBI to make sure that they are not on a wanted list.
      The CIA also checks their name and Driver's License against its 'suspected
      foreign agents' and after 9/11 its 'suspected terrorists' list.

      But no-one called to verify that they were not felons who had served their
      time [in jail] already. Thus, when I checked, I found that ‘Halliburton's
      Representative to the CIA’ [the man who had flung the officer into the cell,
      after ripping the phone from the wall: Ed.] who was then already my boss for
      10 hours a week [in a curious twist not covered here: Ed.]. was a felon who
      had served time on a
      felony conviction of fraud.

      Not unsurprisingly, then, one of the top men at Halliburton's Pentagon Suite
      was his partner in that crime who had also been convicted of a felony. The
      crime in question was stealing new vehicles bought by the US Army in large
      numbers while they were en route to be delivered to the Army.

      They had then been sold overseas and the profits pocketed [in an exact
      replay of what went on in the ‘former’ Soviet union after the fake ‘collapse
      of Communism: Ed.]. His Pentagon badge listed him as an 'accountant'. I
      could find no evidence that he had been to business school unless one
      counted his jail time as that. His resume that I found elsewhere where he
      served on a board as a Director on a company, listed a business school
      during the time he spent in prison, about 4 years.

      I called up that business school and asked if they had a 'prison outreach
      program'. They said no. I asked them if they had a graduate by that name and
      they declined to comment. But when I faxed them a copy of the man's resume
      on CIA letterhead saying that he was posing as a graduate of their school
      they issued a denial that he had ever enrolled.

      I gave all those papers to the investigator. Then I gave him the proof that
      Halliburton's own CEO, Cheney, had known that they were felons by the fact
      that he had blocked a background check on them when they went to a White
      House function that he hosted. In addition, I gave that investigator the
      proof in the format of several documents together, which showed that this
      Halliburton felon posing as an accountant had caused the Pentagon to overpay
      Halliburton [huge sums of money].

      The evidence that that Halliburton felon was the man responsible for the
      overpayments by the Pentagon consisted of four elements:

      • First off, I had a memo from Cheney to him that was handwritten in
      Cheney's hand and addressed to him personally which directed him to make
      sure that the Pentagon pays us all that it owes us and then some. The
      memorandum appeared to have been hand-delivered. The CIA's internal forgery
      department verified the note as Cheney's handwriting and not a forgery. I
      try to do careful work.

      So their statement to that fact was a document that I handed over with the
      original of that memo.

      • The next piece of evidence was a letter sent by that felon to a friend and
      co-conspirator, in this case my Halliburton boss. In that letter he bragged:
      ‘I am getting more than we bargained for out of the Pentagon’. It went on to
      encourage him to meet him to 'find out how'. I intercepted this letter
      before it got to my Halliburton boss, copied it and then put it onto his
      desk. I was thus witting to the fact that they were going to discuss that
      topic at their next meeting.

      • The third piece of evidence was a tape of their conversation at that
      meeting. On that tape the
      Pentagon felon bragged with delight about how gullible people were at the
      Pentagon. He spoke about his going into the Accounting Department of the
      Pentagon and making friends with some of them. About how he managed to bring
      his own programmer in to check the bills from Halliburton on the excuse that
      they had not been paid on time.

      Then his programmer had managed to insert code by calling up the Halliburton
      computer from the Pentagon's Accounting Computer to check if all the
      outstanding bills had been paid. That code put in a back door into the
      Pentagon's Accounting Computer, so that Halliburton could later change the
      amount that the Pentagon would pay whenever they wanted.

      The reason that Halliburton had been caught was that someone forgot to
      change their billings up to what they had put in the Pentagon's computer.

      • The fourth piece of evidence that I gave him was my boss having one of his
      programmers insert that same code into the CIA's Accounting computer. I
      waited until he did it and then I collected the evidence, the code. The code
      from the CIA's Accounting Computer with a couple of lines before and after
      it to show where it had been inserted was the fourth piece of evidence. That
      evidence was on a computer disc. I had one of the accounting people sign it
      as coming from their computer.

      I had first taken all that evidence to my boss, Tenet, to give him a chance
      to correct the problem of Halliburton ripping off the American taxpayer via
      the CIA and Pentagon. He looked at the evidence and said ‘Well, you
      certainly have done a thorough job as usual’. Then he offered to despatch
      the evidence over to the White House to 'correct the problem'.

      I immediately picked up the evidence off his desk and, walking out of his
      office, said that I could do that myself. I did send a copy of the evidence
      to the White House. I did that after I met with the GAO official. The White
      House managed to block the investigation.

      The following section needs to be read as presented because to omit any
      segment loses the thread and might jeopardise understanding of how the
      kickbacks were orchestrated:

      Was Rumsfeld Criminally Negligent in Protecting US Troops and national

      This is another case that grew out of my moving documents from the Pentagon
      to the CIA on DCI Tenet's orders in August 2001... It was brought to my
      attention by a Colonel at the Pentagon who handed me a stack of documents ON

      It was a pretty big stack, over an inch high. It took me until 4 am in the
      morning before I had a firm grasp on the case he had handed me. Since I was
      in an office at the Pentagon, it was easy for me to immediately start
      investigating it. The hour was late, but that was a good time to look for
      and collect the computer files and other documents that I wanted to go with
      the Colonel's documents. By THE morning, I had had no sleep, but I had
      collected much evidence, and laid it in the inbox the desk of the Pentagon's
      Criminal Investigation Unit's Head.

      The amount of evidence was over two inches high of documents and four
      computer discs, one of which was from the Accounting Office. The Colonel who
      had handed me that case then spent all morning in that office giving that
      Head his eye-witness testimony with regard to the matter. That testimony
      covered only one fourth of the case, and I sent in another three Pentagon
      officials in the afternoon to flesh the rest of the case out. Having the
      rank of a Two-Star General was essential to that effort. It would not have
      happened had I not out-ranked the Head of the Criminal Investigation Unit at
      the Pentagon, as he was loath to investigate. It would also not have
      happened had I not also personally breathed down his neck repeatedly during
      the day, by going in person to check how he was doing. Each time I came by,
      I insisted that he give me a full briefing on his investigations so far. I
      did that four times during the course of the day. I did not dictate the
      content of his investigation, but I did insist that he be vigorous in
      pursuing it. I mention this practical framework of the case because I am
      mainly interested in the larger issue that these cases were not getting

      The Colonel giving me the case had been over to that Criminal Investigation
      Unit several times previously to file complaints. He was never satisfied
      that they were investigated. I was now able to confirm that. Each time the
      investigations were dead-ended. It was clear to me by the end of the day
      that the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Pentagon was professionally
      dedicated to covering up corruption, not investigating or correcting it.
      [That's what it was FOR: Ed.].

      I later took some steps to make sure that this was not due to Russian,
      Chinese, or other foreign
      interventions liable to harm US national security. That I DID have a mandate
      to do from the CIA,
      wherever I went on assignment. That mandate had been put in place by an
      Executive Order of
      President Clinton. It could not be over-ridden except by a duly elected

      Thus, I had some discretion to act outside of the direct orders of the
      Director of CIA, Tenet, or the Chief of the JCS. But I could not press this
      beyond the limits at which it would break due to political
      practices. In the process of that investigation of possible foreign
      influence behind the corruption, I ran across a wide-reaching high-level
      conspiracy to defraud the US taxpayer. I will be delineating that further in
      this series of about 12 cases.

      The documents that the Colonel had handed me were on the development and
      purchasing of a new free-standing artillery unit. The weapon, a piece of
      artillery, did not function as well as an older brand and it was dangerous
      to use. Two men had died during the testing of it. But the Pentagon kept on
      ordering it. The Colonel knew that the problem had to be kickbacks, as there
      was no other rational explanation for what was going on.

      But without that proof, the case was had been repeatedly closed as
      ‘unfounded'. He did not have the espionage background needed to be able to
      collect that evidence. As a result he was stymied. By morning I had been
      able to lay financial transactions on the top of the inbox. They showed that
      at least two Generals had accepted kickbacks straight into their US bank
      accounts from that (Saudi) company. Those transactions occurred in the week
      after they voted to buy more of those artillery pieces. The amounts of the
      transactions were large relative to their salaries, which is how the CIA
      gages the effectiveness of bribes.

      Any amount greater than 15% of a person's monthly salary is almost certain
      to have swayed their decisionmaking processes. In each case, the amount of
      the transaction was more than the General
      made in a single month. A CIA officer accepting that amount of money from
      the KGB or a foreign
      source would likely have had a bullet put through his body by the CIA, or
      been tried for treason.

      Yet, at the Pentagon these kinds of actions were largely tolerated, as if
      they did not undermine
      national security. In order to fight a war effectively the equipment has to
      work and be safe to use. Selling a secret a foreign power might or might not
      make a difference in the outcome of a war; not having good equipment was
      sure to make a difference.

      In this case, the company making the artillery was a foreign (Saudi: see
      below) company and the Generals had been paid from a foreign bank. It
      certainly should have raised a red flag in anyone's mind. The CIA should
      have immediately been called in to investigate. But they had not been.

      Some months, previously the Colonel had put in a complaint to Rumsfeld about
      the sheer lack of investigation by the Pentagon's Criminal Investigation
      Unit on this case. In it he had cited the fact that the company making the
      artillery was a foreign one and raised the issue as to whether it was a
      deliberate attempt to sabotage US national security by selling them
      'worthless junk'.

      He had asked Rumsfeld refer the matter to the CIA. That had not happened. By
      the afternoon, I had the financial records to show that FIVE Generals had
      received sizeable kickbacks from that foreign
      corporation in the week after the vote to place the order. In addition, I
      had the signed confession of one of those men. I did not use threats or
      torture to get it. I did use friendly persuasion. Not only did he confess,
      but he admitted in writing that there was a conspiracy to ensure that that
      group of
      Generals got the kickbacks. They had met not just once, but at least twice
      to conspire on how to ensure that the order went through. Rumsfeld had
      cancelled a competing meeting that had dealt
      with national security issues, without explanation. That allowed two further
      Generals to attend the
      second meeting. There were six Generals at that second meeting, if I
      remember correctly.

      The next day they quietly resigned in the face of the investigation. One of
      them told me privately but refused to put it in writing that Rumsfeld had
      cancelled the competing meeting 'in order for us to organize and get that
      artillery approved' for Pentagon purchasing. The next day, that Colonel
      brought me ten similar cases, since I had solved that one to his great
      satisfaction. It was my last day
      at the Pentagon on the assignment to pick up the documents Tenet ordered me
      to collect.

      I did not have time while at the Pentagon to solve them, so I undertook to
      mentor the Colonel in how to collect the evidence of the bribes. During the
      course of that day he managed to collect
      evidence well enough to resolve one of those ten cases ad hoc. The guilty
      party also quietly
      resigned. He, too, had been bribed by a foreign company. At least, in that
      case, the product
      worked. It was not a case of the Pentagon ordering the product. It was a
      case of him selling
      them on the black market from his office inside the Pentagon to other
      Pentagon officials.

      The product was a foreign (Japanese) lap-top computer. Military secrets were
      almost sure to be put on them given the location that they were sold into.
      They had not been vetted by the Pentagon to ensure that they did not have a
      back door on them to allow the files, conference calls, and voices
      within range of them, etc. to be transmitted back to that foreign country.
      They were popular at the
      Pentagon for their advanced conference video call capacities. I took one of
      these computers back to the CIA with me, where it was verified that the
      laptop did have the function of acting just like an
      advanced bug to steal files, audio, and photographic images.

      The optics on it were advanced enough to read documents off the desk of and
      wall behind the user! It automatically turned itself on and focused on text.
      Even before I verified that the laptop had been designed to steal military
      secrets, it was clear from the outer circumstances that that was likely to
      be the case. Otherwise, why not sell it into some other location? The laptop
      cost a lot more with those advanced spy systems on it than a regular user
      could afford. That was why it was only offered for sale inside the Pentagon:
      the foreign country was paying so that it could be sold very
      cheaply and would out-compete other laptops at the Pentagon.

      About 500 of those [foreign, specially equipped] laptops had already been
      sold at the Pentagon. The Colonel had pressed the Criminal Investigation
      Unit to investigate those black market sales.

      They had not done so, nor had the matter been referred to the CIA for
      investigation. The Criminal Investigation Unit was not willing to press
      charges even after being presented with the evidence that the Pentagon
      official had taken a foreign bribe. I could not press the issue any further
      because Rumsfeld had overruled me. He had already sent the Head of the Joint
      Chiefs of Staff (JCS) down to the Criminal Investigation Unit's Head to tell
      him not to prosecute the six Generals.

      I had called Rumsfeld while he was in his office to protest [but] he had
      refused to take my call.

      Rumsfeld nixed actual prosecution of our cases but we still managed to get
      the resignations.
      Rumsfeld blocking the prosecutions gave an ongoing green light to corruption
      at the Pentagon.

      I did collect the evidence that Rumsfeld sent General Shelton, the Chief of
      the JCS, down to
      prevent the prosecution of the six Generals. I collected a copy of
      Rumsfeld's phone call to
      Shelton. In addition, I collected the security camera evidence that General
      Shelton promptly
      went down and talked to the Head of the Criminal Investigation Unit. The
      action that the Head took in not prosecuting the six Generals or the
      laptop-selling official speaks for itself as the evidence.

      In addition, I collected evidence that that Head of Criminal Investigations
      had not prosecuted a number of other corruption cases in which the evidence
      of guilt was very abundant and solid. Furthermore, I had collected a van
      load of corruption related documents which proved that corruption was
      widespread at the Pentagon.

      My orders from Tenet were to deliver those documents to the CIA. There was
      nothing in those
      orders that prevented me from xeroxing as many of them as I could xerox
      without delaying that
      delivery past the time that Tenet had requested delivery. I had been in the
      espionage business
      collecting documents for over thirty years. When doing so will aid national
      security, one has a
      duty to collect them and try to deal with them in a way that accomplishes
      that objective. It should
      therefore not surprise anyone, that I had ALL of them xeroxed during the
      course of the 10 days
      that they were collected. That is, although it was clear to me that I could
      not get the corruption
      appropriately dealt with at the Pentagon, I still had hopes that one day I'd
      be able to somewhere
      succeed. There were a number of moving vans removing documents from the
      Pentagon on that
      day. I had already stated that this was only one of three categories that
      Tenet ordered me to
      collect. I thus had the cover to load one van full of the copies of the
      corruption documents.

      The question was where to send it to get the corruption cases prosecuted. I
      did not have a good
      answer to that. I sent it to an Army base where I trusted the integrity of
      the army commander to
      secure it, until I did have a good answer to that. It is still intact at
      that Army base.

      The cases, many of them, have grown old. But as I looked into the matter of
      how to get them prosecuted, the facts were not encouraging. The White House
      was against it. My boss Tenet was against it. Rumsfeld was against it. The
      Head of the Joint Chifs of Staff was against it and the later replacement
      was not for it, either.

      The Justice Department had not investigated the obvious Halliburton
      corruption and put them out of business and some of their personnel in
      prison, as it should have done, on the evidence.

      Before I left the Pentagon I sent that evidence by courier to the Director
      of the FBI. Mr Rumsfeld's corruption was happening in the United States and
      it was within the jurisdiction of the FBI, not the CIA to follow through on
      it. When the FBI did not act to enforce the law appropriately, that was more
      evidence of a conspiracy at levels above Rumseld to allow corruption. That
      artillery case should still exist in the files of the Pentagon. That case is
      relevant evidence in the larger case of whether the US Administration is
      criminally negligent in not prosecuting corruption cases. I allege that it
      is, and that its failure to do so has led to the death of US troops from
      faulty and shoddy equipment.

      The two men who died in the testing of that artillery [piece] should not
      have died. Earlier tests of the artillery had shown that it 'jumped' to the
      left when fired, nearly 20% of the time. It was a very heavy piece of
      equipment. On the earlier tests it had injured about 25 men and sent a
      handful of them to the hospital. When the heavy gun jumped as the man looked
      through the sighting, it had caused brain concussions and knocked men

      Other serious injuries were the result of the artillery falling over onto
      the person firing it. In one of those incidents the artillery piece had
      caused massive haemorrhaging into the soft tissue of the leg. The man had
      had to be hospitalized. If I remember correctly, he had had to undergo
      emergency surgery to repair a rupture to his femoral artery. That crush
      injury to his artery was so severe that in the medical report I read the
      surgeons had considered amputating the leg.

      Engineers evaluated the artillery and decreed it 'unsound'. They cited that
      it was poorly designed and poorly manufactured. It was made in a foreign
      country where manufacturing processes were substandard as a general rule.
      They had written that the artillery piece was unstable on its base even when
      not being fired. And they had speculated that it jumped to the left because
      the quality control at the factory was so poor, that the bore was not
      straight. There was not a single reason, not even a cheap price, to
      recommend it for purchase by the Pentagon, based upon the objective evidence
      that I read. Yet the testing of it were continued, even after it was clear
      that it was shoddy equipment and unsafe. That happened because obvious
      corruption was not corrected.

      The maker of the artillery piece was part of the Carlyle Group. That was a
      clear conflict of
      interest for a sitting President to be making money from weapons that were
      being sold to
      the Pentagon. It was not until I returned to the CIA that I was able to
      confirm that the US
      Administration was making money off the sale of that defective artillery

      The money made from the sales of the artillery item had a pathway to the
      Bush accounts. It took me longer to collect the banking records which linked
      the sale of the weapons to the Pentagon, to the exact payment amount into
      the Bush accounts. It was while I was writing software to query the CIA's
      creative accounting computer that I came across the transactions. CIA shell
      companies were used to hide the funnelling of the money from the artillery
      manufacturer to Bush's accounts: 9.6% of the Pentagon's payment for the
      defective artillery piece ended up in President George W. Bush Jr.'s private
      accounts. About 2.4% ended up in Rumsfeld's account.

      Rumsfeld had, according to the Pentagon documents that I later obtained,
      taken several steps that indicated that he knowingly endangered the men's
      lives. His signature was on a memorandum that directed many more of the
      artillery pieces to be ordered and 'retested', even though one man had
      already died from being crushed beneath it when it jumped to the left. If I
      remember correctly, the number ordered was 1,000. It certainly seemed
      excessive for testing purposes, given that nearly 20% of the previous batch
      had ‘jumped' to the left. The sight for the artillery piece was on the left,
      so there was no way to reasonably fire it without being at risk of bodily

      It was clear that Rumsfeld already knew about the first death; for he had
      signed a previous memo ordering people not to talk about it. In addition, he
      had taken steps to ensure that the first death was not properly
      investigated. I had been told by a Pentagon official who overheard it that
      Donald Rumsfeld had told a member of his staff to list the death as an
      ‘Off-Duty’ death. The official was one of the three I sent in the afternoon
      to give his statement. Further proof of that reality was that the form was
      signed by a member of Rumsfeld's office. Normally, that form should have
      been signed by the dead soldier's Commanding Officer. Rumsfeld had the power
      to override that long-established standard operating procedure, but his
      staffer signing that form did not.

      Since that form should have been signed by a Commanding Officer and the
      staffer was not one,
      it appeared that Mr Rumsfeld did not sign it, in order to avoid having his
      name attached to that
      blatant lie. When I checked the Death Certificate, it listed the cause of
      death as MVA (for Motor
      Vehicle Accident). Yet, many military officers had been at the test and in
      the record of the test
      they had written that this man had been crushed under the artillery piece.
      It also recorded that
      he had been sent to the hospital. I verified that the hospital received him
      from the ambulance
      shortly after the test and that he died at the hospital soon thereafter.

      The Death Certificate appeared to be a forgery or faked as it was dated two
      days after the hospital records showed that he died. Also I could not find a
      physician by the name of the signatory of the death certificate at that
      hospital. There was a physician by that name in the United States; he only
      worked inside the Pentagon. He was the physician who attended Rumsfeld
      whenever he was sick inside the Pentagon, but not when he was outside the
      Pentagon. The man who died was stationed on a base in another state: if I
      remember correctly, in Maryland at Edgewood Arsenal.

      There was no record of his ever being inside the Pentagon: so the Death
      Certificate thus appeared to have been signed at the Pentagon with that
      cause of death per Donald Rumsfeld's orders. That evidence strongly
      suggested that Rumsfeld tried to cover up the death of the first man as
      having been due to that artillery piece's defects... The artillery piece was
      manufactured by a Saudi Arabian company with close business ties to the Bush

      The Saudi Arabian company were having financial trouble because they could
      not find a market for their products. Their products had a bad reputation in
      the Defense Industry. A video clip I watched at the CIA which showed their
      table set up at an outdoor Defense Contractor's Weapon Expo held in Saudi
      Arabia, showed that people purposely avoided stopping to look at their
      table. It was not a subtle finding. The table next to theirs was doing a
      brisk business. I allege that Rumsfeld knew the poor reputation of this
      company when he placed the order for about 1000 more of these defective
      artillery pieces. The Pentagon keeps lists of its preferred companies, and
      of companies to avoid purchasing from. That company was on the Pentagon's
      list to avoid. Rumsfeld had to sign a 'waiver' in order to make that
      purchase of the artillery that killed that second man. That, in my opinion,
      was criminal negligence. And it was criminal negligence in which he
      personally took a kickback.

      As to the laptop case, the company making it was Japanese. The case is quite
      troubling in light of the violation of US national security. Mr Rumsfeld, by
      not investigating and prosecuting corruption cases, left the Pentagon open
      to any agent of a foreign power with money in their pocket. Thus his actions
      which disabled US national security in practice had both active and passive

      I did brief my boss, DCI Tenet, on my findings above after I had determined
      their national security implications. He showed no great interest in my
      presentation and rushed off in the middle of it.

      He declined my invitation to reschedule that briefing twice. It was clear
      that he had no intention of seriously trying to correct the problems, even
      as they related to the foreign penetration issues at the Pentagon.

      The former high-level veteran CIA aide to Tenet now related a detailed
      investigation into a batch of toasters (yes, those breakfast slot machines
      that toast bread) which were stolen from a warehouse in Indiana by
      operatives employed by a Halliburton subsidiary who were dressed up as FBI
      agents, which Halliburton sold to the Pentagon for $1,891 each.

      In the course of this investigation, the officer discovered that goods
      ordered were not examined physically, but that corrupt ordering was
      routinely conducted exclusively on the basis of fabricated, computerised
      paperwork. In other words, no-one checked the actual item purchased: they
      only handled the paperwork. When challenged in respect of this very
      low-value toaster, Halliburton personnel started inventing alibis to the
      effect that the toasters were manufactured from titanium and other special
      materials, which accounted for their high cost.

      The Halliburton-generated list of component parts for these toasters
      exceeded 200, whereas when the investigator had one of the units
      deconstructed, it was found to consist of 14 separate tawdry sub-components.
      This particular corruption investigation became so complex that at one stage
      it interfered materially with an investigation that the officer was
      conducting into a mole working for an unfriendly government who was carrying
      documents out of the Langley front door every day.

      When the veteran CIA officer informed Tenet that the investigation into
      Halliburton’s fabrications over the toasters was affecting national security
      because the urgent necessity of preventing the mole from stealing more
      documents was being frustrated daily, he expressed little interest, being
      preoccupied only with covering up the Cheney-directed corruption.

      We now move to the section of this report which demonstrates that US
      national security has been directly and maliciously compromised as a
      specific consequence of this corruption, controlled by Unterreichsführer
      Cheney. At the time of this posting, it is reported to us that Cheney
      remains in detention, but it is not known for what he may be being held, in
      addition to his serial corruption in blocking the Settlements. But given
      that the Editor of this service has been able to publicise this information,
      which was sent to him on 25th May, it is hoped that any intention that may
      be floated to release him following the Settlements, or to allow him to
      resume his post, is squelched purely on the basis of these allegations.
      Consider the extreme gravity of what now follows.

      [The former CIA top-flight aide to Tenet had been devoting a huge amount of
      time to investigating, and proving out, the ongoing fabrication of invoices
      and related documentation on a massive scale in general, and the ludicrous
      toaster scandal in particular, when the extreme, immediate urgency of
      investigating the mole (who turned out to be a Halliburton employee,
      protected by Mr Cheney: see below) was known at the highest level (i.e. by
      Tenet himself): and yet this DCI was preoccupied with the necessity of
      covering up internal corruption controlled by the Cheney and Rumsfeld gang,
      and condoned by the FBI and the Justice Department when the United States’
      national security was being severely compromised not least because, knowing
      about all this corruption, the Russians had no difficulty in blackmailing
      Halliburton employees for their own espionage purposes]:

      Now I want to talk more about the mole problem as it is very relevant to
      this case. A mole is a person inside an agency who is acting as a traitor to
      give secrets to a foreign power. The motives can vary and include bribes or
      blackmail. The CIA knew that it had a mole because it knew that the
      Russian Embassy in Washington D.C. had recorded the news of just-delivered
      CIA documents.

      I had been assigned by Tenet to investigate who that mole was, starting just
      before I was handed
      the Halliburton factory problem by 'HallCIA' [an investigation connected
      with the issue of ‘phantom factories’, a favourite Halliburton scam: not
      covered here]. I was then required by Tenet to keep working on the
      Halliburton problem until it was finished at about 2 pm. Then I was
      exhausted and went home to sleep. The next day I procured that the FBI with
      a warrant would raid a flat looking for CIA documents. I was present at the
      raid and we recovered the CIA specifications for the CIA's communication
      satellite that NASA had just launched into orbit. That included the security
      codes for the encryption algorithms which were set at the time of launch.

      The launch took place in the morning after the FBI DID NOT arrest 'HallCIA'
      [the CIA veteran's codename for the Halliburton suspect: Ed.] while I was
      still forced to work on Halliburton’s book cooking project. Those security
      codes meant that someone could change from the ground the
      encryption codes to their own codes and then listen in to everything the CIA
      said to its stations overseas. In essence, it was like inserting a huge bug
      into the CIA and all of its stations. It was an
      extremely serious violation of US national security, one of the most serious
      in the history of the
      CIA, had it not been caught. It was later verified that although the
      documents were recovered, the mole had already faxed those security codes
      directly to Moscow soon after the launch.

      The mole was a Halliburton employee who had never been vetted by the CIA.
      The Russians had approached him and offered him money. In addition they had
      offered not to expose his criminal background [which they knew all about:
      Ed.]. He was clearly a prime candidate for blackmail by the
      Russians; keeping his job meant having to hide his felony conviction [see
      above: Ed.].The CIA had not run a criminal background check on all of these
      Halliburton employees: but, of course, the Russians had. The CIA has rules
      that prevent it from hiring drug-takers for the same reason; they are much
      too high a blackmail risk, and thus a mole risk. Since the CIA never vetted
      the Halliburton people, they never even asked them if they took drugs under
      a lie detector test like they normally do. And the CIA never even did drug
      tests on the Halliburton people.

      When I showed Tenet the documents that I recovered from that Halliburton
      operative's flat he was shocked. He immediately called the Director of the
      FBI and thanked him for his help in recovering
      them. I asked Tenet to ask the FBI Director to arrest the Halliburton
      traitor. Tenet sent me out of the room to discuss it. He called Mr Cheney.
      Cheney told him no, that man was his friend and that they could never arrest
      him. The phone was on speaker and I heard everything. I cried for my country
      that it had been taken over by crooks who were traitors as well. I could not
      stand to stay in such a corrupt institution and under such a grossly corrupt
      government. That was the moment in 2002 that I decided to leave my country
      [the veteran CIA operative fled to Canada]. After the CIA knew that its new
      satellite's security codes had been stolen, it had to figure out what to do
      now. It decided that it could not use that satellite because its security
      had been too compromised. That satellite cost the US taxpayers over $3.6
      billion dollars. It sits in orbit unused.

      The man responsible for that was the man I called on these pages 'HallCIA'.
      I have not used his real name because Cheney threatened to kill me himself
      if I ever mentioned his name or the names of his partners in crime. [This
      threat was later supplemented by a further direct threat by Cheney to kill
      the officer personally, recorded at the end of this report. It is
      interesting that Cheney appears to have been in the habit of threatening to
      kill his 'enemies' personally, suggesting that this may not be a new
      experience for this sinister character: Ed.].

      Editor: The grim summary just given above reveals that the presence inside
      both the CIA and the Pentagon of a Halliburton suite of offices is not just
      a gross breach of US national security per se, but has actually been
      associated with a penetration and security breach of the gravest
      proportions, and that Vice President Cheney, informed of this scandal,
      refused to allow the arrest of the mole and has presided over this quite
      unprecedented degradation of US security. He is therefore a traitor to the
      United States on the basis of that one case alone. What more evidence is

      Not only, therefore, have we been justified in stating that the US
      Government is run by criminals, but we can now state that there is every
      indication that these criminals are directly associated with the gravest
      possible breaches of US national security, which clearly mandates that they
      should be processed for treason IMMEDIATELY. If Mr Cheney has been or is
      being held in the context of the Settlements, treason should be added to his
      charge sheet anyway. Under no circumstances should this man ever be
      released. Furthermore, his boss should be taken into custody without further

      It's no use fretting about whether the Republic can stand such an upheaval
      as would ensue from pursuing such a course. The United States is robust and
      very mature. Now that these exposures are 'happening', the time has passed
      for inaction, or brushing these inconvenient realities under the carpet. The
      'failure to confront' can no longer be excused or condoned.

      And remember: we have suggested that what is being revealed here cannot
      represent more than 1% of what will flood out 'in the wash'. The Editor
      recalls the operative, 'working for' Bush Sr., who said: 'None of this must
      ever come out, you understand'. Sure, we understood.

      The stench of corruption has spread around the world and is especially pongy
      in Whitehall, which is why the Editor would like to see some 'real
      consequences' in the United States.

      Complacent, corrupt Whitehall bureaucrats might then start to get the
      message, too.

      But it gets much worse...
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