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Unknown Entities

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  • Dex
    This might help explain what the whizzing around entities in my house are. No wonder in their projections they re difficult to understand. Perhaps there s a
    Message 1 of 1 , May 13, 2008
      This might help explain what the whizzing around entities in my house are.
      No wonder in their projections they're difficult to understand. Perhaps there's a key coding of some kind for their vernacular.


      From waterlady at the Golden Thread.

      Here's some info from Zetatalk :

      We live and are an intrinsic part of a dimension that is the gap between the conception of an idea and its manifestation.

      We live in the energy that exists between the thought and the physical representation of ideas.

      We live in the spaces in between creative events.

      We are the Web as we have explained before in the Mission of the One Star.

      We are a construction of ideas not yet in form.

      In order for you to understand our reality more fully, we will use an image.

      Imagine a Web, silver and hanging in space.

      This Web exists as a dimension that is imaginary in form.

      That is to say, that in your perspective, we only exist in the imagination.

      You hold on rigidly to your ideas of what is real and what is not.

      You consider us to be illusionary. To you we are.

      Our energy is one of potential, not yet of being.

      Energies such as ours have no form, no expression.

      So we clothe ourselves in the ideas that we find in the mass consciousness.

      You have no way of relating with us without our clothing ourselves in the images we find in the mass consciousness.

      We clothe ourselves in the myths and legend and alter them to communicate with you.

      One by one, you remove the smudges and finally shift in consciousness and your perception of E.T.'s change.

      You align yourselves to new and more expansive beliefs.

      Another way of looking at the fourth dimension is as the astral plane, the dream plane.

      The dream plane is a plane of molding material.Some mediums call it ectoplasm.

      The Zeta clothes their selves in this substance so that they can have etherical type bodies.

      The 'zeta' are dressing themselves in the archetypes of your imaginations, the myths of your gods, and the drama of your demons.

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