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Sanni's Back In Town.

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  • Dex
    From: John Winston It the past I ve posted a lot of information about a half-breed lady from space. Now she is in the news again.
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      From: John Winston

      It the past I've posted a lot of information about a
      half-breed lady from space. Now she is in the news


      Sanni featured in Grand Jct. Sentinel
      On March 30, Commander Sanni Ceto's story was told
      in a feature article that appeared in Grand Junction
      (Colo.'s) Daily Sentinel. Gary H-rmon wrote the
      article, with the headline: UFOs, Aliens No Strangers
      to Grand Valley. You can read the article on the UFO
      Casebook's Web site at
      Also, if you haven't done so yet, it's worth checking
      out Sanni's new Web site at
      She has certainly come a long way in eight years!
      Now she is preparing to leave Colorado and continue
      her mission in southern Arizona. We wish you the best
      of luck, Sanni.
      Ann Ulrich Mi-ler is publisher of The Star Beacon.


      UFOs, Aliens No Strangers to Grand Valley
      "UFO Depiction"
      By GARY HA-MON
      The Daily Sentinel
      Sunday, March 30, 2008- Far from being vast, vacant
      spaces between us bipeds and the stars, the skies are
      full of wonders, some closer than you might think.
      By some accounts the skies above Earth are busy with
      That there are unidentified flying objects is not
      exactly a revelation in the 21st century. They're part
      of the cultural lexicon: UFOs. But the skies above
      western Colorado and the Grand Valley might be a little
      different, unusual, even. It was somewhere above
      western Colorado, maybe eastern Utah, that a Kansas man
      said he found `hard evidence' that UFOs are, as the
      phrase frequently goes, `not of this Earth.'
      And in Paonia lives a woman who says she can explain
      why it is that strange lights seem to pulsate with some
      regularity over the Grand Valley's skies. Hint: It's
      not necessarily because of what's above, but what lies
      `Grand Mesa is a huge facility,' said Marcellina
      Beckwith. `There are portals and vortexes that open up
      all over the Grand Mesa.'
      Humans can't see them because they exist in different
      dimensions than humans occupy, she said. Beckwith said
      she's in a position to know. She is the r-incarnated
      soul of the commander of the craft from Zeta Reticuli
      that crashed in 1947 in Roswell, N.M., Beckwith said.
      The author of two books, `Stranded on Earth: The
      Story of a Roswell Crash Survivor' and `Zeti Child:
      Lost Upon a One Star World,' Beckwith is a regular
      columnist for the monthly UFO newsletter `Star Beacon,'
      writing as Commander Sanni Ceto, her identity at the
      time of the crash.
      The sky above the Grand Valley is a busy place,
      Beckwith said, because its inner recesses are filled
      with creatures who are working with the American
      m-litary. The creatures, called reptoids, are not to be
      trusted. She is here, Beckwith said, because `someday,
      your earth might need our help, to save you from a
      disaster that might be man-made.'
      The fact is, said Beckwith and Max H-rris, a Grand
      Junction man who tracks all things UFO, Earth is
      something other than a paradise.
      Actually, humans and Earth are under quarantine.
      Humans, it turns out, aren't to be trusted and that is
      why the r-ce is stuck on a tiny rock swirling in a far
      corner of the universe. One of many universes,
      There is more. A lot more. But for the moment, it's
      enough to know that the reason humans occasionally see
      UFOs is because more advanced beings are checking up on
      their progeny. It's also important to know, Harris
      said, that it's no accident that the Mayan calendar
      marks the end of days on Dec. 21, 2012. It's at that
      point that Earth's universe begins a new revolution of
      25,625 years, launching us all into a new, better
      dimension. In the meantime, though, Earth remains a
      cosmic H-lls' Kitchen. Like a restaurant with a
      reputation for poisoning the clientele, `We're on
      everybody's maps/ as a place to avoid, Harris said.
      `We're angry. We're hostile.'
      But, like any other malignancy, humans also have
      to be observed, presumably from safe vantage points.
      Perhaps that explains the experience of KJCT-TV news
      director Karla Shotts, who got a call Jan. 25 from the
      newsroom about 7 p.m., telling her the station was
      getting calls about lights in the sky.
      Sure enough, Shotts said, the lights were visible
      from her Redlands-area home. There were three sets of
      lights, Shotts said, hovering in the night sky. She
      thought of them as a clock, with the moon at midnight,
      one set of lights at 11, another a 3 and the third in
      the center, where the hands would attach.
      The light arrays were identical, she said. A larger
      light that flashed blue, red and then gold was
      surrounded by tiny lights that behaved like strobe
      `All three stayed exactly in the same place for at
      least two hours,' she said.
      About 9 p.m., it was over.
      `The one at 11 disappeared first, then the second to
      disappear was the one in the middle and the one at 3
      was the last to go,' she said. `There was no motion, no
      nothing. They were just gone.'
      Shotts checked with military bases in Colorado and
      was told no one was doing anything in the skies over
      Grand Junction. There�s no video of the event because
      `power bumps' that night near the station left it with
      irregular electrical service, she said.
      No, nothing cosmic. More like road work, she said.
      `We lost a lot of stuff that week.'
      And about the UFO? `It was just really neat,' she
      said. But she and other Redlands residents saw
      something. In that, they are `yes, but wait for it' not
      Robert W-ite, a Kansas man who was passing through
      the Grand Valley in 1985, was driving west on
      Interstate 70 out of Grand Junction when he, too,
      spotted lights hovering in the darkness. His view was
      of two parallel, elongated tubes, glowing blue, in the
      `Then I saw a huge ball of light and the thing took
      off straight in the air,' he said. He saw something
      strike a nearby hillside and ran to see more.
      He found a groove in the ground leading to a glowing,
      hot object, Wh-te said. He retrieved something from the
      car to help him hold the object, which had cooled by
      the time he returned. The object, shaped like an
      elongated teardrop with `chads that stick out,' has
      been determined to be pure aluminum, he said.
      `It does strange things,' such as interfere with
      electrical devices, pick up radio signals and mystify
      viewers, Whi-e said.
      `Everybody that sees it agrees, they�ve never seen
      anything like it, ever,' he said.
      White has taken polygraph tests, submitted the object
      to various labs and been generally frustrated that the
      object hasn�t generated the interest it deserves, he
      `The mainstream media doesn�t want to touch it,' he
      His Web site calls it `the bullet from the smoking
      gun' that shows there is more science than fiction to
      UFOs. On his Web site,
      , White speculates that the artifact might have a
      Martian origin. White wasn�t alone when he had his
      encounter. There was another witness, he said, but
      declined to elaborate.
      `She�ll never be found,' he said.
      �I DON�T DOUBT�
      Robert St. John, a fixture in Grand Junction radio
      for decades, said White is `the real deal.' He�s hefted
      White�s artifact and talked to White, St. John said.
      More to the point, he saw what White saw, 10 years
      He was running on Colorado National Monument one
      August morning in 1995 when he saw the same kind of
      thing described by White hovering over Fruita.
      `Then it drops two pods that shoot into the
      Bookcliffs,' St. John said. `There was no sound. They
      gave out a white light like a welder�s light. Poof,
      poof and they were gone.'
      The object itself floated in the air, he said. `It
      shimmered into existence and it shimmered out of
      existence.' That very same day, minutes later, a man in
      Salida saw exactly the same thing, St. John said. He
      got the Salida event on tape and it was shown on Denver
      television, St. John said.
      Given all that, `I don�t doubt anything anyone says
      anymore' about UFOs, he said.
      Which brings us back to Beckwith, who said that
      White�s story about his artifact `makes sense, as Earth
      people haven�t perfected the process to create pure,
      flawless aluminum.'
      White�s theory, though, that his object came from
      Mars is flawed, she said, because Mars is mostly iron.
      It�s now Beckwith�s job to help humanity find its way
      through the maze of growth in the cosmos, she said.
      Humans didn�t just happen upon this planet, Beckwith
      said. The planet itself is no coincidence. Earth is the
      result of `terraforming' and mountains make for great
      bases as they can be hollowed out, `like Cheyenne
      Mountain.' Earth�s denizens are the result of
      sophisticated genetic work by the Pleiadians, a race of
      human-like people who hail from the stars of the
      constellation Pleiades, she said.
      `I�m a star person,' she said.
      She has sewn together representations of her father,
      Khinyeo, as well as other grays, and she sells them on
      the Web. But her real work is the preparation for the
      events of 2012, when the fate of humanity will be
      decided, she said. It is then that humans will decide
      whether they are to be creatures of love and peace, or
      of hatred and war, she said.
      `I�m here as a teacher and educator' intended to
      reveal the truth of humanity�s origins and its
      potential, Beckwith said.
      `I want to see the cover-up ended.'

      Part 1.

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