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Howard Menger

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  • Dex
    (Note: Menger is a early fifties contactee. He had a positive experience with space people that in appearance look like us...Dex) J. Winston writes: Subject:
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 15, 2008
      (Note: Menger is a early fifties contactee. He had a positive experience with space people that in appearance look like us...Dex)

      J. Winston writes:

      Subject: Howard Mengers Experience. April 15, 2008.

      I had the opportunity meeting and talking with Howard
      Menger at a UFO people's convention in Phoenix, Arizona.
      I found him to be a truthful person.


      And now from another Timothy Good book, ALIEN BASE:
      The following evening, [Howard] Menger was taken on
      board one of the spacecraft for the first time; a short
      hop from one of the landing sites to another.
      Just before entering the craft, one of the spacemen
      pointed an instrument at Menger and a BLUISH BEAM OF
      LIGHT struck his head, producing a rather pleasant
      tingling sensation.
      "We projected the beam on you to condition and
      process your body quickly so you could enter the
      craft," Menger was told.
      "What actually happened was that the beam changed
      your body frequency to equal that of the craft. Thus
      you felt entirely comfortable inside the craft and
      suffered no ill effects."
      We stepped into a large circular room. In the center
      of it was an ample-sized round table made of
      translucent material. Under the table-top, pulsating
      lights of many colors moved. The dowel-shaped stem
      supporting the table was set in what appeared to be a
      huge magnifying glass, itself set into the floor.
      Approximately one third of the circular room was
      devoted to INSTRUMENT PANELS containing many colored
      lights blinking on and off. In front of the control
      board was a frame containing what I guessed was some
      kind of VIEWING SCREEN.
      "The HULL has a field about it which REPELS all other
      matter [shells/bullets fired at it]. Your physicists
      would describe the force involved as the "anti"
      particle of the binding energy of the atom.
      When certain elements such as platinum are properly
      prepared and treated with a saturation exposure to a
      beam of very high-energy photons, the anti-binding
      energy particle will be generated outside of the
      Since these particles tend to REPEL each other, as
      well as all other matter, they like the electron tend
      to migrate to the surface of the metal where they
      manifest as a REPELLENT FORCE. Perhaps you noticed that
      the HULL seemed unusually smooth and slippery. That is
      because your flesh did NOT ACTUALLY COME INTO CONTACT
      WITH THE METAL, but was held a short distance from it
      by the REPULSION of the field.
      We use the FIELD TO PROTECT THE HULL from being
      scratched or damaged [or attacked] during landings.
      It also lowers air friction greatly when it becomes
      necessary to travel at high speed through any
      The field produces an almost perfect laminar flow
      of air or any gas about the craft, and little
      heat is generated or transmitted to the hull."
      And lastly, from yet another of Timothy Good's
      fine books, BEYOND TOP S-CRET:
      Each of the rooms that was occupied had
      INSTRUMENT PANELS on the walls, with the [alien]
      crew members concentrating on the instruments.
      Some rooms had four or five instruments, others
      had 15 or 20, but they were of a similar type in
      each room. They were NOTHING LIKE OURS. There
      were no screens, such as our oscilloscopes. They
      had meters, but I could not see dials on them. He
      said they lit up only when in use.
      Sid P-drick was shown an oblong lens, which he
      took to be part of a VIEWING SYSTEM, with a
      magnified three-dimensional effect. He [the
      alien] told me that the power source [of the
      craft he was in] was transferred to them from
      the other craft, and that it did all of the
      navigation and manipulation through space. He
      told me they don't measure time and distance as
      we know it, but rather in terms of light. When
      I asked him how fast they travelled through
      space, he answered that their speed was limited
      only by the speed at which they could transfer
      their energy source.

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