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Bigfoot Sightings

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  • Dex
    (Note: These are official Bigfoot reports made by people in and around the Dulce area. Paul Bennewitz once showed me a photo he d taken of a Bigfoot waving to
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      (Note: These are official Bigfoot reports made by people in and around the Dulce area. Paul Bennewitz once showed me a photo he'd taken of a Bigfoot waving to him near Archeleta Peak, Dulce, NM. He didn't see him, but, the camera caught him. The bigfoot wasn't very far away. He was actually very near where Paul took more photo's of the peak's cliff side...Dex)

      Report # 11992 (Class B)
      Submitted by witness on Tuesday, June 28, 2005.


      Late night vocalizations heard near Dulce


      YEAR: 2005
      SEASON: Summer

      MONTH: June

      DATE: june 26, 2005

      STATE: New Mexico

      COUNTY: Rio Arriba County

      LOCATION DETAILS: (withheld)

      NEAREST TOWN: dulce nm

      NEAREST ROAD: (withheld)

      OBSERVED: while camping protecting other equipment before a feats was starting. Early in the morning heard several screems from one of the canyon, we where camping at the entrance to two canyons. the screems where high pitch and whooping frist set of screems where about two min. long the secound was about min. i got up early and asked my nephew if heard the screeming he stated he heard it from up the canyon. i know the diffrence between a coyote, cougar, or bobcat screem it sounded nothing like it, it sounded more like the recorded screems, recorded by others over the net.

      ALSO NOTICED: no frist time camping there

      OTHER WITNESSES: one nephew, my two son where sleeping

      OTHER STORIES: local people talk off seeing bigfoot in the area and joke about it and laugh it off.

      TIME AND CONDITIONS: moon was half full, about 0330 hrs. clear skys no wind.

      ENVIRONMENT: mountain valley, with ridges and canyons, pine forest,oak, ceder.


      Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Eddie Flores:

      The witness added that he heard eight screams, which were high-pitched like a siren.


      About BFRO Investigator Eddie Flores:

      Eddie Flores is a state licensed Cosmetology Instructor in El Paso, Texas. He served as a BFRO guide/detective on the Mescalero Apache Expedition (January 2005). Click here for the expedition report.

      Report # 11976 (Class B)
      Submitted by witness on Sunday, June 26, 2005.


      Vocalizations heard near Dulce


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      YEAR: 2005

      SEASON: Summer

      MONTH: June

      DATE: 21

      STATE: New Mexico

      COUNTY: Rio Arriba County

      LOCATION DETAILS: Around the navajo river.

      NEAREST TOWN: Dulce.

      NEAREST ROAD: North of Navajo Street.


      Around 2:55 am on the morning of June 21st, I was going outside to check the trash cans to check if there was room for more trash bags. As I walked outside I heard what sounded like a scream coming from over by the Navajo River area. The scream lasted for about 15 seconds. During the time there was absolutely no sounds, ie dogs barking, crickets, etc. It was interesting, and kind of scary.

      OTHER WITNESSES: I'm not sure because it seems like I was the only one outside at the time but there very well may have been other witnesses.

      ....[See the BFRO Expedition report for the Jicarilla Apache Indian Reservation (September 2004). Click here for that report.]

      TIME AND CONDITIONS: Early morning, 255am to be exact. It was clear and cool outside, and eerily quiet.

      ENVIRONMENT: River environment, rocky environment.


      Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Eddie Flores:

      The witness provided the following information when I spoke to him:

      The witness heard three vocalizations in the span of a minute. He went inside to get his brother to see if he could hear it, but they heard nothing else. The Navajo river is about 3 miles away and the vocalizations came from that direction.

      YEAR: 2000

      SEASON: Winter

      MONTH: December

      DATE: 20

      STATE: Colorado

      COUNTY: Archuleta County

      LOCATION DETAILS: Withheld at witness request.

      NEAREST TOWN: Pagosa Springs, CO 81147

      NEAREST ROAD: Withheld at witness request.

      OBSERVED: On Dec, 20, 2000, my wife and daughter were walking along (withheld) Road when they spotted two large footprints in the snow about five feet off the road a quarter mile from our cabin. Due to the size of the prints, at first they thought it was a bear. But as they got closer, they saw it was a huge foot similar to a man's without shoes on.

      They came home insisting I come and look at this thing. I examined the print by placing my foot next to it. My shoe size is 10 1/2 and this print was five inches longer and double the width. I estimated it was 14 inches long with toes, and a slight curve in the arch area.

      It was left a mystery until today's Denver Post arrived with an article on bigfoot displaying the same footprint we examined on Dec. 20.

      OTHER WITNESSES: Total of three.

      OTHER STORIES: The witness' wife, who discovered the tracks, said once she thought she heard a scream in the night, which she thought was unusual because of their extremely isolated location. Her husband didn't hear the sound.

      Also said their dogs, which they keep penned outside, often bark energetically at night, though she has dismissed this as likely being a response to deer, bear or elk, which are common in the area.

      TIME AND CONDITIONS: Prints were discovered in the morning in fresh snow.

      ENVIRONMENT: Site located at 7,800 elevation in pine forest. Topography includes draws with seasonal runoff. The road is in a very unpopulated area.


      Follow-up investigation report:

      Husband noticed the two prints were "fairly far apart."
      His comment on first seeing the tracks: "Who would be out here barefoot? Whoever it is, it's one big guy."

      And these reports occured near where I use to camp once a year for about twelve years...Dex


      YEAR: 1980

      SEASON: Summer

      MONTH: August

      DATE: weekday

      STATE: California

      COUNTY: Mono County

      LOCATION DETAILS: From Leavitt meadows campground: Hike S ~5 mi to Roosevelt & Lane Lakes (connected by narrow stream); At W end of Lane Lake vocalization occurred; Directly S of Lake is an estabished primitive campsite (area) just E of River & S of Lake. From Campsite Hike SE ~1 mi (past glacier) to top of ridgeline/cliffs to ~1000'+ elev from campsite. "Skunk" odiferous canyon (steep ravine) is just S of Marine Corps Helicopter crash site.

      NEAREST TOWN: Bridgeport, CA

      NEAREST ROAD: SR 108

      ALSO NOTICED: Two sets of bipedal snow prints sidestepping up steep glacier slope. One set larger than other. Several of the lowest prints had distinctive big toe impressions. [Editor's note: More details contained in investigator's comments, below.]

      OTHER WITNESSES: 4 persons


      TIME AND CONDITIONS: Early Afternoon; Bright, warm, clear sunshine, no wind

      ENVIRONMENT: High Alpine pine/sage forest at treeline


      Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Cliff Barackman:

      I spoke to the witness on 7/31/06. The following details can be added to the report:

      -The incidents detailed below happened when the reporting witness was around 21 years old.

      -Besides the reporting witness, there were three other young men on this trip.

      -The incidents happened on the witness� third camping trip to the area.

      -After camping at this location for a couple nights, the witness went to a snowdrift (�glacier�) directly above the camp. He was startled to find two sets of large footprints in the snow where the day before there were none.

      -One was approximately 15 inches long and 9 inches wide, and the other was about 12 inches long and 10 inches wide.

      -The first prints at the bottom of the snowdrift were the only clear ones. The toes were plainly visible, with the first digit (the �big toe�) being most deeply impressed.

      -The prints above the first were much messier. The witness says that the prints were impressed sideways into the snowdrift, and that whatever made them stepped into its own prints as it ascended the slope.

      -The two trackways were spaced about 8 feet apart.

      -The young men followed the trackways to the top of a cliff. There was an old military helicopter crash site at the top of the ridge. The nearby marine base was very active at this time, and there are many such crash sites out in the Sierras, according to forestry service workers interviewed regarding this report.

      -Near the helicopter crash site, there was a thickly wooded canyon. The young men would not enter it due to the overpowering smell that came out of it. The smell was described as being like a dirty cage at the zoo (the witness specifically compared it to the lemur cage at the Sacramento Zoo). The witness described it as making his eyes water.

      -There were large boulders precariously balanced along the edge of the cliff. The young men took great pleasure in pushing them off the cliff and listening to the sound of the boulders crashing through the underbrush below. The number of rocks was such that it took as long as 15 minutes to push all of them off the edge. Most of the rocks were the size of soccer balls, but many were as large as �large beach balls.� The rocks were said to be large enough to be difficult to move, yet purposefully placed.

      -That night, the young men were awakened by the sounds of �a big man� walking through their camp. The witness did not think it was a bear because it sounded bipedal. Their two tents were situated door to door, with only a few feet between the openings. The men excitedly whispered about how scary it was for a few moments, at which time the walking stopped. After they stopped talking and started falling back asleep, the walking started again, apparently from very nearby the camp. It seemed as though the visitor was waiting for things to quiet down before lurking around again. The witness is positive that there were no humans camping nearby.

      -Two or three days later, while fishing at nearby Roosevelt Lake, a very loud howl occurred from a forested area above their fishing spot. It was similar to the "Ohio Howl," and the witness was very impressed with the volume of the call. The howl happened at approximately 3 pm. Several of the young men momentarily �ran in panic� at the sound, including the witness. It was obvious the witness was very frightened by this.

      YEAR: 2005

      SEASON: Summer

      MONTH: August

      DATE: 21

      STATE: California

      COUNTY: Mono County

      LOCATION DETAILS: The trail goes into the Hoover Wilderness beginning at Leavitt Meadows Camp Ground. South end of the meadow.

      NEAREST TOWN: Bridgeport

      NEAREST ROAD: Highway 108.

      OBSERVED: We (my husband, my son, and myself) were in Mono County this past weekend, Sunday August 21st, 2005, for a day hike to Roosevelt Lake and its twin. We arrived at the lakes at appx. 11 a.m. and fished until 2:30 p.m., at which time we decided to head back down the trail for home. There were quite a few hikers in the area over the course of the day, appx. 13 hikers and a pack train consisting of 4 riders and 8 horses and a dog. Some coming in, some going out. Anyway, we headed down the trail following the pack train. We stopped on the way down to read the sign about the wagons that tried to use that trail way back in the day. I heard a noise like some one else coming down the trail behind us and told my family let's get going. The trail was pretty dry and dusty and my husband kept insisting that we give the hikers ahead of us some time so we could avoid walking in their dust. The next section of trail was slightly up hill so after cresting the top and going a short distance down the other side we stopped for a water break. We heard what we thought was a shout, my son shouted back and something answered, but the echo was pretty bad, so we couldn't make out what was being said. We continued on down the trail and had just approached the south end of Leavitt Meadows, when my husband says "What is that?" Both my son and I stopped and looked across the river toward the meadow. From the beginning it was a strange sight, because this large black thing appeared to be floating across the meadow. At first I thought it was a backpacker perhaps riding a bike, because it was moving so quickly across the meadow. It was moving quickly and smoothly. It didn't make sense. If it was a back packer, to be moving that fast, he would have to be running and running with a back pack is anything but smooth; if he was riding a bike, then why couldn't I see the bike and its arms and legs were in line with its body, not bent at an angle like it was sitting on something. Also the color, I couldn't figure out why a backpacker would be wearing black, black cap, black backpack, black pants, black coat. It was at least 80-85 degrees. We stood and watched silently for a time, perhaps 10-15 seconds. The speed and smoothness with which it traveled was mesmerising. Then my husband and son took off running further up the trail to another vantage point; they continued to watch it silently, then just shortly after I caught up to them, my son yelled, and the thing stopped and turned toward us. It didn't turn as a human would turn, even one wearing a backpack. Then it began moving across the meadow again. Not faster or slower, just the same floating type pace.
      We were on the trail above the meadow, looking down and appx. 500-800 yards a way from the object. My husband believes the thing was following the pack trail. We left the trail and went down to the meadow. We stayed on the trail side of the river. The thing was on the opposite side of the river. By this time it was gone or hidden from us. The best way to describe it is like this. The thing had a head that sat directly on its shoulders. It did not appear to have a neck. That is why we at first thought it was a backpacker. It went head, broad shoulders or backpack, no neck, large body. We could not discern its legs or arms due mostly to the angle at which it was leaving us. The grass in the Meadow obscured some of the legs. We have spent many hours in the woods, my husband was raised in Plumas county, neither he nor I have ever ever seen anything like this. It could not have been a bear, they can't walk that far on 2 legs, nor that smoothly or quickly.

      ALSO NOTICED: The only thing unusual was the fact that I heard something when we stopped to read the sign, it wasn't anything outstanding at the time, just a noise that led me to believe that someone else was on the trail behind us, but the interesting thing is that while we were down in the meadow, appx. 30 minutes or so, no one passed on the trail. Also the incident with the shouting between my son and whatever that was. A bunch of little things that by themselves didn't mean anything and maybe still don't.

      OTHER WITNESSES: 3 witnesses, walking down the trail heading for the truck.

      TIME AND CONDITIONS: 3:15-3:30 P.M.
      Hot, slightly breezy, moderately cloudy.

      ENVIRONMENT: Trail runs between ridge line and river. Sparse trees on ridge, some willows and smaller-type trees follow the course of the river. Standing on the trail facing the meadow you can see an open-faced building on the right, way across the meadow. The thing came from the left, turned at almost a 90 degree angle and went away from us toward the far side mountain.


      Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Dr. Wolf H. Fahrenbach:

      The witnesses estimated the size of the animal to be near 7'. Its coat was black with possible lighter ("golden") color on the arms. Its head was dome-shaped.

      They perceived the most remarkable attribute of the encounter to be the rapid, but smoothly gliding progression of the creature. The animal�s upper body did not move up and down despite the fact that these Sierra mountain meadows are generally strewn with a profusion of granite rocks and boulders hidden in deep vegetation. The elevation of Leavitt Meadows is about 7,100'.

      The entire observation lasted several minutes.


      About BFRO Investigator Dr. Wolf H. Fahrenbach:

      Hair analysis since 1965. Field work since 1989; interviews and frequent talks to the public. Published in Cryptozoology.

      "Breaking the Spear of Destiny"

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