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Disclosure Updates

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    Disclosure Updates • This morning we had a significant phone conversation with Leo Zagami. We recorded it, with his consent, and will publish it as soon as
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      Disclosure Updates

      � This morning we had a significant phone conversation with Leo Zagami. We recorded it, with his consent, and will publish it as soon as possible.

      Leo has had several long conversations with our Norwegian Politician contact, who confirmed that his family had been threatened - the reason he had been unable to meet us in Oslo as planned. He also told Leo that we at Project Camelot were regarded as 'dangerous' (which we were happy to hear!) - and were under careful surveillance. The Norwegian Politician also confirmed that while the underground bases and the 2012 evacuation plans were very real, he now considered he been disinformed about Planet X being the cause - as we had suspected. This is all both complex and important, and we will report on this fully as soon as we can.

      18 March

      Our warm greetings to everyone who has been waiting patiently for an update and to the many well-wishers who have been writing. Our apologies for being rather tied up here. Here below is everything that has been happening.
      � Gary McKinnon interview transcript: click here
      � Richard Hoagland interview transcript, Part 1: click here
      � Richard Hoagland interview transcript, Part 2: click here
      � Our interview with Benjamin Fulford is in the final stages of editing, and will be published later today or tomorrow. Leo Zagami and Luca Scantamburlo will follow soon. In a few days time we are meeting socially with David Wilcock with a view to recording another conversation.
      � On 3 March, we suddenly lost 76 files from our server. Our host was unable to explain what had happened. The missing files were all our MP3s, all our PDFs, all our MOV (QuickTime) files... and everything connected with Richard Hoagland. All the files were quickly replaced, but we clearly hit a nerve. As always, please let us know if any files appear to be missing or if any bad links have appeared.
      � On arrival in the US three weeks ago Bill was detained at Immigration for questioning for 45 minutes and his luggage was thoroughly searched. He was informed that over the last two years he has spent too much time in the US under the Visa Waiver Program, although it was recognized and acknowledged that at no point had he breached any stated regulations. He was told that his passport was now flagged and that in future he could expect further detailed questioning each time upon entry. He was reminded that Immigration retained the authority to turn him back to Europe on the next plane. This was the first such incident Bill has experienced upon arrival in the US in several dozen visits over many years of frequent travel.
      � Leo Zagami, the important ex-Illuminati whistleblower, has in the brief time since our interview with him been imprisoned temporarily and had his cellphone and all his computers confiscated. His wife Fatma S�sl�, a Norwegian Politician, has left him. To say he has been punished for talking to us is an understatement. He is now in communication with our own Norwegian Politician contact (the two each wanted to contact the other, so we were able to help). More on this in this new page here.
      � On our return to the US, we found the tape from our main camera used in the Leo Zagami interview had been mysteriously corrupted. We had to take it to a professional film specialist, who successfully recovered the video. (The audio was irretrievable. But as we have that backed up on our second camera, no content has been lost.)
      � The last message we received from our Norwegian Politician contact was on 2 February. He knew we would be in Oslo on 17 and 18 February and had confirmed he would be free to meet us:

      Just call me at xx xx xx xx when you are in Norway or in Oslo. After this I will change to another mobile number... and when we meet no cell phones must be on. I know that the PST will be on alert on this thing. Let's say I've just got a feeling about this because they have had me in sight for a long time now and they are everywhere I go, tagging along - just taunting me and letting me know they are watching me. I am meeting up with an MP - Member of the Norwegian Storting in Oslo - this Monday [4 February]... he has some information to tell me that is urgent.

      That was the last we heard. When we arrived on 17 February we called the number several times, left detailed messages about how to reach us, and also (on our own initiative) located four other numbers for him, none of which were answered. We were able to vefify that the number he had left for us was in the public domain under his real name. The day before we left we sent him an e-mail to say we had left voicemail messages - and have since heard nothing at all. We fear for his safety... and there's not a lot we can do from here. We are waiting to hear more from Leo Zagami, who is now in touch with him.
      � We are working closely with a German-speaking researcher who is in direct correspondence with Barabou Vedu about his comprehensive (and very strange) work Base New Berlin. Our colleague has asked a number of important questions and is in the process of learning all the answers. We have more of the advanced physics that he published, now in English. We intend to report on this publicly as soon as we have the approval of all parties. We do appreciate the many messages from people who have offered help with this.
      � We have been in detailed touch with three more potentially important whistleblowers who have not yet given us permission to publish their information. They have each confirmed that the material we have researched and presented (particularly in The Big Picture) is very close to the truth, and that we are being 'watched' very carefully. One of them has specifically warned us (for our safety) against following the Vatican connection.
      � We have a message we have been asked to relay to the person codenamed Scythe, who was part of a very special project: 'Stay away from the garden; the insecticide is being sprayed on the back 80.'
      � Within the next week we will be publishing an update summary report from recent conversations with Dan Burisch, and are in the process of clearing exactly what we can say without breaching legitimate National Security concerns.
      � We have both been ill (an undiagnosed virus) since leaving Europe, and are only slowly recovering. We have no idea what the problem is. A similar thing happened to us on return from Russia last October. We are never ill... so this has been hard to handle.
      � A few days ago, this site received its millionth unique visitor. Our warmest wishes to our unknown new friend. With all that has been happening, we are hundreds of e-mails behind and apologize especially to those with important messages or questions. We also want to thank the many fine people (now over 180) who have taken the stand to add their names as a personal pledge to the Camelot Round Table. All the requested names were added immediately, but we have simply not been able to reply personally to all. We'd like to take the opportunity to acknowledge you all here. Things are now gradually getting back to normal.

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