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Becky Andresson's Interveiw

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  • Dex
    (Note: This is Betty Andresson s daughter. Betty became quite known as a contactee herself. The exceptional media exposure with Betty has shown us these kinds
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 30, 2008
      (Note: This is Betty Andresson's daughter. Betty became quite known as a contactee herself. The exceptional media exposure with Betty has shown us these kinds of contacts can include their children...Dex)

      Piotr Cielebias [NPN � Polish UFO group] interviewed Becky Andreasson � one of the famous case heroines, who shares her view on UFO and ET and their influence on her life. She admitted: �Andreassons� Affair is still ongoing�.

      Becky Andreasson

      PC: At first I would like to thank you that you agreed to share some of your experiences and ideas with our readers in Poland.

      BA: You�re Very Welcome.

      PC: Please, tell me at first how do you feel as the daughter of one of the most famous abductees? Is/was it burdensome? What was your attitude toward all the events related with your family abductions as a child and then a young person?

      BA: First, Mom is Mom, and I love her. I have lived my whole life within this UFO/ET phenomena, so Mom�s, mine and other family members abductions/visits, feel normal to me. You know, when I was younger, I thought everyone knew what was happening, but to my SURPRISE, they didn't! Mom explained, and so began our Mother- Daughter bonding Secret! I would say, the only burden I held, was not being able to share what was taking place in our family with anyone outside the family for a long time! I experienced many feelings, but was always able to let them go. From childhood on, my over all attitude was happy and carefree.

      PC: Have you recently experienced any new visits or similar encounters? Do you still meet those entities either being lucid or in visions and messages of various types? Is Andreassons� Affair is still ongoing? Was the abduction a strengthening factor for your relationship?

      BA: Yes, there have been new visits, lucid and in visions, with messages, which have been wonderful, it's like putting a puzzle together, some of my new information will be on my web site soon! Yes, the Andreassons� Affair is STILL Ongoing! I'm sure it was and is a strengthening factor.

      PC: One of the most important facts is the witness [the abductee] reluctance to reveal his/her experiences due to reaction of family members, friends and society. Have you ever experienced it or maybe you rather feel as someone especially honored with ET visits? What can you say to an abductee ashamed of disclosing his/her experiences and mentally suffering due to this position?

      BA: I am so honored, especially to have been taught the Symbolic Language. But... I've also experienced moments of this other side too. I think quite often it's human nature for people to feel reluctant in revealing their experiences, do to fear of some kind or shame. I say to all of you, BE BRAVE! SPEAK OUT! Don't worry about what others think! It happened to YOU!!! The world is realizing and understanding that this is REAL! The more of US who step up and talk the better it will be, even for those who are not ready to tell, at least they will know their NOT ALONE!!!

      PC: Surely, most of people are curious of the alien�s appearance. But what it their aim and work on Earth in your opinion? Regarding variety of cases and Aliens descriptions, it is possible at all to understand the whole phenomenon?

      BA: In my opinion "They," are here watching over: the human race, our Solar System. There is an "Ancient War" that has been on going since Earth/Humans beginning, Good vs. Evil, it's MORE REAL then you could imagine! That is why there is either Good or Bad experiences of visits/abductions happening, it would depend on which side your involved with!

      PC: How the Aliens you met looked like, please tell us more about all the types you have encountered [for example the one resembling a gargoyle that made you woke up]? Did you feel that we could have something in common with some of them? Anyway � Do you think that an adjective �Alien� is always proper? What does the word �Watchers� mean?

      BA: Here I have listed some of the types [Aliens] I have encountered and am involved with; The Elders - human looking, tall, white hair, blue eyes, very light white skin and dressed in white garments. The Beings - human looking, a bit shorter then the Elders, light blond hair, green eyes, white skin and dressed in white garments. The two I was with looked like twins! Ishta - Human looking, tall, reddish-brown hair, brown eyes, white skin, dressed in a dark green garment and wore a mystical ring on her finger! E sa - Human looking, very tall, whitish-gray hair, olive-green skin, dressed all in white, wore a jeweled medallion necklace, and when he spoke, it was in a singing form, in the language of the symbols I was taught and I understood him! The Grays � short, around 3 to 4 1/2 feet tall, large dark almond shaped eyes, small slit mouth, indent nose and ears, large head, no hair, grayish skin. Creature - gargoyle like, dark murky brownish color, red eyes, and growling! There are others that I have encountered, that I will be revealing on my web site in the near future. Something in common, hmmm, I never really thought about that, I don't know if we do, aside from some of them looking human in appearance. No, I don't think this is always proper, only when it is done for the safety and or well being of the person or persons. Watchers to me mean two things. There are the Fallen Watchers/Evil and the Holy Watchers/Good who are both involved with Humanity here on earth.

      Elder with Becky, in her crib [image credit: www.beckyandreasson.com]

      PC: Could you briefly describe for us some of you early encounters and teachings that took place in that time? Had you been prepared for something? Why Aliens from your pictures look so friendly despite other abductees claims of their malicious nature? Why they don�t treat all the people in the same way? Is there any division within Aliens classification different than classification via appearance?

      BA: Sure, some of my early encounters were: visits - becoming acclimated to the Elders, Ishta, Beings etc. myself being in ships with them, them in my house/in my room, in the woods, night or day, becoming comfortable with, happy to see them, having no fear, trusting them, learning from them. Being in a schooling format, like preschool at play with two other children, learning their language, the symbols! My FIRST introduction to the Grays was in the 1967 abduction of my Mother. Where in my home I was playing light games in the air with the Gray called Jessup! My preparation in all my years has been carefully nurtured, the human spirit to the higher spirit, to bring back the undivided, powerful ancient language of our beginning to humanity! Why the Aliens from my pictures look so friendly, is because they ARE Friendly. Yes, the classification, Good Aliens and Evil Aliens. I'm blessed to be involved with the GOOD!

      Becky and Jessup [image credit: www.beckyandreasson.com]

      PC: Do you incline towards any explanations of UFO phenomenon? What is the meaning of a term �abductee� for you? In which way we should regard ETs you met: spiritual or material [maybe both of them]? Do you think that all abduction reports are real?

      BA: They have been with us from our very beginning, following Family lines/DNA through the ages, they have been called by many names and viewed in different ways, and will continue with us into the future! "Abductee", means to me: being taken against your will. In my experiences, I would prefer the term: "Visitations". The ET's of my experiences are both spiritual and physical. I would hope that ALL abduction reports are REAL! It would be very unfair and inconsiderate of anyone making up an abduction, especially toward those of us who have lived and still live in this phenomena! Doing such a thing, would also give disclaimers and skeptics fuel for their fire against the TRUTH, getting out to the WORLD!

      PC: Have you ever thought about their [ET�s] life? Do you have any ideas how it looks like? What are main differences between us and them, our societies and our ordinary life? What about factors such as time, family, names, food, love, God and all the things so important for people? Have they always been with us, since the dawn of civilization?

      BA: I've wondered where they were or what they were doing at times. As far as their life style, I haven't thought about that. I do know they are sonic clean and super organized! I think the main difference between them and us, is they are far advanced in knowledge and technology. These factors they know are important to all of us, and we and our Life's are immensely important to them! Yes, they have been with us since the dawn of civilization, Oh YES!

      PC: Please, tell me about your interests in spirituality. Do you think that it have something in common with your experiences? What prompt you to write poems? It is your message to the people and a way to express the things you had been taught?

      BA: I have known at a very, very young age that spirit is real and from my experiences both normal and extraordinary throughout my life, my spirituality has developed and grown strong! My spiritual center is JESUS CHRIST, Forever! I began writing poems at age 12, I think most poets, life experiences come out through their poetry, as in my case.

      PC: It is believed that ET Abduction phenomenon has something in common with our planet changes since abductees are often interested in the future of the mankind, global politics and ecology? What is our future? Could you tell us more about Elders, their language, symbols and your life as a psychic? What about the immense knowledge of THEY and about the mysterious Blue Book?

      BA: Yes, I think so, remember they are watching over us and earth. I cannot tell you our future, except it is formed by the will of humanity! And I pray humanity's will stays In GOD�s LIGHT! The Elders were there at my beginning, are with me today and will be there at my end. They are so kind and wonderful! There is an essence of love, peace and a safe feeling when you�re in their presents, they even smile quite often! They have been with me throughout my life, teaching me the ALL of this Powerful Ancient Symbolic Language. Because of such a kind spiritual embrace, it has nurtured from the beginning, my psychic abilities, which I have exercised, through out the years. The immense knowledge of THEY is becoming known to the world, and the mysterious blue book, It was there in our home and then gone!

      PC: Thanking you for your answers and kind reaction, please let me ask you the last question: How much ETs have changed your life? When we find out more about Them [Aliens]?

      BA: I grew up with ET's, so I know, no other way of life there is no change for me, they have always been there! I think more truth and more evidence of the ET's is coming out every year and They are letting us see them more often, alone or in mass sightings, they don't want to frighten us, there is an adjustment period that has to stay in place, they want us to know they are REALLY HERE! And not for just a select few, They want US ALL to know!

      PC: Would you like to say something to our readers?

      BA: Yes, I would love for you all to visit my web site. I will be adding more information soon, also see how to acquire your own personal symbolic writing! Thank you.

      VISIT BECKY's SITE: http://www.beckyandreasson.com/

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