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Native Healer UFO Contactee

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    The below was excerpted from Mysterious America edited by Brent Raynes, Waynesboro, TN. Medicine Grizzlybear Lake Native Healer, Indian Doctor, and UFO
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      The below was excerpted from Mysterious America
      edited by Brent Raynes, Waynesboro, TN.

      Medicine Grizzlybear Lake

      Native Healer, Indian Doctor, and UFO Contactee

      Bobby Lake-Thom, a traditional Native American healer, known by many
      as Medicine Grizzlybear Lake, has authored such books as Native
      Healer (1971), Spirits of the Earth (1998), and Call of the Great
      Spirit (2001). Half Karuk, and part Seneca and Cherokee, Bobby Lake
      has apprenticed under a dozen well-known medicine men and women,
      including Rolling Thunder, Beeman Logan, Mad Bear Anderson, and
      Calvin Rube, just to name a few. For over twenty years, he has been a
      professor of Native American Studies at Humboldt State University
      (CA), Gonzaga University (WA), and Eastern Montana College.

      Bobby Lake-Thom had a pretty extraordinary UFO encounter with a d�j�
      vu twist to it. He recalled: "During the late part of winter 1974, I
      began to have a series of unusual dreams about silver-colored eagles.
      From out of the void and darkness of the dream state suddenly emerged
      four eagles. Each eagle came in from a different cardinal point at
      approximately the same time and correspondingly formed a circular
      flying pattern. After flying in a circle for a considerable amount of
      time, they then departed and eventually flew out of sight. I had the
      same dream on three separate occasions, but on the fourth occasion
      the content of the dream changed. There was a dark void, then
      suddenly a strong humming noise, then the appearance of each eagle as
      it emerged from the east, the south, the north, and the west. They
      all flew in a circle but began to change form. In the place of the
      eagles appeared four silver-colored discs. The four silver discs then
      merged into one very large silver-colored flying saucer. All of the
      dreams were accompanied by a tremendous humming sound, and although I
      was asleep in each situation, I would feel my entire body vibrate to
      the point that it became unbearable. I would awake from the dreams
      shaking, exhausted, bewildered, and dizzy."

      Bobby Lake-Thom was disturbed by this last dream and began seeking
      the opinions of others. In February 1975, a Seneca medicine man�who
      was one of Bobby's earlier teachers� offered an opinion about the
      dream experience. "The first time I had that dream Beeman Logan came
      out to visit me and some other Native people on the West Coast to do
      doctoring ceremonies and stuff," Bobby Lake-Thom recalled in a recent
      phone conversation with this columnist. "He stayed with me and I was
      talking to him about the profound dreams that I was having with the
      eagles changing into flying saucers and I asked him what he thought
      about it. He said, `That's what's going to happen to you.' He
      said, `You're connected. Those are our ancestors.' I didn't mean to
      embarrass Beeman but I could not help but to laugh in his face! Being
      a professor and dealing with UFOs ... yeah, right. I didn't really
      believe in it. ? he said, `Well, you asked my opinion. That's what
      I'm telling you. That's going to come true. You're going to be
      contacted by them and probably share a lot of knowledge and
      information with you,' which they did. At that point he also told me
      that the Iroquois Six Nations believed that we were brought here from
      outer space by four ships. We didn't evolve from monkeys. ?We were
      brought here in a golden eagle ship, the hummingbird ship, the turtle
      ship, and the circular ship."

      In March 1975, Beeman Logan's prediction came true. Bobby was living
      at the time in Trinidad, California. "I started having the dreams
      again and then I had a strong, compelling feeling to get up out of
      bed," Bobby told me. "I heard this loud humming noise that was just
      driving me crazy so I went out into the front room. There was a big
      picture window. ? I was on the second level and it was right there,
      just about level with the big picture window. I said, `Oh, my God' ..
      It was a big silver colored disc with some lights going around on it,
      and the next thing I know it zapped me. A big ray of light hit me and
      I just went right through the window, without breaking the window or
      anything, right up into the ship."

      I began asking Bobby what he had seen on board the craft. He laughed
      and said, "For Christmas, I was going to try and get my wife one of
      those large plasma TV sets. 45 inch or something. It's flat and you
      can hang it on the wall. I said, `Look at that! That's exactly what,
      when I was taken up, the ancient ones, the outer space people, had me
      sit down in front of and look at, and I was given instructions

      "They said that wanted me to look at that screen and they showed me
      the past, the present, and the future," Bobby explained. "They showed
      me who I was in some of my past lives, and primarily focused on the
      North American continent. There was some expansion into other areas,
      but mainly on the North American continent. After they gave me
      instructions and everything, they said, `Man does not govern nature.
      Nature governs man. The first time the world was purified by fire,
      the second time it was purified by water, and the third time it will
      be purified by earth itself, and be forewarned of the following signs
      and omens.'"

      Then there following a long series of predictions of future world
      events, such as rare and unusual diseases, a worsening of natural
      disasters such as floods, tornadoes, and hurricanes, predictions
      about assassinations, the eruption of Mount St. Helens, and many
      other things.

      "I kept asking them who they were and finally they revealed
      themselves to me," Bobby Lake-Thom recalled. At first they had been
      four "shadowed" figures. Then, Bobby explained, "Finally they
      revealed themselves to me and they were four different, what appeared
      to me to be four medicine men from different tribes and parts of
      Turtle Island."

      One did most of the talking and Bobby described him for me,
      stating: "(He) had dark hair and he had a bear claw necklace on, but
      he had a silver steak right through the middle of his hair. ?He had a
      bear hide slung over his shoulder. I asked them, `Who are you?' and
      they said, `Your four grandfathers. We'll be in communication with
      you and this is how we communicate.' I said, `Yeah, but who are you
      really? Are you spirits or what?' They said, `We're energy beings.
      We're your ancestors. We can take whatever form we want. .. If we
      were going to communicate to a black man or to a white man or to an
      Asian, we could take on that human form or appearance.'"


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