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UFOs over Pentagon: July 4, 1949

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    Courtesy of Dondep Photo Url... from http://www.coasttocoastam.com/gen/page2476.html?theme=light And the account: In the 1940’s my uncle Eugene had a small
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      Courtesy of Dondep

      Photo Url...
      from http://www.coasttocoastam.com/gen/page2476.html?theme=light

      And the account:

      In the 1940�s my uncle Eugene had a small camera which took two color pictures on one 35mm frame. So they are half of a normal 35mm picture. He had all of his color pictures put onto slides instead of prints.

      When handing me the 4 metal slide boxes, he told me I was welcome to copy them, but to watch out for the UFO pictures he had taken. Eugene served in the Air Force in the late 40's into the 50's and lived in Arlington, Virginia for a while. He said you could clearly see the Pentagon from his back door. Eugene told me he investigated reports of UFOs while in the Air Force. In Eugene's slides there are images such as a young farm boy who Eugene said was "zapped" by a ray from a "spaceship" while chopping on a tree in the woods with a hatchet. I can send those slides as well, but they're not as great as the ones above.

      One of the color slides (pictured left and enlarged below) is of the Pentagon on July 4, 1949. After scanning the slide I thought there was dirt on the slide, so I attempted to carefully wipe it off with a lint-free rag. It turned out to be actually part of the image. Upon closer inspection with my 5x loupe I discovered what looks to me like Unidentified Flying Objects above the Pentagon! I immediately called my uncle Eugene in Richmond and asked him about the slide. There was a brief moment of silence on the other end. He then asked, �So you found it?�

      Eugene then described to me what happened that July 4th in 1949: �We were out for the 4th of July celebration that day when we saw cars in front of us slowing down and looking out their window. Joan (2 year-old daughter) was in the back seat and Mary (wife) was sitting beside me. I remember Mary gasping for air as if she spotted a ghost. It scared me, so I slowed down and asked her what was the matter. She said, �Look!� I looked in the direction she was pointing and was amazed at what I saw. There were several objects flying over the vicinity of the Pentagon. We had not seen many aircraft at all that 4th of July so even if they had been earthly aircraft I would have been surprised. But they weren�t! They were shaped different than anything I had seen flying in the area. They had the ability to slow down and speed up like no aircraft the Air Force had. I quickly told Mary to get my camera out of her purse, where she had been carrying it during our picnic on the mall in DC that day. The camera took great color pictures you know."

      "As I continued to drive, Mary took a picture. The objects quickly disappeared as quickly as they appeared. I believe I am the only person to have a picture of those objects that day. Most people I talked to, who were in DC that day, didn't even see them. I can only wonder what the people in the cars on the road with us that day were thinking. They were probably wishing they had their camera. There are only two slides of these objects in existence. I have one and the Air Force has the other. I never told anyone I had one for myself when I handed over to the "team" where I worked. I never heard another word about what I reported I saw that day. It was as if no one wanted to acknowledge what was on that slide. I often joked with Mary (wife) that the aliens even came to celebrate our Independence Day. Joan was too young to remember anything, but Mary and I will never forget what we saw that 4th of July 1949.�

      Eugene gave the slide to me and said he�s �too old to worry about what they will do anymore�. Eugene is 81 years old this year.

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