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Reptilian Society and Renegades

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  • Dex
    (Note: I really don t like discussing things about this species, but, Courtney s views seem more like a lecturing professor at the chalk board helping us
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      (Note: I really don't like discussing things about this species, but, Courtney's views seem more like a lecturing professor at the chalk board helping us understand another species and the species culture. I believe one day we'll all be before a lecture explaining the variety of star life were expected to co-mingle with in a very short time to come...Dex)


      It is one thing to observe the activities of a species, and quite another to obtain a complete overview of their civilization. The advantage of using the Social and Political Protocols to explore Reptilian society is that one can learn more in one session using these protocols than is possible from many sessions using Basic or Enhanced SRV. From the previously presented chapters involving the Reptilian ETs, they appear to be a confrontational species.

      We need to know more about the groups in their society.
      Do all Reptilians support the overall Reptilian agenda involving humans and Earth?
      What are the characteristics of the most dominant group in the Reptilian government?
      Are the Reptilians who are interacting with humans on Earth working as an extension of their official government, or are they a renegade group?
      Answers to all these questions, and more, are vital to our understanding of these beings.

      The essential cue and qualifiers for this chapter 's target are as follows:
      TARGET 9023/4792
      Protocols used for this target: SPP
      The viewer perceives through the consciousness of the Galactic Federation Contact Person for The Farsight Institute, to remote view the civilization of the Reptilian ET species that �s currently operating on or near Earth (at the time of tasking). In addition to the relevant aspects of the general target as defined by the essential cue, the viewer perceives and describes the following target aspects:
      � the overall civilization as it exists in the current tasking time frame
      � the most dominant group in the government of the civilization
      � the group that is physically located on or near Earth in the current tasking time frame
      � any group of the Reptilian ET species in the current tasking time frame that is opposed to the current activities of the primary group of Reptilian ETs that is operating on or near Earth
      � the primary thoughts of the collective consciousness of the Reptilian ETs who are interacting with human governments (or their employees) on Earth
      30 April 1998
      12:10 p.m. Atlanta, Georgia
      Protocols: SPP, Type 2
      Target coordinates: 9023/4792

      In Phase 1, I identify a target macro with three significant groups. The groups are separated by the way they think and perceive. The macro itself feels cohesive despite sub-macro variations among the groups. One of the groups is a central group that seems to have authority over the macro society.

      There is another sub-macro group that is held together by a sense of cultural commonality. I perceive that it is internally homogeneous. I also perceive that there is a loosely assembled populace, or perhaps a collection of groups within the macro-society. This collection of groups has a common need that is satisfied by the larger society.

      In Phase 2, I sense that the macro-society is huge. There is a large subspace component to this society, as well as a very large level of variation among the beings on the subspace side. It is a diverse collection of groups. There is a central pull that binds these groups together. The pull feels weak, in the sense that a group could resist and defy it if it chose to do so.

      But there appears to be no useful competitive alternative attractor for this society with a stronger pull. It is as if the central authority in this society is the only game in town worth playing. The pull toward the center is constant, like the steady gravity of a planet or sun. I perceive no sense of rigid authority or any enforcement of allegiance to the central authority in the macro-society, however.

      Most of the activity on which members of this society are focused reside in the subspace realm. There is also an extensive use of telepathy among these subjects. The physical side of this society seems highly dependent upon the subspace authorities.

      When I probe the significant leader of the macro-society I perceive no resistance to my probes. There seems to be a benign welcoming. There is no sense of brutal authoritarianism in the subject's mind. Yet the consciousness of the subject conveys the sense of powerful leadership. This being has a large and complex array of means to assert authority. The relationship of this subject to the sub-macro groups is clear. This subject's job is to connect the disparate groups to the center of the macro-society
      In the Phase 2TM consciousness map, I perceive that the physical subjects of the society are being led, somewhat blindly On the subspace side the focus is not on control but on collective advancement. In the Phase 3TM sketch of the target macro, I again identify three groups, and I label them in the conventional fashion, G1, G2, and G3.


      G1 is a medium sized group with both physical and subspace aspects. There is a highly focused concentration of authority in this group. There is only a single authority attractor in this homogeneous group. The ideology of this group contains a theme of allegiance to authority. The pervasiveness of this theme is both strong and total. There is rigidity in the political ideas among the membership of this group, and there is a notable lack of deviation or variation in this regard. Membership in this group feels almost bureaucratic, and I feel no sense of emotional competition between the members of the group.

      There is a significant level of physical activity among members of this group; however, they use telepathy extensively in communication. The subspace side of this group dominates the physical side. I again perceive a highly rigid central authority for this group, and the macro-society accepts this authority.

      When I probe the significant leader of this group, I perceive a subspace being who is a central authority figure. There is a softness to the consciousness of this being. He is male. I sense that he is aware of my probes and not resistant to them.

      Shifting my awareness to a typical non-leader member of this group, I perceive a gentle consciousness that is non-aggressive. This subject is not emotionally demanding of the central authority. The subject has unquestioning obedience to the central authority, however.


      Moving to the next identified group (G2) in the society, I perceive a large population. There is significant physical genetic variation within this group, but minimal subspace variation in development. This group is highly different from the first group (G1).

      The organization of this group is predominantly political. There is the collective sense that the group needs to compete with other groups in the larger macro-society as a means of survival and advancement. The leadership is judged by how well it performs this role of guiding the rather crude struggles with the group's neighbors. The group is highly competitive and potentially hostile in a general sense.

      The activities of this group appear more focused on the subspace realm, and there is extensive use of telepathy as well. However, the relationship between the subspace and physical sides of this group are not highly supportive. The subspace side has only a weak influence over the physical side, and the physical side is quite disappointed in the quality of the subspace leadership.

      This group is driven by competition and petty jealousy. It is not in total harmony with the center of authority in the macro-society. There is a lack of understanding regarding the motivations of the macro-authority and culture. The macro-society looks at this group with significant dismay and worry. It is like the macro-society does not know what to do with this group.

      Shifting my awareness to a significant leader of this group, I immediately perceive that this being is a Reptilian. He is a male, and he is a fighter. This subject is resistant to my probes, and fiercely so. It is like he is being held down and forced to let me perceive him. He is the political head of his group. He is in power due to his own abilities to compete politically. His position is not totally secure. If the group becomes disappointed with his leadership, he could be ousted.

      Shifting my awareness again, I focus on a typical non-leader member of the group. Again I find a fighter. There is the sense of a need to seek prey. This subject's perception of the collective good includes help from the group leadership to hunt, compete, struggle, and persevere. The subject questions leadership only if group performance falters with respect to competitive struggles.

      With a consciousness map, I determine that the emotions of the physical side of this group are like that of a typical football game, excited and highly strung. On the subspace side there is sensitivity and panic.


      The final group, G3, has a large population. There are moderate physical variations within this group, and subtle differences among subspace types. G3 has a group mentality. The members define their own existence in terms of their participation in group activities. This group participates in the activities of the larger macro-society because it is in the nature of all members of the group to struggle and advance in cooperation with other groups, or at least to work within a group setting.

      This group could and would struggle alone, but that is not its preferred way of advancement, or of living. There appears to be no single authority or individual ruling this group. It feels almost like there is a collective means of resolving disputes and problems.

      This group is highly focused in its activities on the subspace realm. There is also close cooperation between the subspace and physical sides. The macro-society values this group. It is a stable and reliable component of the larger society.

      From a consciousness map of this group, I perceive subspace emotions of worry relating to the behavior of the larger macro-society. The membership of this group perceives participation in group activities to be almost spiritual in nature.

      Since the macro-society has a wider and more heterogeneous group membership than this group, the members worry about the reliability of the larger society to satisfy their needs. But there appears to be no alternative for this group than to participate within the framework of the larger macro-society.

      The Macro-Society Developmental Trajectory

      The development trajectory of this macro-society indicates an early period in which chaos and group fragmentation dominated. There is a "Wild West" flavor to this early time. Many groups were at odds with each other.

      Soon after this chaotic beginning, I perceive a crucial point of transition.

      I sense a determination among the members of the society to resolve long-term potential for chaos, and to change the macro-society to operate in a more orderly direction.

      Near the end of the identified developmental trajectory, there is greater coherence in the society. This society has learned how to resolve many of its inner conflicts. There is smoother social functioning and more isolated potential for conflict, especially violent conflict.


      All in all, the Reptilian society seems rather normal when compared with human standards. There seem to be normal variations among various groups in the society, and I perceive no overall sense of strong authoritarianism. However, the second group examined (G2) seems remarkably different from the rest of Reptilian society, and it is probably worthwhile to comment on this group specifically.

      Note that only one of the qualifiers of the target cue focuses on the group that is physically located on or near Earth in the current tasking time frame. All other qualifiers focus on either the overall Reptilian society, the dominant group in that society, or any group of Reptilians that may be opposed to the activities of the Reptilians operating on or near Earth. Since my data collected in other sessions suggest that the Reptilians interacting with humans are quite authoritarian and potentially hostile, those Reptilians are likely associated with group G2.

      All of the other elements of Reptilian society seem relatively benign politically. There seem to be no inherent traits among Reptilians generally that would make me believe that their entire species is hostile. However, the observed behavior of Reptilians interacting with humans closely matches the characteristics of group G2. Moreover, the deep mind probes of the leadership of G2 qualitatively parallels that which I experienced in other sessions with this group.

      My interpretation of these data now lead me to suspect that group G2 is a renegade Reptilian faction. This group is qualitatively different from the remainder of Reptilian society. It is similar to human society, as we too have our authoritarian or totalitarian factions. These factions have often behaved in total disregard to the wishes of the larger community. It now seems clear that there exists a group of Reptilians who have a chip on their shoulder.

      They are highly competitive and emotionally arrogant. I suspect it is this group that is at war at the current time, not the entirety of Reptilian society.

      If my interpretation of these data are correct, then we truly have a significant problem.
      If the larger Reptilian society itself cannot control this group, then how are we to control them?
      If this group defies the authority of its own larger species, then will it obey a directive from the United Nations?
      I suspect that this Reptilian group will do whatever it wishes to ignore, manipulate, or circumvent human authorities. In my view, it will not be possible to interact openly and productively with this group of Reptilians, and it would be foolish for us to try to do so. Our own experience with human totalitarian and authoritarian regimes should help us to understand the dangers associated with working with such groups.

      Based on my observations to date, we will need outside help. Unless further data suggest another course of action, I see no alternative to this. As relative newcomers in these galactic woods, we cannot, we must not, act alone.

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