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2008 UFO Conference

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  • Dex
    Jerry Pippin Interviews from the 2008 UFO Conference and Film Festival Saturday February 23, 2008 - Saturday March 1, 2008
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      Jerry Pippin Interviews from the
      2008 UFO Conference and Film Festival
      Saturday February 23, 2008 - Saturday March 1, 2008


      J.J. and Desiree Hurtak, a husband and wife, "Mr and Mrs. North" couple who solve the deep mysteries of science and UFO research join Jerry in a dynamic discussion about something called the "Ultra Terrestrial." They point out that certain series of tones and music seem to hold the secrets of the Universe. In this discussion ETs, end times, previous ancient mysteries and remote viewing are covered. They make the point that their research on "remote viewing" may enable human society to avoid future devastating events. In addition to the scientific and ethical questions surrounding the paranormal and UFO research, Jerry gets the couple to tell a little about their personal lives and how they have arrived at this point in their quest for answers to the ET and UFO phenomenon.

      David Boyle is well known in the United Kingdom for his work in presenting the unusual and the strange; but no one has more encounters with high strangeness than David Boyle himself. In this interview David tells Jerry about his astounding discoveries that have led him to believe that the human race is a creation of the Greys. Boyle traces our heritage to ancient civilizations on Mars and how the pyramids in Egypt as well as other monuments around the world were constructed by the mathematical formulas equal to constructions on Mars and which are parallel to the Great Bear Constellation. Nuclear wars in ancient times, the significance of the number 666 and 1947 are all covered in this wide-ranging interview.

      John Clark is an investigative journalist who first came in contact with entities while on a camping trip. His life was changed forever as he experienced high strangeness over and over, including a mystery man who took him to a subterranean base near Washington, DC, and revealed to him a man lying underneath a sheet on a slab. The man was John Clark. To this day, Clark is haunted by the possibility that there are two of him.

      Yvonne Smith is well known hypnotherapist practicing in Los Angeles and over the years she has recorded many sessions in which ET abductions were real. In this interview with Jerry she goes into detail about a few of the cases she has studied and tells him about her ideas of what really is happening with abductions. In the second half hour, paranormal author and investigator Rosemary Ellen Guiley talks to Jerry about her research conducted around the world on the subjects of vampires, werewolves, ghosts, hauntings and other high-strangeness. Rosemary has even investigated the tales of the little people who haunt Ireland and the United Kingdom.

      In this hour Wendelle Stevens tells Jerry about an incident in the New Mexico desert concerning some UFO hunters who had been discharged from the military in strange circumstances because of their knowledge of a UFO crash near White Sands missile base. Stevens also tells about some photos given to him by Billy Meir concerning a future earthquake in San Francisco.
      Then Jerry talks with Giorgio Tsoukalos about his career in search of unlocking the ancient mysteries of the universe. Erik von Daniken is an associate of Giorgio's and the theories behind his book, Chariots of the Gods are discussed in detail.

      In this program from the 2008 International UFO Congress in Laughlin, Nevada, several guests are featured. In the first segment Andrew Feder discusses a variety of subjects, including Presidential politics, ancient mysteries, and UFOs.
      Maria Bogea Thome, who lives in Brazil, is involved with the Space Program and is the first Brazilian woman to experience weightlessness.

      Then Jerry talks with Paola Harris about UFOs and breaking news on the subject, including the UN initiative for UFO Disclosure.

      The final two guests are Jordan Pease and Abigail Lewis from Ashland, Oregon. They are involved in a new movement to make spirituality books and DVDs available to the public.
      Dr. Roger Leir is one of the better known researchers in the UFO field, with travels around the world investigating UFO and ET reports including the case of alien implants. What are they and why are they being done on humans? Leir discusses his latest research into the subject as well as telling Jerry in vivid detail the events surrounding his airplane crash near he secret base of China Lake near the Nevada border in California. Leir has just returned from New Zealand and talks to Jerry about several international UFO incidents as well.

      In this program direct from the International UFO Congress in Laughlin, Nevada, Jerry explores the movie angle of the conference. Producer of the upcoming Fate Magazine TV series, Paul Davids talks about his new controversial film about Jesus's travels to India. Then Jerry visits with Ericca Cordier, a Texas-based documentary producer, about her new Stephenville, TX expose and DVD. Finally, Elizabeth Gaylynn Baker talks about the New Mexico movie industry and her close work with the government of New Mexico and major stars like Ali McGraw about developing a film colony in Santa Fe.

      Miriam Delicado was driving late at night in a car full of friends in a remote area of British Colombia when suddenly a craft appeared in front of them and she was taken for three hours. The experience changed her life and since then she has been on a quest that has brought her to the Four-Corners area of the southwestern United States. In this program Miriam tells Jerry about unlocking mysterious ET language revealed to her by the Hopi elders.

      This hour from the 2008 UFO Congress in Laughlin deals not only with UFOs but with a wide-ranging discussion of topics from politics to government mind-control programs.

      In the first half-hour Stephen Bassett lays out his views of potential disclosure moves coming in the near future. In addition, the UFO connection with Presidential candidates is fully explained with Jerry about who is most likely to discuss UFOs in public.

      In the second half of the show Greg Wright and Nicholette Pavlevsky discuss their travels, attending conferences on conspiracies, UFOs and the paranormal.
      In this program they reveal the details of their three-week investigation of the Virginia Tech shooting incident.

      In this program from the UFO Congress at the Aquarius Hotel in Laughlin Jerry visits with Tim Crawford, founder of UFO-TV. The discussion ranges from the latest information on how video and audio programs are distributed around the world on the internet to some of Tim's family history which involves cutting edge technology users from the Civil War right on up to the present day. Tim reveals some never before known information about Area 51 and nuclear testing in Nevada. The program has its lighter moments with Tim doing a top ten list that most UFO and Paranormal fans will enjoy.
      In this program the Stephenville, TX sighting is discussed in detail by Alejandro Rojas, with the home office of MUFON, which has done a detailed investigation of the Texas sighting. Many interesting background details are given.
      Then Ann Andrews, this time in person. She has a book called Walking Between Worlds, which deals with the StarChild phenomenon.
      In the second half-hour of the show, Jim Sparks adds more details to the abduction experience and reveals new details on the why and the how of the experience.

      In the final part of the hour, Bob Inglis made a special trip to our booth at the hotel to go on record with his sighting as a teenager in Sacramento.
      Don Schmidt discusses the latest in his continuing quest to gather evidence from first-hand witnesses to Roswell and other events and stresses the sense of urgency in acquiring the information, as "...the old order is not passing it down - they're taking it with them..." Then Dr. Louis Turi gives Jerry some startling predictions of events which are to unfold within the next two days.

      Jerry interviews Ross Hensworth, paranormal investigator and internet broadcaster from the UK - Don Ware, Mj-12 and big-foot expert, and Marvelous Marv Mason, the "Indiana Jones of the Grand Canyon" direct from the 2008 International UFO Congress in Laughlin, NV.

      Jerry interviews Bill "Barney" Watson from the International UFO Congress - Bill now lives in Sedona, Arizona and has a very interesting story to tell, involving secret military operations and his work with the CIA in Southeastern Asia, UFO encounters in Puerto Rico and memories returning of childhood abductions by ETs.

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