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    We continue with Asket s teaching to Billy Meiers. (FEB. 1953) Many other dangerous events have also occurred. Humanity is now able to destroy this world with
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2008
      We continue with Asket's teaching to Billy Meiers. (FEB. 1953)

      Many other dangerous events have also occurred. Humanity is now able to destroy this world with atomic explosions and cause very dangerous consequences for the whole solar system. Thousands of years ago, a similar catastrophe occurred when another inhabited planet in this solar system became destroyed by the unreasonableness of the humans living there. The planet blew up into thousands of pieces that have come to be known as the asteroid belt. The name of the planet was Malon and the explosion forced Mars into a closer orbit to the Sun. A further such event must be prevented and it is the duty of higher forms of life to prevent it. An atomic destruction of the earth could damage the whole solar system and expel very dangerous missiles out into space. This could result in the destruction of other solar systems and could lead to a cosmic catastrophe. Even adjoining universes could be damaged because this solar system has giant planets with extremely large gravitational fields. With the destruction of earth, the whole time and space structure could become distorted and whole universes could fall into deadly destruction.

      Asket said that it was their main obligation to prevent this possible occurrence and, together with many other forms of life from other worlds in the universe, to control the earth by interfering in politics and religion by coercing leading personalities unconsciously toward lowering their intrigues and political agendas. So, it is unfortunately unavoidable that several leading forces of different states on the earth will be destroyed by smaller organizations, deposed or even murdered. This succession of leaders will be very long, that will die by assassination. But, they cannot change that. It is not their guilt that this will come to pass because it is the earth human beings themselves who are to blame. They do not want anyone to die, but they want peace for all in the universe. Unfortunately, they only have until the autumn of 1974 to prevent the destruction of Earth and this time is very short. Should their mission fail, then this could result in a universal catastrophe. However, they have very good expectations for success of their mission. (This was written in Feb. of 1953)

      Once they have completed their mission, then a short time later Meier's mission will become due, for which there is still more to prepare for. As a truth teller and prophet, Meier will bring to mankind eternal and absolute truth. Asket informed Meier that it was his mission to clear up the real truth for mankind and to offer a way of peace, love, knowledge, and wisdom in truth. His time would be short because of further dangerous affairs that are coming to pass from power hungry powers. In addition to America, Russia and China who seek to enslave the world, Jewish Zionists, with the help of the Christian religions, will sharpen their bloody swords to control the Earth. Already, they prepare for a first decisive strike to enlarge their country and generate dangerous land-commanding emplacement.

      However, Asket tells Meier that the time is not right for these matters to appear openly and that he is ordered to keep silent about it until she gives him permission to speak. The course of evolution must take its normal steps and should not become hampered by a too early release of this knowledge. Earth humans will succumb to their thirst for power and their own deadly intrigues will be changed for good purposes.

      Asket said that the series of events will be very long and that she could only tell about a few dates that will become very important to world affairs. She also explained that Meier would have to keep absolutely silent about these events until she gave him permission to disclose them because the future events must occur as destined in order to prevent a catastrophe that could destroy the whole universe. She cautioned him that his life will be in danger when he reveals these secret events. Meiers was instructed to write down these predictions and keep them hidden until when he is permitted to reveal them.

      This took place in February 1953. It was true that many have tried to exterminate Billy. He has been shot at 22 times and each time something saved him. I am not sure of the count, it could be more by now.

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