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Ancient Days Pt.3

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  • Dex
    During this time Michel was disinfected. The space lady was said to be 290 centimeters tall. There are 39.37 inches in a meter so she would be 9.5144166 feet
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      During this time Michel was disinfected.
      The space lady was said to be 290 centimeters
      tall. There are 39.37 inches in a meter so
      she would be 9.5144166 feet tall.


      Taking me by the shoulder, she guided me
      towards a small blue light, so intense that I
      had almost to half close my eyes. I had never
      seen a color like it on Earth. When we were
      almost below the light, the wall on which it
      was located "let us pass". That is the only way
      to describe it. From the way in which my mentor
      was leading me, I could have sworn I was going
      to have a handsome lump on my forehead, but
      we passed through the walls - like ghosts!
      Thao laughed heartily at the shocked expression
      on my face.
      That did me good. I remember that laugh -
      like a refreshing breeze and reassuring at a
      time when I was not feeling at ease.
      I had often spoken with friends of "flying
      saucers" and was persuaded that they did, in
      fact, exist - but when you are actually
      faced with the reality, so many questions
      cloud your brain that you think it will
      burst. Of course, deep down I was delighted.
      From Thao's manner towards me, I sensed
      that I had nothing to fear.
      However, she was not alone: I wondered
      what the others were going to be like. In
      spite of my fascination with this adventure,
      I still doubted if I would see my family
      again. Already, they seemed so far away,
      when only several minutes earlier I was
      in my own garden.
      We were now "gliding" at ground level
      along a tunnel-shaped corridor that led
      to a small room, the walls of which were of
      a yellow so intense that I had to close
      my eyes. The walls formed a vault - exactly
      as if we were inside an upturned bowl.
      Thao covered my head with a helmet
      made from a transparent material and I
      found, by opening one eye, that this
      enabled me to tolerate the light.
      "How do you feel?" she asked.
      "Better, thank you, but that light -
      how can you stand it?"
      "It is not a light. It is just the
      present color of the walls in this room."
      "Why "present"? Have you brought me
      here to repaint them?" I joked.
      "There is no paint. There are only
      vibrations, Michel. You still believe
      that you are in your Earthly universe,
      when you are not. You are now in one of
      our super long-range spacecraft, capable
      of travelling at several times the speed of
      light. We will be leaving soon, if you
      will lie down on this bunk..?"
      There, in the center of the room were
      two boxes - rather like coffins without
      lids. I stretched out in one of them and
      Thao in the other. I heard her speak in
      a language unfamiliar to me, but very
      harmonious. I wanted to lift myself up
      a little but couldn't, being held by an
      unknown and invisible force. The yellow
      color progressively disappeared from the
      walls, to be replaced by a blue that was
      certainly no less intense. The "paintwork"
      had been redone...
      One third of the room suddenly became
      dark and I noticed minute lights sparkling
      like stars.
      Thao's voice was clear in the darkness.
      "These are stars, Michel. We have left
      Earth's parallel universe and will be
      leaving your planet further and further
      behind, to take you to visit
      ours. We know you are going to be greatly
      interested in the journey, but also in our
      departure that will be quite slow, for your
      "We can watch on the screen you see in
      front of you."
      "Where is Earth?"
      "We still can't see it, being almost
      directly above it, at approximately \
      10 000 metres altitude..."
      Suddenly, a voice could be heard,
      speaking what seemed to be the same
      language Thao had used moments earlier.
      Thao answered briefly and then the voice
      spoke to me in French - excellent French
      (although the tone was more melodic
      than is typical) welcoming me aboard. It
      was very much the "welcome aboard" of
      our airline companies, and I recall being
      quite amused by that - in spite of the
      unique situation in which I found myself.
      At the same instant, I felt a very light
      movement of the air and it became cool, as
      though air-conditioned. Things began to
      happen quickly. On the screen, appeared
      what could only have been the sun. At
      first, it seemed to touch the edge of
      the Earth or, more precisely, South
      America, as I later learned. Again, I
      wondered if I could be dreaming. Second
      by second America was shrinking. Australia
      couldn't be seen, as the sun's rays had
      not yet reached it. Now the contours of
      the planet could be distinguished, and
      we seemed to move around the globe, to a
      position above the North Pole. There, we
      changed direction, drawing away from
      Earth at an incredible speed.
      Our poor Earth became a basketball,
      then a billiard ball until it finally
      disappeared - or almost - from the screen.
      Instead, my vision was filled with
      the sombre blue of space. I turned my head
      in Thao's direction hoping for further
      "Did you like that?"
      "It was wonderful, but so fast - is it
      possible to travel at such a high speed?"
      "That was nothing, my dear friend. We
      "took off" very gently. Only now are we
      travelling at full speed."
      "How fast?" I interrupted.
      "Several times the speed of light."
      "Of light? But how many times? It's
      incredible! What about the light barrier?"
      "I can well understand that it appears
      incredible to you. Not even your experts
      would believe it - it is, however, the
      "You say several times the speed of
      light, but how may times?"
      "Michel, during this journey many things
      will be intentionally revealed to you -
      many things, but there will also be details
      to which you will not have access. The
      precise speed of our spacecraft is one such
      detail. I'm sorry, for I know it will
      disappoint you not to have your great
      curiosity for all things satisfied, but
      there will be so many new and interesting
      things for you to see and learn, that
      you must not mind too much when information
      is withheld from you."
      Her manner indicated that the matter was
      closed and I didn't insist further, sensing
      that to do so would have been rude.
      "Look" she said to me. On the screen a
      colored dot had appeared and was growing
      "What is it?"
      The reader must forgive me if the
      descriptions I give are not as detailed
      as he/she might wish, but it must be
      understood that I had not yet recovered
      all my senses. I had seen so much in so
      short a time, and was somewhat
      As we approached, the famous Saturn
      grew rapidly larger on the screen. Its
      colors were wonderful - incomparable to
      anything I had ever seen on Earth. There
      were yellows, reds, greens, blues, oranges
      - within each color, an infinite range
      of nuances mingled, separated, grew
      stronger then weaker, creating the famous
      rings and confined within them...
      It was an amazing spectacle, which
      filled more and more of our screen.
      Realising I was no longer restrained
      by the force field, I wanted to remove
      my mask so as to see the colors better,
      but Thao signalled that I should do
      "Where are the satellites?" I asked.
      "You can see two, almost side by side
      towards the right of the screen."
      "How far away are we?"
      "We must be approximately 6 000 000
      kilometres or perhaps more. They know
      exactly on the flight deck of course,
      but to give you a more precise estimate,
      I'd have to know whether our "camera"
      is on full zoom or not."
      Saturn suddenly disappeared from the
      left side of the screen, which filled
      again with the "color" of space.
      I believe it was at that moment I
      felt exalted, as I never had before. It
      hit me that I was in the process of
      living an extraordinary adventure - and
      why? I had asked for nothing and had
      never contemplated the possibility
      (who would have dared?) of experiencing
      such an adventure.
      Thao got up. "You can do the same now,
      Michel." I obeyed and we found ourselves
      again, side by side in the center of the
      cabin. It was only then, I noticed Thao
      no longer wore her helmet.
      "Can you explain to me," I asked, "why
      just now, you were still wearing a helmet
      while I was able to accompany you without
      one, and yet now I have one while you
      "It is very simple. We come from a planet
      bacteriologically different from Earth,
      which, for us, is a veritable culture
      medium. Thus, in order to contact you, I was
      obliged to take this basic precaution. You,
      yourself, were a danger to me but you are
      no longer."
      "I don't follow you."
      "When you entered this cabin, the color
      was too intense for you and I gave you the
      helmet you are now wearing, which was
      specially designed for you. Indeed, we were
      able to anticipate your reaction.
      "During the very short time the cabin was
      yellow and then blue, eighty per cent of
      the dangerous bacteria in you was destroyed.
      Then perhaps you felt a coolness in the air,
      similar to when an air conditioner is
      working; this was another form of disinfection
      by ... let's call it radiation, although
      that is not the correct word - it cannot be
      translated into any Earth language.
      In this way, I have been disinfected one
      hundred per cent, but you still have enough
      bacteria to harm us considerably. I am going
      to give you these two pills, and in three
      hours you will be able to consider yourself
      as "pure" as one of us." As she spoke, she
      took a little box from beside her bunk,
      removed the pills and held them out to me,
      along with a test tube containing a liquid
      that I supposed to be water. I swallowed
      them both, lifting the base of my helmet to
      do so. Next ... well, everything happened
      very quickly and it was all very strange.


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