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Ancient Days Pt. 2

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  • Dex
    Here they come in contact with some very wild type of cavemen and cavewomen. ...............................................
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      Here they come in contact with some very wild
      type of cavemen and cavewomen.


      There were no trees around, no rocks on to
      which he could have jumped - nothing strange or
      unusual - the footprints just stopped. Some
      people believed that he had been taken by a
      spacecraft, but that could not have been, as
      you will see later.
      This poor man had quite simply been sucked
      into the parallel universe.
      "I remember", I said, "I did hear of that
      particular case, but how do you know all
      about it?"
      "You will find out later how I know," she
      replied enigmatically.
      We were interrupted by the sudden appearance
      of a group of people so bizarre that again, I
      wondered if this was all a dream. About a
      dozen men, accompanied by what seemed to be a
      woman, emerged from behind a pile of rocks a
      hundred meters from where we were. The sight
      was even stranger, since these human beings
      appeared to have stepped out of the pages of
      prehistoric records. With the gait of
      gorillas, they brandished enormous clubs
      which modern man would not have been able
      to lift from the ground. These hideous
      creatures were coming straight for us,
      howling like wild beasts. I made a move to
      retreat, but my companion told me there
      was nothing to fear and that I should stay
      still. She put her hand on the buckle of
      her belt and turned so that she faced them.
      I heard a series of small clicks and five
      of the strongest looking men fell to the
      ground, motionless. The rest of the group
      stopped cleanly and began moaning. They
      prostrated themselves before us.
      I looked again at Thao. She stood like
      a statue, her face set. Her eyes were
      fixed on those people as though she was
      trying to hypnotise them. I later learned
      that she was giving orders by t-lepathy
      to the female of the group. Suddenly,
      this woman got up and began, it seemed
      to me, to issue orders in a guttural voice
      to the others. They then helped remove
      the bodies, carrying them on their backs
      to the pile of rocks mentioned earlier.
      "What are they doing?" I asked.
      "They will cover their d-ad with stones."
      "Did you ki-l them?"
      "I had to."
      "What do you mean? Were we really in
      "Of course we were. These are people
      who have been here for ten or fifteen
      thousand years - who knows? We don't
      have time to establish that and besides,
      it is of no importance.
      Nevertheless, it illustrates well what
      I was explaining to you a few moments
      ago. These people passed into this
      universe at a certain time, and they
      have lived in that time ever since."
      "It's frightful!"
      "I agree. However it is part of natural,
      and therefore universal, law. Furthermore,
      they are dangerous because they behave
      more like wild beasts than human beings.
      Dialogue would not have been possible
      between them and us, just as it is not
      possible between them and most of the
      others living in this parallel universe.
      For one thing, they are unable to
      communicate; and for another, they,
      less than anyone, understand what has
      happened to them. We were in real danger
      and, if I do say so, I have done them a
      favour just now, of liberating them."
      "Don't look so shocked, Michel. You
      know quite well what I mean by that.
      "They are liberated from their physical
      bodies and are now able to continue
      their cycle, like every living being,
      according to the normal process."
      "So if I understand correctly, this
      parallel universe is a c-rse - a
      kind of h-ll or purgatory?"
      "I didn�t realize you were religious!"
      "I just make this comparison to show
      you that I am trying to understand," I
      replied, wondering how she could know
      whether or not I was r-ligious.
      "I know, Michel, I was only teasing.
      You were right in explaining it as a
      kind of purgatory but, of course, this is
      quite accidental. In fact, this is one
      of several accidents of nature. An
      albino is an accident, and a
      four-leafed clover can also be
      considered as an accident. Your
      appendix is just as much an accident.
      Your doctors still wonder what use it
      could possibly have in your body. The
      answer - no use whatsoever. Now usually,
      in nature, everything has a precise
      reason for existing - that's why I
      list the appendix among the natural
      "People living in this universe suffer
      neither physically nor morally. For
      example, if I hit you, you would feel no
      pain, but if the blows were strong enough,
      although without pain, you could still
      d-e from them. This might be difficult to
      comprehend, but it is so. Those existing
      here know nothing of what I have just
      explained to you, and it is fortunate
      because they would be tempted to commit
      suicide - which, even here, is not a
      "What do they eat?"
      "They don't eat, nor do they drink,
      because they don't feel the need to.
      Here, remember, time has stopped - those
      de-d won't even rot."
      "But that�s terrible! In all, the greatest
      service that one can render these people
      would be to kil- them!"
      "You raise an important point there.
      Effectively it would be one of two
      "What is the other?"
      "To send them back where they came from
      - but that would pose great problems.
      Because we are able to make use of the
      warp, we could return many of them to
      your universe, and thus liberate [1] them,
      but I'm sure you are aware of the enormous
      problems that would create for the majority
      of these people. Here, as I have already
      said, you have people, who have been here
      for thousands of years. What would happen
      if they found themselves back in the
      universe they left so long ago?"
      "They might go insane. In all, there is
      nothing to do." She smiled gently at my
      "You are certainly the man of action we
      require, Michel, but beware of jumping to
      conclusions - you have much more to see."
      She put her hand on my shoulder, having
      to incline forward slightly to do so.
      Although I didn't know it at the time,
      Thao measured 290 centimetres, exceptionally
      tall for a human being.
      "I see with my own eyes that we made the
      right choice in selecting you - you have
      an astute mind, but I cannot explain
      everything to you now, for two reasons."
      "First, it is still too soon for such an
      explanation. By this, I mean that you
      must be instructed further on certain points
      before proceeding beyond."
      "I understand - and second?"
      "The second reason is that they are waiting
      for us.
      We must leave."
      With a light touch, she turned me around.
      I followed her gaze and stared wide-eyed
      with surprise. About 100 metres from us
      was an enormous sphere, from which emanated
      a bluish Aura. I later learned that it
      measured 70 meters in diameter. The light was
      not steady, but shimmered, resembling a
      heat haze when one looks from a distance
      at sand heated by the summer sun.
      This enormous sphere "shimmered"
      about ten meters from the ground. With
      no windows, no openings, no ladder, it
      appeared as smooth as the shell of an egg.
      Thao signalled for me to follow her and
      we set out towards the machine. I remember
      that moment very well. During the short
      time we took in approaching the sphere,
      I was so excited that I lost control of
      my thoughts. A constant stream of images
      flashed through my mind, resembling a
      film in the "fast-forward" mode. I saw
      myself relating this adventure to my
      family, and I saw again newspaper
      articles I had read on the subject of
      I remember a feeling of sadness sweep over
      me when I thought of my family whom I loved
      so much; I saw myself caught, as though in
      a trap, and it occurred to me that I might
      never see them again...
      "You have absolutely nothing to fear,
      Michel," said Thao. "Trust me. You will
      be reunited with your family very soon,
      and in good health."
      I believe my mouth fell open in surprise,
      triggering in Thao a melodious laugh, such
      as is rarely heard among us Earthlings.
      That was the second time she had read my
      thoughts; the first time I thought might
      have been a coincidence, but this time there
      could be no doubt.
      When we arrived in close proximity to
      the sphere, Thao placed me in a position
      opposite her and about a meters distance
      "Do not touch me under any pretext,
      Michel, whatever happens. Under any
      pretext - do you understand?"
      I was quite taken aback by this formal
      order, but I nodded.
      She placed her hand on a type of
      "medallion" I had noticed earlier
      "attached" at the height of her left
      b-east, and with the other hand, she
      held what resembled a large biro which
      she unclasped from her belt.
      She pointed the "biro" above our
      heads and in the direction of the sphere.
      I thought I saw a green beam of light
      flash from it but I couldn't be sure.
      She then pointed the "biro" at me,
      her other hand still on the "medallion"
      and quite simply, we rose, simultaneously,
      towards the wall of the machine. Just
      when I was sure we were going to collide
      with it, a portion of the hull retracted
      like an enormous piston in the core of
      a cylinder, revealing an opening, oval
      in shape, of about three meters in height.
      We regained our feet, Thao and I, on
      a type of landing inside the craft. She
      let go of her "medallion" and with a
      dexterity that suggested she had done it
      often, she refastened her "biro".
      "Come. We can touch each other now,"
      she said.

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