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Ancient Days Pt. 1

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  • Dex
    From John Winston: This is what a person was told about what has has happened on Earth the last 1.35 million years. This also explains what happens in the
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      From John Winston:

      This is what a person was told about what has
      has happened on Earth the last 1.35 million
      This also explains what happens in the Bermuda


      This is from the book "Thiaoouba Prophecy" -
      about a direct contact to a superhuman r-ce of
      nicelooking giants that happend in 1987 in
      Australia - when then 58 year old Michel
      suddenly got a thought of leaving bed half past
      twelve in the night - then writing a message
      to his wife that he would be far away for ten
      days. He then left the house and was soon taken
      aboard on a big ship......
      It took many years before he succeeded in
      getting the book out. He says he got special
      help from the ETs in remembering the incident
      and in the writing of the book.
      "Believing is not enough...
      You need to KNOW.
      I have written this book as the result of
      orders received and which I have obeyed.
      Further, it is an account of events that
      happened to me personally - this I affirm.
      I imagine that, to some extent, this
      extraordinary story will appear to some
      readers as science fiction - a story
      entirely invented - but I do not have the
      imagination that such a fabrication would
      require. This is not science fiction.
      The reader of good faith will be able to
      recognize the truth in the message I transmit
      from my new friends to the people of the
      planet Earth.
      This message, in spite of numerous
      references to ra-es and r-ligions, reflects
      neither rac-al nor re-igious bias on behalf
      of the author.
      Michel Desmarquet, January, 1989
      They have eyes but they do not see -
      ears, and they do not hear...
      The B-ble
      I awoke suddenly, not knowing how long I
      had slept.
      I was completely awake - fresh and alert -
      but good G-d, what time could it be? Lina
      was sleeping beside me, her fists closed,
      but then Lina always sleeps...
      I had no desire at all to go back to sleep
      and besides, it was possibly already five
      in the morning. I got up, made my way to the
      kitchen and checked the clock. Only 12.30am!
      It was unusual for me to wake up at such
      an hour, took off my pyjamas and dressed in
      trousers and a shirt, why, I had no idea.
      Neither can I explain why I went to my
      desk, took a sheet of paper and a biro and
      watched myself write, as if my hand had
      a mind of its own.
      My dear, I'll be away for about ten days.
      Absolutely no need to worry.
      Leaving the note by the telephone, I
      headed through the door and on to the
      verandah. I avoided the table on which last
      night's chess game remained, with the
      white King still in checkmate, and silently
      opened the door leading on to the garden.
      The night seemed to be suffused with a
      strange brightness, which had nothing to do
      with the stars. Instinctively, I tried to
      recall what phase the moon was currently
      in, thinking that perhaps it was about to
      rise. Here, in the north-east of Australia
      where I live, the nights are generally
      quite clear.
      I descended the outside stairs and headed
      towards the pandanus. Usually, at this
      time of night, we would have a veritable
      concert from the frogs and crickets whose
      chirring sounds fill the night. Now however,
      there was a heavy silence and I wondered
      I had only walked a few steps when, quite
      suddenly, the color of the philodendrons
      changed. The wall of the house too, and the
      pandanus - all were bathed in a kind of
      bluish light. The lawn seemed to undulate
      beneath my feet and the ground beneath the
      pandanus waved also. The philodendrons
      distorted and the wall of the house
      resembled a sheet floating in the wind.
      -----------here came Michel down the stair
      when he was taken away....
      Beginning to believe that I was not well,
      I decided to return to the house when, at
      that precise moment, I felt myself lifted
      quite gently from the ground. I rose,
      slowly at first, above the philodendrons,
      and then quicker, until I saw the house
      becoming smaller and smaller below me.
      What is happening? I exclaimed in utter
      All is well now, Michel.
      By then, I believed I was dreaming.
      Before me, a human being of impressive
      size, dressed in a one-piece suit and
      wearing a completely transparent helmet
      on her head, was looking at me - friendly
      and smiling.
      "No, you are not dreaming," she said,
      answering the question in my mind.
      "Yes," I replied, but it always happens
      this way in a dream and in the end you
      find you've fallen out of bed and have a
      lump on your forehead!" She smiled.
      "Further", I continued, "you are speaking
      to me in French, my native tongue, and
      yet we are in Australia. I do speak
      English, you know!"
      "So do I".
      It has to be a dream - one of those
      stupid dreams, moreover. If not though,
      what are you doing on my property?
      ----------- The long-range spaceship
      was perfectly spherical, shiny metallic,
      80 m diameter, no doors, no holes
      whatsoever, levitating when not in
      flight. You enter levitating with a
      special instrument, through a sort of
      piston that opens when you approach.
      When inside, you watch the outside using
      enormous 3D holographic displays with
      unbelievable clarity, color, zoom etc...

      Illustration here not from book.
      We are not on your property, but above
      Ah! It is a nightmare. You see I was
      right. I'll pinch myself! I accompanied
      the words with the action.
      She smiled again. Now are you satisfied,
      But if it's not a dream, why am I here
      sitting on this rock? Who are those people
      over there, dressed in the fashion of the
      last century?
      I was beginning to distinguish, in a
      milky light, people talking and at a slight
      distance, others moving around.
      And you, who are you? Why aren't you
      normal sized?
      I am a normal size, Michel. On my planet
      we are all this size. But everything in
      good time, my dear friend. I hope you don't
      mind me calling you that? If we aren't
      good friends already, I am sure that we
      will be soon.
      She stood there in front of me, intelligence
      reflected in her smiling face and goodness
      emanating from her entire being. It would
      not be possible to meet anyone with whom I
      could feel more at ease.
      Of course, you may call me what you wish.
      And what is your name?
      My name is Thao, but first, I would like
      you to know, once and for all, that this
      is not a dream. Indeed, it is something
      quite different. For certain reasons
      which will be explained to you later, you
      have been chosen to undertake a journey
      which very few Earthlings have made -
      particularly in recent times.
      We are, you and I, at this moment, in
      a universe which is parallel to that of
      Earth. In order to admit you, as well as
      ourselves, we have made use of an airlock.
      At this instant, time has stopped for
      you, and you could remain here twenty or
      fifty of your Earthly years and then return
      as if you hadn't left. Your physical body
      would remain absolutely unchanged.
      But what are these people doing?
      They exist as well as can be expected and,
      as you will learn later, the population
      density is very low. Death only occurs by
      suicide or accident. Time is suspended.
      There are men and women, as well as some
      animals who are 30 000, 50 000 or even many
      more Earth years old.
      But why are they here and how did they
      come to be here? Where were they born?
      On Earth. . . they are all here by
      By accident? What do you mean?
      It's very simple. You have heard of the
      Bermuda Triangle?
      I nodded.
      Well, quite simply, in this spot and in
      others less well known, this parallel
      universe becomes confused with your universe
      so that there exists between them a natural
      People, animals or even objects finding
      themselves in the immediate vicinity of a
      warp are literally sucked into it.
      Thus, you can have, for example, an
      entire fleet of boats disappear in several
      seconds. Sometimes a person, or persons,
      can pass back into your universe after
      several hours, several days or several
      years. More often, however, they never
      When a man does return and relates his
      experience, the vast majority of people
      don't believe him - and if he persists, he
      is assumed crazy. Most of the time, such
      a person recounts nothing at all, realising
      how he will appear in the eyes of his peers.
      Sometimes too, he returns amnesic, and if
      he recovers some memory, it is not of what \
      happened in the parallel universe, and
      therefore sheds no light on the subject.
      There was, Thao continued, a typical
      case of this passage into a parallel
      universe in North America, where a young
      man literally vanished while going to
      fetch water from a well which was situated
      several hundred meters from his house.
      About an hour later, family and friends
      set out in search of him and, as there
      had been a fresh snowfall of about 20
      centimeters, it should have been quite
      simple - they had only to follow the
      footprints left by the young man. But,
      right in the middle of the field - the
      footprints stopped.

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