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    Cross posting: Background Ferret writes: The events began in June or July 1982, when I was 20 years old. At the time I was keenly interested in psychic
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      Cross posting:


      Ferret writes:

      The events began in June or July 1982, when I was 20 years old. At the time I was keenly interested in psychic phenomena and had been sitting in a spiritualist development circle, having been told I had mediumistic and healing ability. I had spontaneously started automatic writing, using a planchette, which I understood operates by the author moving the writer�s hand by thought�s transferred mind to mind and translated by the brain into muscular movements. I'd read this had been achieved in a Russian lab between two living people also so was not simply a means for the �dead� to communicate to the living but for a living consciousness to translate to another physical as well � indeed, this was exactly how my ET contact later told me �he� worked. On March 23rd that year I'd had a reading with a well-known British medium who told me that I had been working and preparing since age 14, travelling in the astral, and would be engaged on a �special project� over the next 2 years, which would ensure the �groundwork� had been laid. I was being guided by high level guides, I was assured, and many of my fictional short stories were inspired by them as a means of preparing me and expanding my awareness. I had come to know my spirit guides (as spiritualists would call these entities, angels, whatever your belief system allows for) and my most constant �invisible friend� told me there had been a lot of input from a non-human extra-terrestrial being, helping to subconsciously seed ideas on their culture/ethics/metaphysics etc (my stories). Oddly, I wasn't surprised at this and my guide explained by the planchette and telepathy that this being now wished to talk with me and had been �waiting in the wings� for the right moment to approach directly.

      A second presence entered the room and I felt my guide withdraw. I'm not particularly clairvoyant and could see no-one but at the same time had a �feel� of this being and a mental picture came to mind of the eye-witness account of the creatures in the Kelly-Hopkinsville case I'd read about. I felt in no way threatened by this being and he �felt� oddly familiar. Later I commented to my main guide I may have found him a bit scary if I'd seen him and was assured, �no, you're already the best of friends�.
      I felt this being was in a physical form and was not dead (spirit) and assumed �he� was invisible in the room as he was operating on a different vibrational rate to our physical one. I'd read a little about sub-atomic particles called neutrinos and how they could account for �ghosts� and other dimensional planes of existence, invisible mass etc.
      My ET was brisk and to the point. I also felt at one point he was communicating mentally with another of his own kind and as soon as this crossed my mind the pen wrote �yes I was actually.�
      I was given a set of instructions � to go to Stonehenge on Aug 16th (1982) and walk to the centre of the circle at 2am when �they� would meet me. I assured him I would and said �thank you� to which he replied �no, thank you.� The being left and my guide returned. Now I learned that the higher guides to humanity were aware of these ETs presence around the planet and were actively working with them for a higher purpose of guiding humanity to an awakening of consciousness. I was told their culture was non-material based and operated around advanced social ethics and spiritual harmonious values. While they had a rather contemptuous view of our earthly authorities they had a genuine moral sense of concern for humanity in general. Regarding the scorn towards our governments, which they saw as unevolved and driven by low spiritual principles, I said I had to agree with them there. Guide replied �yes, they know. They feel sympathy for you and those like you stuck here.� I asked why had they chosen me and was told abruptly �you chose yourself.�

      The understanding I had was that events were starting to move into place and they now felt it time to make their presence felt. While having no intention of �stepping in and saving us� they were willing to offer guidance if it were asked for and were particularly alarmed at the stupidity of humanity with its arms race, then about to escalate into space. My guide commented then that there was also another race of negative ETs here but gave no more detail. Later, that proved to be a timely warning! I was to be put under what I can only describe as a psychic attack by them, once they were aware of the initial contact with my �friend.�
      I was aware that this all seemed a little absurd but, not being someone to just accept anything blindly, I decided I'd go to the stones as directed to see what happened. If it was all a con and a great cosmic joke on me then a least I'd know that. I think at the time I was still prepared to believe this was all a cosmic �lark� played by lower astral entities but that my guides were also involved and I had a strong gut feeling this was important and part of a big picture I couldn't fully see. I'd told the ET I'd intended to visit Stonehenge for the first time the previous summer solstice but for some reason hadn't. He told me that was as well as to enter the stones then would have resulted in my disappearing into another dimension and they would have been unable to help me! A bit concerned at that I'd been told the given time would be acceptable and they would �make themselves visible� to me. They were there all the time, I was told, but in a base-ship in another dimension. This was all getting a bit too Star Trek but I decided to go with the gut feeling and the proof of the pudding would be in the eating one way or another. If it was all Bull*T then at least I'd have learned something in self-deception.


      A couple of weeks after my ET contact, I was using the planchette when I sensed a venomous presence enters the room and my communicator warned me I was in danger. Physical danger? No, mental danger, I was told. I sensed there was a struggle going on for control over the pen and then the negative entity burst through. My hackles rose and the entity told me how much it hated me, how I was �in trouble� and then �we hate you.� It seemed to me to behave like a lower astral (some would call it demonic, depending on belief system) or spiteful discarnate spirit so I began to deal with it that way, asking it why it hated me as I had no intention of hating it etc, sending peaceful thoughts and white light visualization towards it. I'd found that usually dispersed them. If the bait wasn't taken up and I didn't respond the way they wanted me to (fear, awe etc) they'd end it as the game�s no fun if the �victim� won't play ball. But it continued and I got the strong impression this bullying, irrational childlike presence was somehow connected to my non-human chum in some way, but in opposition. I informed it if it had nothing intelligent to say then I'd waste no more of my time and conversation was terminated, and then put the pen down. Bullies don't wash with me, human or not, dead or otherwise, and they can only gain power if you let them do so.
      Over the next few days the pattern continued. Oddly the being was able to create what I called a �scrambling pattern� of looped scribble whenever I picked up the pen and when one of the guides was able to get through this it was confirmed it was indeed a negative ET and attempts were being made to jeopardize the first contact by first threats, then psychological attacks. I started to find bizarre negative thoughts and doubts about this whole situation coming into my head, which intuition told me were being implanted and were not coming from me. Once I'd �disarmed� that game by recognizing it for what it was, another tactic was started. Physical pushing, dizziness/nausea bouts and horrible stinks appearing in my room at odd times. Determined they weren't going to get their way and sick of the intrusion into my life (trying to emotionally/mentally deal with this plus hold down a job) I put effort into protective visualization to block this and then decided that the only way it would stop was if I confronted it/them once and for all. Admittedly not the best way to deal with psychic attacks as meeting like with like can feed an entity.

      I encouraged the adversary to approach and locked horns, so to speak. I won. Basically using an old occult technique of visualization I built a wall around myself and I felt it drain away. When I picked up the planchette my familiar guide came through at once and wrote �well done, they've given up.�
      The blocking continued later but I'd learned from the guide that this was indeed a negative ET entity in opposition to the original group and very different in motivation. I was told they feed off the negative emanations from the planet, thrived on the unevolved and selfish, base state of most of humanity and were active in trying to under-mine the whole UFO phenomena being taken seriously. I'd started reading up on the subject with books such as John Keel�s, and subscribed to magazines �Flying Saucer Review� and �UFO Magazine.� Having read about MIBs this all seemed to fit, often �contactees� were approached by what appeared as ethical beings with genuine motives towards humanity, only to be approached shortly after by other entities which threatened and fed them nonsense from the �space brothers� in what appeared to be a calculated attempt to subvert serious investigation of the phenomena and witness. Notable case is detailed in Eileen Buckle�s �The Scoriton Mystery� read by me AFTER my encounters.

      A week or so after this confrontation another entity made itself known I felt prompted to pick up the planchette. The usual �scrambling pattern� did not appear and this being came through immediately, very strongly. I had the impression of something not human but in appearance not unlike a human man, dressed in a �space suit� with visor. This gave no name but I had an intuition was of good intent. The message was simply to confirm the meeting for Stonehenge and �he� explained that my previous good beings were aware the approach by the negative ETs had taken place and had been concerned, unable to do anything about it. They were presently �holding back� the negatives so he could communicate with me (I've no idea how, assumed it to be by mental means). I asked if he were in astral form and moving the pen as spirits did and he said no, it was �nothing as hard as that� and was as physical as I (I then guessed this was done by a form of remote viewing). He seemed to be under pressure and explained I'd know more of �your mission� face to face. I commented out loud mission was a strong word (cynically remembering the grand �saviour� claims made by well-known past contactees who then churned out all sorts of New Age �science� garbage that blew their credibility)- he replied bluntly �do not underestimate yourself.� The presence gone, I decided I'd have to do the Stonehenge trip now, just to see what happened (even if only to prove to myself I'd been taken in by a cosmic joker after all).
      In the days approaching the meeting I was put under almost constant psychic attacks, taking the form of a horrible foreboding feeing of �something coming� followed by dizziness and mental disorientation with a feeling of loss of physical use of limbs. It seemed to be an interference with my aura/electromagnetic field. While the beings I had come to call my guides over the years were unable to communicate via the pen I was given some protection and often felt a calming presence enter the room, such as made itself known when I meditated. However I realized ultimately I was my own responsibility and ensured I was well �cloaked over� (chakras closed and protected by visualized signals). The animals in the house acted oddly at these times (my pet rats and family dog would not come near me.)

      Stonehenge � 16th Aug 1982

      Caught the coach down to Amesbury village and walked to the stones at the appointed time. Unfortunately I didn't realize the site is set around with foot fall sensors so after scaling the gate I was stopped by a guard/ with a dog. Disappointed, I managed to convince him I was a New Age flake so the police weren't called! Having been kicked out onto the road I thought that was the end of that, a big build up to a delusion and con. However, as I was walking back to the village a huge orange disc of light dropped down out of the clouds and silently moved across the sky for a few seconds before arching back up again into the clouds, where I cold see its reflected light moving behind them. �Someone� had put in an appearance after all, it seemed!
      On returning, I read the books by Arthur Shuttlewood, documenting the frequent UFO sightings in that area of Wiltshire. This included large orange light discs and daylight metallic discs over the stones. The author himself reported being approached by two human (but not quite human) looking men on more than one occasion who told him human society was acting foolishly and its material science far outstripped its spiritual development (as I'd been told also.) They told the author that humanity was in danger from a certain rival group of ETs but that �right, not might, would win in the end.� Bear in mind I read this AFTER my own experiences.

      However, the �interference� still blocked the planchette writing so I resolved to let the situation lie, and just strengthen and develop myself through meditation and self-awareness exercises. I did have two very vivid �dreams� following the trip, which I felt sure were astral experiences rather than just my roving imagination. In one I was standing by my bed at night and became aware of a nightmarish presence in the room which was attempting to cut my astral link and stop me returning to my body. I rushed through it in a panic and woke in my body, which jumped about a foot off the bed as I reconnected. Paranoia?
      The second was just puzzling and inconclusive. I found myself standing beside the window again (aware of my body asleep in bed) and outside the window was a spinning, silent silver disc. Everyone was asleep in bed and it was hanging over the back garden (I think in retrospect in a parallel space, not actually in our physical garden.) Part of the hull was spinning like a top and I stepped out onto the windowsill then found myself inside the craft, having somehow passed through the wall of it (common observation abductees report, I later learned). I found myself in a small round room and although there were no windows I could oddly see through the wall, which seemed to become transparent. I felt (though did not see) a familiar presence which I think was one of my ET friends and we seemed to be having an earnest conversation. I could not recall it but he seemed to be explaining telepathically in terms I could understand how the vehicle could move into different dimensions and spaces as we shift gears on a car to match different speeds. I was taken to somewhere on a part of the Earth which was in brilliant daylight and shown a desert scene which I felt was important to remember. There was a small building surrounded by a fence and the sun cast strong shadows from some telegraph poles. I'd recognize it if I saw it again, I'm sure. After this I felt reassured that I should just wait and say nothing to anyone about all this, that the time had not been right and events had taken an unseen turn beyond their control.

      July 18th 1984
      Out walking in Epping Forest with friends Nick and Tracy (who knew nothing of my bizarre ET experiences) and we saw an odd black hat-like object hanging low over the trees beyond the Queen Elizabeth�s lodge cafe on Chingford Plain. It looked like an upside down jockey�s cap and hung silent and motionless. We watched it for about 10 mins and then walked into a band of trees, emerging the other side and it had vanished. I later found an identical photo in a UFO book by Jenny Randles, photographed by a policeman in 1975 over Manchester. Showed N the picture and he exclaimed �my god! That�s what we saw!�

      Sept 25th 1984
      Borrowed another Arthur Shuttlewood book (�Warnings from Flying Friends�) from Loughton library. In the front cover was a sticker saying �Ministry of Defense Library...books belonging to this library are issued only to individual officers and officials of the Ministry of Defense and must on no account be passed from one person to another.�
      What was it doing in the public library and why was the MOD interested in �crank� books?

      18th Feb 1985
      Tracy has twice seen a silver egg shaped object in daylight while driving through Chigwell to work. On both occasions she said it seemed to �melt� away before her eyes.
      16th June 1985
      Out walking the dog along the riverbank and my eye was caught by a brilliant �star� white light which hung for several mins and then just �switched off� as I looked at it.

      6th July 1985
      Travelling down the M5 with N & T again we see an egg-shaped object in the sky just outside Avon, at 9am. My eye was caught by a metallic flash, which I took to be sunlight glancing off a plane fuselage. However, it was a sphere (no wings or tail visible) and definitely not an advertising balloon as it was stationary. The day was bright, blue sky, but windy. We watched (T was driving so was difficult for her) as it morphed from an egg to a pear-shape (or perhaps it revolved so we were seeing it end on), then it �dispersed� like a cloud. N recalled when he'd been at Limes Farm junior school a bright orange ball of light had passed slowly over the playground in full view of the teachers and pupils.
      After note; Nov 3rd 1985 � found a drawing by Captain James Howard of a pear-shaped UFO seen by himself and half his passengers on a BOAC airliner (book �Age of the UFO� by Dr. Hynek). It was broad daylight and the object, accompanied by 6 small discs, kept pace with the plane for 4 miles. It was picked up by the radar and constantly changed shape from pear to egg. Ground staff also spotted it on radar and warned him a vehicle was on his trajectory. When a jet was sent up to investigate the 6 discs merged with the blobby and it just vanished (switched off) in thin air.

      1st Nov 1986
      Attended the ASSAP �Psychic Questing� conference. Jenny Randles one of the speakers and also a young woman Gaynor Sunderland who recounted experiences with UFO entities she regarded as friends. She felt they had a universal plan and she was still being watched and guided as one of many contactees involved in an event as yet to unfold � much the same as I'd come to conclude.

      1st Feb 1989
      Have moved to Wales and celebrating Imbolc with Wiccan friend Mel on Swansea beach when she spotted a star behaving oddly. We watched it for several minutes zig zagging about and jigging up and down before it vanished. Old chums saying we haven't forgotten you?

      9th April 1989
      Moved to Bristol and into a flat share. One of my sharers, W, is also a UFO fan and a member of a Bristol UFO study group who go out around the area on regular watches. Coincidence? Spotting my extensive UFO bookshelf he told me of his sightings and I spoke (for the first time to anyone living) of my experiences. Shortly after this a foul stink invaded my room (not the drains!) and I felt an air of menace building in the flat. Someone not keen on information sharing and ideas being spread around the open-minded?
      Following that on 16th I experienced an �over-shadowing� by a very negative entity and realized later I should have taken care to �guard/ the door.� I was apparently poring quite vile abuse at W (I don't recall any of it!) and luckily he realized what was happening despite my �looks of pure hatred� for which I could only apologize for later. He said it was OK and he realized I was �not myself!� More protection visualizations needed in meditation!

      The local Quest UFO group are investigating the Warminster area and I went along Starr Hill with W to see if we could see anything. Starr Hill had been the sight of numerous UFO flaps during the 1960�s including entity sightings (Shuttlewood books). W asked what I could pick up psychically so I sat down on the hill and started to �tune in.� The odd thing was this did not feel like a piece of living earth but a �dead� place, devoid of natural earth energies (I'd previously tried dowsing at various ley lines with a pendulum and had some success.) Spotted several strange metal poles with a star on top placed around the hill, stamped with a mark R.F.L 1964. W said he thought they were manufactured at a particular ministry base as he recognized the stamp as being from that foundry, having been a cadet RAF pilot in the past. There is a small military base below the hill with an airstrip which he felt was �not right� as it looked abandoned, yet there were entrances to underground silos. As we left (I had a growing feeling of unease) a military helicopter arrived overhead and followed us on W�s motorbike all the way back to the outskirts of Bristol. W had not been trespassing as there is a public footpath around the hill. A military helicopter appeared a couple of days later and bizarrely buzzed our block of flats. W speculated they had an eye on us! We discussed the issues that-
      *UFOs often seem to appear on ley lines and stone circles/sites that have a concentration of earth energies. Contactees have been told that this is one method of propulsion and they use these sites as batteries and beacons.
      *The weird MOD poles around the hill, directly above the military base, could be affecting the earth energy there by subverting it (hence the place feels drained, dead). Could be used for negative military purposes? Alfred Watkins speaks in �The Old Straight Track� of black leys (stagnant energy lines) which a dowser can heal by impaling them with a metal rod to re-align the energy correctly. These are associated with dark haunting and poltergeist phenomena in buildings directly over them.
      After our trip I started experiencing an odd �buzzing� and tingling across the top of my head which seemed to interfere with my thinking clearly and becoming disorientated. This usually followed a quick mental warning from the guides to �watch my back.� I commented on this to W who also said that he'd come over as though �punch drunk� while trying to write his report for Quest. Microwaves? Some beam weapon that scrambles brain waves? Vivid imagination?

      Around the same time the Quest group leader, R, started experiencing dark shapes appearing in his room (we didn't find out about this until later, plus more!) After our Starr Hill visit R felt ill for 2 days and as though under attack, especially more so when he tried to think about the UFO subject. He also later admitted at this time he'd had odd irrational thoughts of hatred towards W (who he liked and considered a friend � like my overshadowing?) Around the same time R received an odd phone call from someone claiming to be a reporter from another UFO group (refused to give a name) who told him certain people in Quest were not to be trusted. R dismissed it but thought it odd at the time, as though someone/thing was trying to sow doubt and mistrust among the group. Were we onto something? My guides had warned that �they� would try to �turn people against you� and sow dissent when the �good guys� and themselves took me to �meet the right people.� This destroying of trust among groups working for good purpose seems to be a theme and certainly rang true for Quest! R was late visited by an entity in a �space suit� and a grey that walked through his wall as he sat reading in bed. Terrified by all this he disbanded the Bristol group and various friendships disintegrated among some members.

      19th July 1998
      Received a series of inspired channeled ideas from the higher guides and felt prompted to write � �The higher plan is the ultimate plan. Those who hold to this in true service can overcome all darkness.� Timely reminder as self-doubts and antagonistic thoughts come and go, causing me to withdraw into myself and alienate the Quest people, especially W oddly.

      Situation now
      I'm still really unable to conclude anything concrete from all of this, except to say I'm certain there are positive other-world beings who do have an interest in humanity and work with individuals on a spiritual inspirational level. I am also convinced that our world governments are in cahoots with ET visitors who do not have humanity�s interests at heart, only their own base ones (greys?Reptoids?)
      I continue to work on my own spiritual path, of a non-religious nature though I have an interest in all mystical forms of world religions with a special affinity to indigenous shamanic paths (especially native American ) and Buddhist and Pagan philosophy. I'm a Reiki practitioner (level 1) and take part in regular Earth healing circles led voluntarily by Reiki masters.

      I think something will unfold soon but I'm not sure what the something will be- the prophesied pole-shift? Mass landing? Humanity enslaved to dark aliens? Whatever it may be it�s not over until the fat lady sings!

      �Dangers arising from the forces that you ignorantly call evil; such dangers consist in attacks on the pupil by extraneous entities on some one plane. These entities may simply be discarnate beings; they may be denizens of the other planes who are non-human; later on when the student is of sufficient importance to attract attention, the attack may come purely from those who deal purely in matter to the hindrance of spiritual growth � the black magicians, the dark brothers and other forces that appear destructive.�
      �It is only as discipleship is approached and a man stands out ahead of his fellows as an instrument of the White Brotherhood that he attracts the attention of those who seek to withstand. When, through the application of meditation and power and activity in service, a man has developed his vehicles to a point of real achievement...in doing so he encroaches on the domain of those who work with the forces of involution and thus he may bring attack upon himself. The attack may be directed against any of his three vehicles (emotional, etheric, personality) and may be of different kinds. All kinds of means are employed to hinder the usefulness of the disciple through disease, crippling of the physical body...glamour is another method used, or casting over the disciple a cloud of emotional and mental matter which suffices to hide the real or obscure that which is true. Glamour may be either on emotional or mental levels but is usually on the former. One form employed is to cast the shadows of the thought of weakness or discouragement or criticism to which on occasion he may give way...Another form is to throw into his mental aura suggestions and ideas purporting to come from his own Master but which are subtle suggestions that hinder and do not help.
      It takes a wise disciple to discriminate between the voice of his real Teacher and the false masquerading one, and even High Initiates have been temporarily misled. A third method frequently employed is to envelop in a thick cloud of darkness and fog through which he stumbles and falls. It may take the form of a black cloud of emotional matter...that seems to imperil all stable vibration and plunges the student into a blackness of despair....at such times he needs much the gift of �viveka� and to earnestly and calmly reason out the matter. H should remind himself that the darkness hides nought from the God within and that stable centre of consciousness remains there, untouched....

      Channeled by Alice Bailey in �Letters on Occult Meditation� (1922).

      On the Dark Brotherhood she writes �
      �The dark brother recognizes no unity with his species, only seeing in them people to be exploited for the furtherance of his own ends. This then is the mark of those who are being used by the wittingly or unwittingly. They respect no person, they regard all men as their fair prey, they use anyone to get their own way enforced and by fair means or foul they seek to break down all opposition and for the personal self acquire that which they desire. The dark brother considers not what suffering he may cause; he cares not what agony of mind he brings upon an opponent....Expect absolutely no mercy from those opposing the Brotherhood of Light. On the physical plane the dark brother has more power than that of the Light, more apparent power, because the light brothers choose not to exert their power but refrain, working with the powers of evolution and not involution.� (True law of humanity and compassion and not simply brute force, I read that as).
      �At this time their power is of times mighty because so much exists as yet in the personalities of all men that respond to their vibration...if the dark brother gains control over any man it but shows the man has in his own life some weak spot. The door whereby entrance is affected must be opened by the man himself.�

      In my experiences the Guides made it clear that pure motivation (not selfish, ego based action) and meditation on the highest principles of altruism and humanity would close the doors to the negative entity attacks. �Mind your mind�, one of them joked. Nice to know even beings of Light can have a sense of fun!
      I will watch with interest to see what may (or may not) happen in the future over this ET issue.

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