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RE: Another Unusual Abduction Story

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  • Dex
    As we have observed in this publication, three aspects of the abduction phenomena stand out in our minds. The first aspect is the large number of cases that
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      As we have observed in this publication, three aspects of the abduction phenomena stand out in our minds. The first aspect is the large number of cases that seem to be out there. We did not expect to find this when we re-entered UFO research back in 1990. The second aspect is the all-to-common difficulty of truly completing the investigation of a "case." An abduction story seems to be a part of the abductee's life, and until the abductee's life is complete, the case is never complete. Even when a case does not last a lifetime, an abductee often seems to remember his/her past experiences piece meal. There always seems to be something else to remember, and it's not as if the story is being made up over a long period of time. Each remembered piece seems to logically fit somewhere into the linear tapestry of the events that make up the story. But, for some reason, the pieces are never remembered all at once. No matter how much is remembered, an investigator can never be sure that all of the details of the story are known. The third aspect is the absurdity of the claims that abductees sometimes make. Since we have no idea what the abduction phenomena is all about, it is unwise to throw any story out for this reason. While these stories certainly don't seem to be reporting an objective truth, the very absurdity of some of them may be an important clue as to what they are all about. We caution against ignoring any data just because it is too absurd or does not fit into your particular world view. It is with all of this in mind that we quote from the transcripts of two hypnosis sessions that three MORA investigators had with an abductee we shall name Mike.


      Investigators: Franklin B. Reams, Mark Savage and Rick Reynolds
      From the Ohio UFO Notebook, December, 1994

      [I is the investigators, M is Mike.]
      I: Now, we're driving down the highway. We left Greensboro [North Carolina]. You can see the road ahead. Everything is going great...We're coming up to the 87 mile marker. What particularly catches your eye?
      M: I just feel funny.
      I: What feels funny?
      M: I'm just sitting in the car...strange feeling like I'm not alone.
      I: Do you feel you're not alone or do you sense you're not alone?
      M: It's just a sense.
      I How fast are you driving? Look down at your speedometer.
      M: Ahh ... about 62.
      I: Is it dark out or is it light?
      M: It's dark.
      I: Do you have your lights on?
      M: Lights on.
      I: What's the next important thing that happens?
      M: It's awhile back ... I saw something that was over the car...when I look up again there it was.
      I: What do you mean, "There it was?"
      M: I don't know. It was like rust in color and bigger than a ... it's big. Ahh, like a small house ... four bedroom house. Big!
      I What's the shape of it?
      M: More or less, it wasn't round. It wasn't square. Like, not exactly triangular. No lights...no glow. It just blended in with the night sky. The only reason I could see it was because I was looking up and it was so close to me. [M looked up at the object through the front windshield of his car and to the left.]
      I: What happens next?
      M: Something ain't right...I'm getting conflicting information. [M keeps driving while this is going on. He reports seeing oncoming traffic and glancing down so he won't drive off the road. He remembers listening to the radio and hearing the time. It's 9:20 PM.] It's like something else is playing in my head, but it doesn't make sense. [He remembers the objects goes off to the right and he says, "It's like something else happened."]
      I: What happened?
      M: It's cloudy. I'm trying to see through it ... not right. I don't remember this.
      I: What do you remember?
      M: Eyes.
      I: What about your eyes?
      M: Not my eyes. Eyes, big eyes. It's looking at me.
      I: Where? From the windshield? The side window?
      M: I don't know. It's like staring through the darkness.
      I: Does it scare you?
      M: No. I don't know nothing about it ... doesn't make sense.
      I: What happens next?
      M: It's almost like I'm in a lab. All I see is a few test tubes.
      Ahh, like my head hurts. It's like I'm trying to see something that I'm not supposed to see.

      What am I doing in a doctors room?

      I: How do you know it's a doctor's room?
      M: Like a big round light [motioning to the right] it's over there.
      I: What are you seeing?
      M: A baby.
      I: Is it black or white? [M is a black man.]
      M: Red. Red all over.
      I: Is it crying?
      M: No, it's not fully developed yet.
      I: Who's holding the baby?
      M: I'm losing the picture ... It's taking me through the door.
      I: Who's taking you through the door?
      M: I don't know. I can only see the back. White coat. White coat. I'm walking.
      I: How tall ...
      M: Just a little taller than I am. [M reports following whoever is wearing the coat. This figure has something over it's head like a surgical mask or gown. M is told to follow this figure, not with words but in his head. He is taken into a "wide open space." He looks around.]
      I: What do you see?
      M: Crystal. Crystal light reflecting off a crystal. [The crystal is attached to the ceiling.] I can see the light reflecting off it. It looks clear, like a big round diamond. It's round. Big room, nothing in this room. [M see what he thinks is a window.] It's dark outside. Real dark. Never seen it this dark. I just figure it leads to another room. [M is asked by the hypnotist to look out the window.] All the little lights. Wow! Bright light. It came through the window. It turned just a little bit ... like it was moving.
      I: What is in this room besides the bright light?
      M: Hallway...some people moving around. Four or five. It's like they're doing something. Pushing a cart. It's like each one has a job to do and they're doing it. I didn't even know they were there until the light flashed through the window. [They're] all in white coats.
      I: Go to the next important thing that happened to you.
      M: It's like an elevator. [M reports he is going up. He can tell this because this "elevator" has a little "window" and he can see "little lights" going by.]
      I: Are you alone on the elevator?
      M: No, there are about three other people, things. Like they in...it's not white. It's almost like a metallic with a band [M motions diagonally across his chest] it comes across...like it sparkles. The band don't, but what they are in sparkles. [M is asked to look at a face. He reports seeing a helmet, like a scuba divers helmet, and big slanted eyes. The people he is with are quiet. He states that he thinks they know him. He is taken to an area that is like a "residential quarters" where they place him in a "holding area, like a small apartment." He reports that a "dispensary" is nearby where he can get food and drink. A liquid is available that looks like water but doesn't taste like water. He doesn't drink at this time but he knows what it is like.]
      I: You've already tasted it?
      M: Before.
      I: You mean you've been here before?
      M: Yes. [M thinks he was there once when he had just turned seventeen. The first time, however, was when he was a small child. He goes backward in time to that experience. He reports having "blood tests" and skin samples taken.]
      I: How old are you?
      M: Wait a minute. What's she doing here?
      I: Who's that?
      M: That was my Momma Leonard.
      I: You mean your mom's there?
      M: Yeah!
      I: Is she being tested too?
      M: No, they are doing something.
      I: What are they doing? How old are you?
      M: Two hours. I'm not really here. I haven't been born yet.
      I: You haven't been born yet?
      M: No.
      I: And they've got your mother up there?
      M: No.
      I: What are they doing?
      M: Baby. [M reports being with a woman who is not black and is not his mother. He says this woman is glad to see him. She hugs him. She claims to be his mother. He does not characterize the difference between this "mother" and his birth mother.]
      I: Did they put anything in your body?
      M: My ear.
      I: Which ear?
      M: [M points to his right ear.] Not exactly in my ear. It's here. [M points behind his ear.] Under here. Pushed like a small pin, like I was being tagged.


      M is taken forward to the next time he is on the ship. He says that this occurs when he is three to four years old. He meets someone he calls a "man" who teaches him things, including physics and calculus. The next experience occurs when he is reportedly nine years old. He is placed securely on a table in a machine that rotates his body like a pig on a spit as it scans with a narrow beam of light that is "bluish red." His face is covered with a shield. The scanning doesn't hurt him, but it's hot. He feels cool air blowing over him and a motor-like hum emanates from the machine. The scanning takes a few minutes.

      The second hypnosis session several days later unbelievably finds M on a space ship in the Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter. He and four other Earth people, along with six alien crew members, are awaiting the arrival of a huge ship that he described as being as big as the Moon. Once aboard this huge ship he sees people who had disappeared from Earth under mysterious circumstances. These people are afraid of him because he is some sort of important person, a "big cheese" as he says. One of these people, a woman, tries to get him to help her go home, which is in San Francisco. She is dressed in a style from the early 1900s. She claims to have been aboard the passenger ship Lusitania, which was sunk by the Germans off Ireland in 1915. She still looks like she is in her early twenties. It's as if time has stood still for these people. M claims that these people do not die, but does not explain how or why. M claims to be in contact with an alien named Zatar. He further claims to have gotten some advanced technical information from this source.

      Other contact type stories have reported similar things. While not supporting the accuracy of what we were told, the similarities of such stories indicates that this would be an interesting area for study. Let's face it folks, we have no idea about what all of this means.

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