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Lt. Colonel SC/Agenda's

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  • Dex
    (Note: These are conversations from other forum postings I thought you might want to be aware...Dex) Cross posting: From (S) January 19th, 2008 Lt. Colonel SC
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 14, 2008
      (Note: These are conversations from other forum postings I thought you might want to be aware...Dex)
      Cross posting:

      From (S)

      January 19th, 2008

      Lt. Colonel SC

      Aliens and the Reptilian Agenda Attacking Earth

      Lt. Colonel SC will be talking about inside information regarding the alien agenda, illuminati connection, abductions and the pending attack on earth. The Lt. says the Stephenville mile long UFO is the real deal and it came from under the ocean. He is knowledgeable in many things and has first hand experience on information brought out in last weeks show with Barbara Brown. Listen to that interview as a primer to this upcoming interview. Tell your friends about both shows.

      Lt. Colonel SC was in the USAF a few years then was sent to the army in Black Ops as punishment for partying too much and then was sent to South America as a Sniper. After that he was sent to to area S-4 (also known as Area 51) as a Guard ( Sniper ). He was aloud to roam all over the area in the desert and rocks and was told to kill anything that crosses into the Dead Zone (DZ). During this time he saw MANY MANY things. He was later sent to do the same thing in secret California base. The Lt. has deep contacts in all the 3 letter agencies, including HAARP, CIFA ect. He came to the Lord after hearing Benjamin Baruch on the Art Bell show. That's when his world as he knew it turned upside down, because after hearing him, he knew he was a man of GOD and what he said lined up with what he knew from being in the dark side. The Lt. Colonel had a lot of struggles after that but it was all worth it he says. He is thankful to God for sending Benjamin into his life as well as others, but Benjamin revealed to him from the show how wicked he was , as well as what he did!


      January 26th, 2008

      Lt. Colonel SC

      Aliens and the Reptilian Agenda Attacking Earth

      The Lt. will continue with amazing details of the reptilian agenda, cloned soldiers and Area 51

      9-11 Commission Report Implicitly Discredited by More Than 100 Architects and Engineers "In a time of deceit telling the truth is revolutionary act." - George Orwell

      (above) From Dex's Turkish Kumburgaz ufo sightings/entity links, showing the outlines and structure of the heads of 2 occupants (after software enhancement and being zoomed in multiple times) in the so-called "exploration" craft, which was 12 metres wide in diameter.

      DD writes:

      Thanks for posting the Edge's interview links with Lieutenant Colonel "SC", Shady. I only listened to the second part, but "the Reptilian Agenda" covered a fair range of other topics. SC's answers seemed too pat to me, but I had to listen to the conversation to the end just to see what he'd say next. The Lieutenant claimed that there'll be a 110% revelation of the alien secret this year as well as it being an odds-on certainty that martial law will be declared in the USA in 2008. Oh yeah, and Bush Junior gave the order for the planes to crash into the Twin Towers in 2001, according to him. He also mentioned something about a 5 mile-wide triangular craft on fire, that was captured on film and uploaded onto google-video before being quickly pulled. I would have love to have seen that, if true. The Lieutenant certainly ratchets up the melodrama about Reptilians, literally wetting his breeches on coming face to face with one. I wish he didn't have to bring Jesus and the Book of Revelations into it, as well as labelling all the Reptilians as demonic entities. However, by just mentioning Jesus Christ's name, you'll have a Reptilian quivering in his platform heels, according to SC.

      Dagwood wrote:
      First thought that comes to mind is why would they punish him by placing him in black-op's? Second thought, how would a base sniper have inside information on a planned assult? They keep those things pretty departmentalized and on a need-to-know basis. Why would he be privy to them as a glorified security guard?


      DD replies:

      Two good thoughts, Dag. I submit a 'third' thought would be, why is he now allowed to tell this tale? I would further submit that this is but the latest attempt at disinforming the public of the real truth of the extraterrestrial presence.

      (Sorry to have been away for the past few days, but as the readers will soon know there have been very important developments in the issues we tend to focus on here.)

      The first give-away in the above account about "Lt. Colonel SC" is the attempt at the very beginning to ascribe an "Attack on Earth" as the primary motivation behind the alien 'agenda'. This is the "Independence Day" version of ET interference; the gov't is hiding "evil aliens" from us because they love us and want to protect us from a "War of the Worlds" scenario, in which obviously-superior ETs attempt to engage in primitive warfare, of "might is right" philosophy, to "take over Earth". I know this reflects a popular strain of "evil aliens are comin' to get us!" mentality, but a close examination of the assumptions in this scenario would deconstruct the paradigm in short order. I'll revisit this issue later. Black-ops agents are indeed recruited from the 'fringe' of the military-industrial complex; most seem almost 'rogue' from their reputation of "partying", but in virtually every case it's coupled with a fierce and fanatical patriotism. I wouldn't doubt any of the statements regarding his area of posting, his orders to "kill anything that crosses [the Dead Zone]", and furthermore his swing from one extreme ('partying' too much) to the other (becoming a 'man of GOD'). We see this often in public personalities; we love them for pushing the envelope with the 'lifestyle', and then they are held up to us as models for 'turning to the straight and narrow and following God' once they have their 'wild oats' sown.

      It insults my intelligence highly.

      This individual, sincere as he is (and I don't doubt it), is one in a long line of similarly-sincere bamboozlers, just as the sincere DB is. It is those who are in control of the 'compartments' that know the real truth, yet they unleash these unwitting bamboozlers who they then hide behind. I would only trust the testimony of those rank-and-file members of the black-ops community AFTER they receive immunity for testifying to the FULL TRUTH of what they know, even what they suspect from what they were told. Furthermore, that testimony would have to take place in full and transparent hearings that allow for ALL witnesses to tell their "piece of the puzzle", under penalty for perjury and under oath. This is the only way the public will learn the full extent of ALL the scenarios Majestic and its predecessor(s) and successor(s) have been made aware of.

      THEN we will be on the way to full DISCLOSURE. Until then, these are for the most part merely entertaining glimpses into black-compartments that are only partially 'aware', and that by design. Until then, I would put more stock into the accounts of contactees such as Dex and his peers.


      Mjc, I saw a couple pages back when you posted those pics of all the chemtrails from your side of the pond; that same day, following a relatively quiet and chemtrail-free few weeks, we too were inundated. We had at least 2 "X"s over our house, and I counted 16 separate chemtrails in the sky that day. Even more intriguing, two days ago we started noticing a series of black chemtrails. By the time I got the camera out, they were so diffuse as to be unrecognizable, but they're a new development here. Have you seen black chemtrails yet? Has anybody else reading seen these?

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