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A True Tooth Fairy Story

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  • Dex
    Imaginary friends?? or are they? I second the motion..well said Kat and John. I think back when as kids many that I know experienced the extra-ordinary and it
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 4, 2008
      Imaginary friends?? or are they?

      I second the motion..well said Kat and John.

      I think back when as kids many that I know experienced the extra-ordinary and it wasn't imaginary.
      I hope you believe this, but, I doubt it because I've experienced so many things it tends to go against the grain of acceptance..

      Anyway, in a subtle way, I jokingly share from time to time over the years with family and a very few friends something I don't want them to forget.
      They are not believers themselves. They try but are limited in the absence of their own awareness experiences.

      My first encounter and last experience with losing a tooth and getting money for it, which was our tradition, is a time I'll never forget. Has anyone else in the world made this claim? I don't know? Why not? Then let me be the 'first'.

      I laid in bed half awake looking towards the opened bedroom door in my room, when suddenly, a wispy shadow in the archetypical imagine of a fairy, at least that's what it looked like without any physical facial details. It had a pointed hat and wispy tail. It was around 3 feet in length, quickly moved through the door into my room zigzagging through the air up to the end of my bed, stopped, reached down to the folded blanket on the end of the bed, picked it up and simply dropped it back down. That's all it did.

      It then flew in the same zigzagging motion back out through the bedroom door. What a sight to behold for kid.

      I jumped up and crawled to the end of the bed with a great amount of curiosity why this super natural entity handled the blanket folded up at the end of my bed. I picked the blanket up and lo and behold...there was quarter under it. Wow! I thought. Money!

      Well, I went looking for mom and found her. I told her the narrative about the shadow like fairy that came to my room and what it had done and my finding the quarter. She said several hours earlier, she had placed the quarter under the blanket because I was asleep and she didn't want to awaken me. I was puzzled because she had always placed a quarter under my pillow. I said if it haven't been for that fairy showing me where you had put the quarter I would have never found it. I insisted it really happened, but, to no avail. I insisted I didn't know what it was, but, that is was real and what it had done, apparently too, wanted my thinking it was a tooth fairy. I never believed in them before.

      What a way ending a childhood tradition with a 'gift' like that. A very thoughtful intelligence.

      I always think back to my 'first' conscious encounter with that unknown being and always relive in my feelings how I appreciate what it had done. And as a tooth fairy. How special that was. Something that people always make a joke of never believing in it's reality, and I guess never will, who could? That privileged experience has stuck with me for a lifetime. A witness that the tooth fairy is or can be real for anyone. It didn't act like it placed the quarter there, it only showed me where to look. Talk about a surprise.
      I now know these entities can appear in whatever image wished by them and I thank them to this day for doing that one for me.
      It helped open my mind a little more and probably for the things that came. As I think back to that experience, it seems that in a way, it conveyed a life long message to me to be aware of being assisted, especially, when it comes to finding things.

      A true tooth fairy story.

      I hope you sense I'm not making this stuff up? Some of us believe telling the truth is vital in our lives. Our reality has by far gone beyond the sci-fi of this world.
      There's more...and not just from me.


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