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  • Dex
    I need your help. If the prediction for seeing the light of the second sun (son) has anything related to the posting below compiled by Tex from another forum?
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 3, 2008
      I need your help.
      If the prediction for seeing the light of the second sun (son) has anything related to the posting below compiled by Tex from another forum? Lets try to offset this thing through our willing it or through prayer asking for it not to happen.


      Posted: Sat Feb 02, 2008 7:38 am Post subject:

      I hope this "thought train" is not accurate.....

      PostPosted: Thu Jan 10, 2008
      A 'Prediction'
      I don't know what this means, but, I'll tell it anyway...
      "The Light of the Second Sun (Son) will be seen in a few weeks time."

      Trinity was the first test of technology for a nuclear weapon. It was conducted by the United States on July 16, 1945, at a location 35 miles southeast of Socorro, New Mexico, on what is now White Sands Missile Range, headquartered near Alamogordo.

      In the official report on the test, General Farrell wrote, "The lighting effects beggared description. The whole country was lighted by a searing light with the intensity many times that of the midday sun. It was golden, purple, violet, gray, and blue. It lighted every peak, crevasse and ridge of the nearby mountain range with a clarity and beauty that cannot be described but must be seen to be imagined..."

      News reports quoted a forest ranger 150 miles west of the site as saying he saw "a flash of fire followed by an explosion and black smoke." A New Mexican 150 miles north said, "The explosion lighted up the sky like the sun."

      Angry Hybrid
      User ID: 331973
      Nuclear attack on India on February 4, 2008

      I wonder what will happen after the attack?
      I wonder if the people that India will counter attack even will be responsible for it...I wonder if maybe it will be the Bush people tricking the Indians into war.
      By March Pakistan will be in total ruins and mostly occupied by Indian forces.
      India will have moved it's army through Pakistan into both Iran and afganistan.
      India will start the war with Iran...maybe.

      Angry Hybrid
      User ID: 331973 (OP)
      Re: Nuclear attack on India on February 4, 2008

      I saw this in a dream several years ago...the PM was on TV declaring war on everybody and ranting like a madman, on and on he went, screaming like Hitler.I desperately wanted to watch the mans speach, but there was a baby being born right in front of me...so my head went back and forth, from the TV to the baby and back again. The baby was born, and he was a real baby, not an alegorical baby. The only thing odd about the dream was that the mans speach was in Hindi, which I can't speak, and yet in the dream I could understand him perfectly.

      I woke very confused...

      I didn't know what to think, but then a few months later when the elections came in, they picked Singh to be the new PM...I couldn't believe it...the man from my dream was now in office.

      So since then I have been waiting for a baby...but no baby has been coming...until now. I got the news about two months ago...my exwifes sister in India is having a baby...and he's due on February fifth...the day after the attacks...I was seeing the scene through the eyes of Ravi...I am sure of it...unless I happen to get to India in the next few weeks which I totally want to do. Can you imagine how interesting it would be to be there?

      Although I guess when this happens and the war begins to spread, we all will probably be getting a chance.


      Middle East Internet Blackouts Spur Geopolitical Suspicions
      Bloggers says big event could be right around the corner, Iran completely cut off

      Paul Joseph Watson
      Prison Planet
      Friday, February 1st, 2008


      Dex wrote:


      How did they derive at the date?
      What makes them? think India's going to war?


      Angry Hybrid User ID: 331973 (OP) 12/19/2007
      It was a supernatural power that gave me that dream...so that I would know the date of the attack at this moment in time.
      But it wasn't to spare me...
      And I can't imagine that it was to make me rich...
      So it must have been that I can do something creative to save the Indians...but what?
      Maybe if I flew to India and personally told the Indian intelligence service what I saw...but I don't see how that would help them...
      So why do I know?
      Of course I know it was not a dream...it was a vision from GOD.
      And how could part of my dream already come true?
      GOD showed me the future and he backed it up with the election of Singh.
      why 4th feb?
      The baby is due on the fifth.


      don't know .

      When some folks write something like this , I pay attention.

      You are one of them.....angry hybrid is another.

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