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FW: [prepare4contact] First Target for 2008 - Beneath the Giza Plateau

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  • Dex
    For info. Further information related to the tunnel system criss crossing the globe. Bre. ... [Non-text portions of this message have been removed] [Non-text
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 23, 2008
      For info.
      Further information related to the tunnel system criss crossing the globe.

      Greg Gavin wrote:
      > Here is an interview a few years back with John Carlo an American
      > who lived in Egypt for a while and studied the region.
      > Giza Plateau in Egypt Gateway to the Inner Earth?
      > The Official Hall of Records, Live from Gizah, Egypt
      > introduction from website: The finding of a Hall of Records from a
      > long lost, advanced civilization in antiquity is needed now more
      > then ever before. Over population, famine, disease, violence, war,
      > the slow destruction of our ecological systems, pollution and
      > various other imbalances brought on by the lack of being one with
      > the natural forces of the divine is at an all time high facing
      > mankind today. His very existence is at stack as mother earth tries
      > so desperately to cleanse and heal herself from the ignorance of
      > mankind.
      > The time of drastic change in our world is now upon us. A website
      > like this is finally needed to form a bridge between the thirsty
      > masses walking the mystical path and God's great temple complex in
      > the land of Egypt, for it is here that Horus and the "first time"
      > will come again to start a fresh new cycle of mankind's journey on
      > planet earth. The time is ripe and now Mariola & I will start to
      > fufill our destiny to make mankind more aware of the ancient
      > knowledge and what is about to happen. - John Carlo
      > Onelight.com:
      > Our main interest lies with the subterranean regions of the Inner
      > Earth. It has been our understanding that there are tunnels leading
      > from the Pyramids to the Inner Earth, particularly from the Gizah
      > and Cheops. Have you received any information that would support
      > this?
      > John Carlo:
      > My contacts in Egypt, especially many of the good simple people who
      > live in the Village of Nazlet El Sammon ( the village next to Giza)
      > have told me that many underground passage ways exist deep under the
      > Giza Plateau and it has been known by the Egyptian Authorities for
      > many years. Now you must understand that these people have lived her
      > all of their lives and so has their fathers and fathers fathers.
      > They know more about the Giza Plateau then most Egyptologists. This
      > is very normal because I was born and raised in a small town in NJ
      > and I know all about my neighborhood backwards and forwards, knew
      > all the gossip of that time in the town and all the secrets. You
      > grow up in a place and it becomes your soul and you learn it like
      > the back of your hands. Many of my skeptics have pointed out time
      > and and again that the villagers of Nazlet El Sammon will say
      > anything to a tourist because they are hungry and need money. This
      > is very true, but My wife and I are no longer tourists at Giza (been
      > there 8 times and about to move for there for good) and developed
      > many deep friendships that reflect in TRUST. Many of the villagers
      > no longer look at my wife and I as tourists and made us part of the
      > family of secrets at the Plateau. Many villagers also speak of the
      > Giza people who live underneath Saquarra and are known to wear
      > ancient Egyptian clothing. The villagers have told me that a large
      > network of tunnels exist throughout all the known pyramids along the
      > Nile and connect to deep underground ancient cities yet to be
      > discovered. Mariola and I have seen many of these tunnels and have
      > actually walked in them. More to come from us as the research
      > continues. I also suggest you find the works of JJ Hurtak because he
      > has stated that he has evidence of a huge underground labyrinth
      > under the Giza Plateau.
      > Onelight.com:
      > Have you read on any of the Pharaohs who may have had a particular
      > interest in the Inner Earth, or anything written down by their
      > scribes?
      > John Carlo:
      > I am not aware of any Pharaohs who had a particular interest in the
      > inner earth but one thing is for certain, the ancient Egyptians were
      > very much obsessed with the underworld and was very much part of
      > their belief system. It is known as the "DUAT". They are know
      > different then all the other ancient peoples all over the world who
      > mention the underworld and have a fascination with it. Legends,
      > fables, religious writings all point to this fascination.
      > Onelight.com:
      > Has there been any remote viewing beneath the Plateau of Giza? If
      > so, what was seen there?
      > John Carlo:
      > I am a remote viewer Greg and I reflect this talent through astral
      > projection. What I have seen is a huge temple complex many miles
      > down that further reflect and align to the celestial bodies. I have
      > seen 12 huge colonnades that leads to doorways that point to all 12
      > zodiac signs. I have seen a huge temple under the Sphinx that was
      > made for Initiations into the mysteries for those who came to seek
      > wisdom. I also have seen an American military compound deep under
      > the plateau that is connected to Israel via huge tunnel systems. Why
      > they are there, I do not know, but my intuition tells me that the
      > American and Israeli gov't has been plundering ancient Atlantean
      > technologies for years and are trying like hell to get into the Hall
      > of Records and penetrate the force field system put in place by the
      > Atlantean priests. I also believe that the American Gov't has been
      > mapping the old ancient tunnel systems of the ancients and are very
      > well aware of the hollow structure of the earth and the fantastic
      > ancient civilizations living inside.
      > Onelight.com:
      > (from your page - There is a time coming soon where the use of money
      > will no longer be the driving force and foundation of human
      > civilization rather, a world based on the barter system of divine
      > law and the laws of nature will again take hold for all people's to
      > live together in peace and love. True prosperity lies in spiritual
      > growth not in material things.)
      > Is this barter system a clear formula we have hidden in our nature,
      > divine nature, that will come out at a time in the future when our
      > trust is closer to the harmony of the divine?
      > John Carlo:
      > Yes Greg, I believe the present socio-economic system mankind used
      > and is presently using was brought into existence by the dark forces
      > called the sons of Beliel which Cayce said were the black magician's
      > part of Atlantean priest network. This is there way of controlling
      > human kind and suppressing the innate-psychic powers that we all
      > share to make us free and independent. As it stand now, we are sheep
      > that need the big corporations to survive and give us the things we
      > need to live. But if we knew how to be one with nature and her
      > forces the things we would need would be free of charge straight
      > from the universe without having to be billed ever again. This is
      > what they don't want. It all has to do with control Greg. These
      > power brokers want to hide the truth about reality and the truth
      > about who we are and our real ancient past. I believe that these
      > groups reflect WASP (American) and ZIONIST interests.
      > Onelight.com:
      > (from your page - There are certain subterranean galleries and
      > winding passages beneath the pyramids which, it is said, the adepts
      > in the ancient rites (knowing that the flood was coming, and fearing
      > that the memory of the sacred ceremonies would be obliterated),
      > constructed vaults in various places, mining them out of the ground
      > with great labor. And upon leveled walls they engraved the
      > hieroglyphic characters. -The Roman Marcellinus, 4th century.)
      > Do you have any knowledge concerning the depths of these vaults and
      > the passage ways?
      > John Carlo:
      > The water table under the Giza plateau is only about 20 feet down
      > Greg, so the vaults and tunnels have to exist much further down. A
      > whole new world exists under our feet Greg, and it is time for the
      > power brokers of this planet tell us the truth and stop the Bull
      > dung! I have spoken to many Coptic priests in Cairo and some
      > actually were brave enough to share with me some well kept secrets
      > about the tunnel systems that exist under the vast network of Coptic
      > churches all throughout Cairo that are part and parcel to the
      > tunnels under Giza and all around the globe! Stay tuned!
      > Onelight.com: Thank you. I look forward to reading more information
      > on the Giza Plateau as it comes to surface dwellers consciousness.
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