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    This seems to be getting more common every day. Cross posting: Quote from: jahara Cass, It s hard to explain but I will try. I spent a lot of time astral
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      This seems to be getting more common every day.
      Cross posting:

      Quote from: jahara

      It's hard to explain but I will try. I spent a lot of time astral traveling, started when I was a kid. And when I was a teenager I started having wierd stuff happen, I didn't know what it was but I knew it had to do with the astral traveling. I had a friend who wanted to join the coast guard and I thought that would be cool. She and I would go downtown to the recruiters after school, even though in the back of my mind I just wanted to go to college. the reason I considered it is because they would pay for college and my dad had told me he wouldn't. We talked to the air force and navy as well, but the coast guard was the one we wanted. The problem was those recruiters didn't want women. They did everything they could to discourage us. We would make an appointment and they would not be there, but the other recruiters would be hanging around.

      One day I took another friend on a saturday because I had an appointment and we were going to a movie afterwards. Again the coast gurad recruiters were gone, but the army guys were there like a bunch of hungry dogs. I didn't want to talk to them but my friend did. She was so excited about what they said and I wasn't. But I couldn't let her join alone. She had never been away from home and for some reason I figured I needed to go with her. Of couse she hated it, it was not what she was cut out for. I think they got her convinced with the money for college, but it was more than that and in basic she quit talking to me.

      I never put any of this together until years after I got out of the army. Many things happened that were strange. I could do things that others would get into trouble for, and at the most someone would say "Wade, what are you doing?" Usually nothing was said. Finally I got sent to Germany to a remote viewer unit. Since the army can't say they have a remote viewer unit (don't beleive anything about them being disbanded) they had a whole battallion to cover the company that trained and used the remote viewers. This battallion was a signal batallion (communications) and it was a real fun house. The equipment was falling apart but we weren't allowed to fix it or requistion new stuff, we could have 'training' exercises where we essentially drove the equipment to some forest and sat around waiting for the other equipment only to be told the next day that the exercise had been canceled but since we had paid for the use of the land we had to stay. I knew something was off and was surprised when no one else acted like they noticed. When I first arrived I was told I would be the colonel's driver (the best duty you can get if your rank is low) and I heard my self saying "No! I am a tactical circuit controller, not a driver." while I was thinking "Who said that?!" I refused to get a german drivers license too and I don't know why, since I could drive any of the equipment we had with no problem. Every chance the colonel got he would taunt me somehow. It was very weird and I thought he was very freaky.

      Some of the stuff that went on: No one was allowed near headquarters barracks if they did not live there. There was a 24 hour guard on that building, but not on any of the others. Anyone could come and go as they pleased in the other barracks (even though that is not really the way it is supposed to work, one extreme and the opposite extreme). Sometimes someone would disappear for 2 weeks and when you saw them again, they acted like they had not been gone. When it was time for me to get promoted 10 of us went before the E-5 board and I was the only one who got enough points to get promoted. Even though my seargeant, who was on a mission to get all women and gays out of the army, had made sure I would not pass. I spent a week in the field before, where he just mentioned "By the way you are scheduled to go to the E-5 board on Monday". At the time I didn't know everyone else had been told 2 weeks before and they had study guides for the questions. I know the only thing that I got right was reading the map. the rest of the questions I answered "Sir, I don't remember." At the time I only had a couple of months left in the army so I did not get the promotion unless I re-enlisted. Which I did not do. Who would want to stay in such a crazy environment? The Captain lost my paperwork in his desk drawer when it was time for me to leave which forced me to go to the recruiter and add 2 more months. He tried hard to get me to re-enlist (unusual behaviour in the 70's since I was a woman).

      About 15 years later I was at a weekly gathering at the local JB's where I lived and I saw this guy. I thought I knew him but I knew I had never met him. I felt like I had to talk to him, everytime I approached him he would disappear while his girl friend stopped me to talk. It was very weird. Finally one day he was there and I walked up to him and said "I was in the army in the 70's". He told me "Yes." he named the unit I was in and when I was there. I asked if he remembered me there and he said "I left before you got there. I was the colonel's driver and you were supposed to be my replacement." Now, I did not use my 'real' name in that group, everyone knew me as JahaRa. He told me that he was a remote viewer and I was supposed to take over that job too. (this was not something I talked about to anyone, it was too wierd, so there was no way anyone had told him anything that I had said - until then I had not even known why that place was so weird) I told him the colonel freaked me out. I never saw the guy again, but a few months after that because of something that his girl friend was doing he came to me in a dream and asked me to give her a message. That is when I figure out based on some other things he told me about remote viewing that I had been monitored before I joined the army and the whole time I was in the army. And it made sense that I had quit doing astral travel after I went to germany. A lot of things fell into place for me that explained some of the other weird things in my life.

      Well, that ended up being kind of long winded. I knoew if the army is doing it the rest of them are too, and the non-military government remote viewers are the ones who started talking about it.
      Quote from: jahara

      Cass, what kind of work were you doing when the DIA started bothering you? Were you researching the chemtrails before or after that? Probably you accessed some document that had a flag on it and the DIA was trying to scare you and find out what you were up to.

      There may be more to it than that, I know some 'agencies' have a way of monitoring the 'astral' or ethers with remote viewers who can recognize people, locate them or what ever.

      I had experiences with that and that is how I ended up in the Army.

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