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To Keith

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  • Dex
    Thank you Keith.. Glad to read you re still with this list. Yes, I ve been coming to what I think are important priority conclusions. For me, it s always been
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 30, 2007
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      Thank you Keith..

      Glad to read you're still with this list.
      Yes, I've been coming to what I think are important priority conclusions.
      For me, it's always been about others rather than what I receive for myself on the Internet. I've experienced a lot of the super-normal. Gives me a little advantage.
      I try to share anyway I feel I can help.
      Development of latent abilities is really an unrealized important expansion in Life, regardless, what the rest of the world thinks of this. Ask the aborigine?
      If it were left up to the world's ideology, I think they'd want us all to remain grounded for their comfort.
      IMO powers and developing mental abilities, and the uncovering of hidden trans-dimensional relationships is a normal consciousness vertical rising process for the progressing human race. We're here to learn about the two 'Great' Creations going-on simultaneously, and a bit more accurately now through the gifts of introduction and participation.

      The children of Light energies have been suppressed for way too long, and the children of darkness have gotten away exercising power as a claimed right and cultural norm in this world for them.
      As you can see the imbalance and overwhelming negativity, the Hosts are attempting to realign and re-balance the imbalances for what we need to survive with.
      Greater Knowledgeable Relationship Truths about ourselves and our Sources.


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