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FW:Psychic Evidence For Reincarnation

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  • Dex
    This is a better format for reading the below...Sorry! I began communicating on the Internet Jan 1, 2000. It s not 2008 yet! Have Happy New Year!!! (Note: I ve
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      This is a better format for reading the below...Sorry!

      I began communicating on the Internet Jan 1, 2000. It's not 2008 yet! Have Happy New Year!!!

      (Note: I've met Olof Jonsson and participated in a psychic experiment with him and five others. Truly the most powerful mind I've ever met. He's capable of projecting mental images into your mind, so that you too, can see hidden objects that were part of the testing. He can make objects disappear and reappear clear across town if necessary or materialize poker cards inside of a woman's bra where all can witness them materialize. He can levitate tables and chairs from across the room. The list is too long. There's more I know about him he's told to me himself directly.
      He found billions in lost gold bullion Marcos of the Philippines had forgotten where he buried it. He was one of the three psychic's, and was successful, that participated in experiments with our astronauts when they were out in space. He is quite adept at leaving his body and travels un-noticed among inhabitants in our world. So, his knowledge is extensive from experiences acquired over a lifetime...Dex)


      The young man sat slumped in his chair, speaking in a soft monotone that had begun to accelerate and take on more dramatic fluctuations in voice pattern. Then his eyes widened in fear and he gripped the arms of the large chair in which he sat:
      "They swarm over the ship!" he screamed. "Drive them back into the sea! Kill them!"
      Olof Jonsson moved forward. "You will relax," he told the young man. "You will be able to see things in a more detached manner. You will be able to tell us everything that is happening around you, but you will feel no fear, feel no pain."

      The hypnotized subject was describing an ostensible past life that he had lived as a Dane in about the year 892. He had already told Jonsson and the assembled experimenters that he had lived in Jylland and had been a fisherman by trade. He had a wife, quite plump, and six children. He was called Sten the Weakling, not because of a lack of physical strength, but because he was regarded as a bit mentally slow by his fellows. As a Viking warrior, however, he had distinguished himself in many rugged battles. Now, as his unseen audience listened in silence, "Sten" described the last battle of his life.

      "Over the sides with the swine!" he shouted amidst wild battle cries. He and his Danish comrades were doing battle with a marauding Swedish longship, and it was a vicious encounter with members of one tribe of Vikings pitted against another. "By Odin! Feed the swine to the fish!"

      In mid-shout, the young man gasped and clutched his side. He clenched his teeth so that he would not whimper his pain.

      "Remember, you will feel no pain," Olof reminded him. "What has happened to you?"
      "A spear," he cursed. "A spear from that coward. He came at me from behind, and I turned in time to catch the throw in my side."
      "Is it bad?"

      "Sten" nodded. "I can hear the song of the Valkyrie. They come to take me to Valhalla. One of the Swedish dogs raises his sword and hacks at my throat, but I do not care. I feel no pain. I have died in battle as a true Viking warrior."
      The young man "Sten" released a last breath, and one of the witnesses stepped forward to clutch Olof Jonsson's sleeve. "My god, man!" he whispered hoarsely, "don't let him die!"

      Olof assured the witness that he retained control of the personality. "Sten," Olof said to the dying man, "tell us what happens now-after the state known as physical death."
      "I s-seem..."

      "Yes?" Olof prompted after several moments of silence from "Sten."
      "I seem to be floating," the entity answered. "Just floating in the sky."
      "Can you see your body?"

      "Yes," the entity answered. "It is right below me. I can see it on the deck of our longship. How strange it seems to see me down there and yet know that I am really up here My head.. its head.. .has nearly been chopped away from the neck. There is blood all around. It appears that my comrades are losing. The Swedes are too many for them."
      "Can you see any Valkyrie around you?" Olof wanted to know. "Are they taking you to Valhalla?"

      "I thought I heard them as I was dying," the entity known as Sten answered, "but I do not see them."

      "Is there anyone there with you?"

      "I seem to sense other presence's," the Viking replied "But I do not see them. I cannot yet see them too clearly." Can you tell anything at all about them?" Olof pursued the matter. "Only that I seem to sense that they mean me no harm,"' Sten answered.
      Now Sten I want you to move through time and space until it is July 15, 1950, ten fifteen P.M. You will be once more in the library of Dr. Petersen of Stockholm, and you will be once more the entity known as Lars Torkelsen," Olof commanded. "By the time that I count to three, you will be back in the present. One, drifting through time and space; two, coming closer and closer; three...."

      Olof Jonsson: Before I left Sweden, I had placed nearly one thousand people into hypnotic trance and had led them back to what appeared to be former lives. One young woman gave names which we're able to trace through old church records of her family in her former life, and we located records and deeds to support her apparent memory.
      There were many other cases in which a great number of details were given by a subject, and we were often able to substantiate a good many of these facts. I have also sent subjects back thousands of years, but even observing historians and investigators may agree that the subject has the flavor of time, there is no way to check a story that goes back so many years.

      "What have you been able to learn about the nature of reincarnation in your research?"
      Jonsson: One time when I had a subject in deep trance and had moved him from the death experience to a spiritual plateau between lives, I asked him to talk about how the soul progresses.

      He said that around the soul is built a body that later develops until the point of physical death. At that time, the soul continues its wanderings in the world of spirit. A span of about 144 years passes before the soul again takes habitation in a new body, and each soul is reborn on an average of twelve times. After the last incarnation, we become wholly spiritual creatures.

      When I asked what it was like to live in the world of Spirits between incarnations, he answered that it was wonderful: he felt so in harmony with the Universe.
      He also informed me that each soul is reunited with his soulmate, the mate he had in his first incarnation. The soulmate is like one's true "Other half" and one will be whole and happy after his final incarnation.

      "Although we have previously discussed what awaits man in the afterlife, let us now examine the matter from the viewpoint of reincarnation. Olof, what do you feel happens immediately after the soul leaves the body in physical death?"
      Jonsson: I feel that the soul is translated into a higher dimension. In that dimension, the soul will be born as spirit, not as body. On this plane we are used to seeing bodies in order to identify a Person, but I don't believe that a body structure is necessary in a higher life condition. I feel that the material plane of existence on which we are living now is but a moment in our real lives.

      "Where does the soul go after physical death?"

      Jonsson: The soul leaving the plane of materialism is very much like a voyager leaving the Mainland and venturing out to sea. As time passes, he drifts farther and farther away from the old. After he has docked in a fascinating new world, he becomes less interested in what he has left behind him and becomes more concerned about developing the new opportunities before him. At first, the voyager may feel a bit insecure while he is getting to know new friends and so forth, but when he has established a new home, the old Mainland becomes only a part of his memory.
      "Then why reincarnation? Why do people come back to the Mainland?"

      Jonsson: Not everyone does. I do not believe that everyone reincarnates, or at least not so often.
      I think it is like when the farmer puts a seed into the earth: sometimes the plant grows and sometimes it doesn't. I think it may be the same with souls. Not all of them grow properly.
      "And if they do not grow properly, they must be replanted."

      Jonsson: Yes.

      "Do you believe in Karma?"

      Jonsson: Yes, if you mean the Divine Laws of Compensation and the Supreme Law of Spiritual Growth. If you mean Karma as some kind of punishment of the soul, then I do not accept it. I do not accept punishment in the afterlife or in a series of incarnations. I believe that we may have to endure certain kinds of sufferings to learn important lessens, to clear a situation. I do not believe that suffering is meant by Divine Intelligence to be a punishment for sins.

      "At what moment do you believe the the soul enters the physical body?"
      Jonsson: I believe the soul enters the body when the infant takes it's first breath of life upon achieving independence from the mother's womb.

      "What effect do you think birth control pills might have on the Wheel of Rebirth?"
      Jonsson: I don't think birth control pills have any effect at all on reincarnation, if one misses a train, he simply waits for another.

      "What about abortion?" How might abortion affect reincarnation or Karma?"

      Jonsson: I don't think abortion will interfere with reincarnation in any way. If you do not buy one automobile, you may soon be interested in another. If you don't get into one body, you'll get into another.

      "What do you think is the ultimate goal in life in view of the spiritual progress of reincarnation?

      Jonsson: I think what we are working for is not something materialistic. We are striving to achieve Harmony
      and a great reuniting with the Great Mind and its complete knowledge of the Universe.

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