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2008-Could this become a "Year of the Orbs?"

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  • Dex
    I m not sure what to think about this? Okay. I don t know anything about Orbs...so, if you re like me, then I want to show you I have some support out there.
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 25, 2007
      I'm not sure what to think about this?
      Okay. I don't know anything about Orbs...so, if you're like me, then I want to show you I have some support out there. I'm not alone in this experience. Unknown people are sending me URLs' and the stories from others, who know nothing about me, who have been writing in their own experiences with the mysterious appearing Trans-dimensional Orbs.
      I know it may be hard for some of you to believe in these things, but, apparently, they? (Orb intelligence) want my witnessing this phenomena too. And I hope you enjoy my sharing it with you? In addition, several years back, I too lived in Sedona Ariz. during a time when it was an amazing UFO hot spot with many spiritually evolved people. Hmm...

      Remember my wondering why the pink in the Orb in the upper left hand corner of the Dec 19th Orb photo? Was the color intended to denote some unknown significance?
      Well, compare with the URL link photo that arrived in my email today.
      UJ may have been right..they seem magical displaying 'expertise synchronism'.



      The below posting is from Karin:

      Date: December 25, 2007 at 12:42:10
      From: Richard in Portland
      Subject: Orbs? Little half to 2 second blue and red spots of light

      OK I'll accept that I've gone over the edge into la la land or maybe woo woo world. Over the past 2 or 3 weeks I've seen sparklies or orb lights appear in my field of vision. They come in varying shades of blue or red, some yellow. Though they show up for fleeting moments of a half second to 2 seconds, they appear unrelated to eye movement. Hard to tell. Anyone else experiencing this?



      Hello from The Orb Hunters!

      Join us as we explore secret, sacred Sedonaaahhh and beyond and discover incredible Orbs of Light!

      What is an Orb? Our understanding of an Orb is that it is an energy or vehicle within which beings travel. There are several types of Orbs we have discovered.

      Why the sudden explosion of Orb sightings? Everyone seems to be capturing Orbs on camera these days. We have a couple theories ... First, the Logical Theory: With today's digital technology in cameras and now, digital filmography, we can capture far more light spectrums/ frequencies and thus capture other realms and realities of beings. Second, the Metaphysical Theory: Everything is shifting [ascending] cosmically, literally everything. Because of the stronger levels of conscious energy currently changing how our planet functions and what kind of life it supports, we are all noticing vast new shifts of consciousness (awareness and discovery) globally and cosmically: new science technology, earth and climate changes, ecology consciousness, plant and animal extinctions and new evolutions, giant subterranean crystal caves and other new earth mystery discoveries, and an evolution of consciousness from dualistic logic thinking on a global level. In light of current events reflected on the inner planes of man's existence as well as the physical world's response, it seems rather natural that we are beginning to open our conscious awareness to other realms and realities of beings ... and the beings are ready to be filmed, or have they been there all along and we're just now able to see them?!

      All right, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up! Norma Desmond (Gloria Swanson) wasn't afraid of her close-up and when we zoomed in on our photos of the Orbs, they become mysteriously and beautifully clearer and brighter in lieu of grainer and distorted. We have captured some tremendously amazing images in the sky as you will soon see.

      How did we "capture" our Orbs? One thing we notice is that Orbs LOVE parties, events and gatherings of any kind and will gravitate toward occasions where people gather in groups. The heightened levels of adrenaline, chemical shifts in the human body, expanded auras and wide open chakras, etc. also contribute and like moth's to flame, the Orbs are drawn in. Also, some of our more amazing experiences occur while chanting within Sedona's sacred red rock canyons. And, since we have been studying, singing and chanting the sacred names of God (YHWH) in our home we are also attracting diamond-shaped octahedral Orbs some would speculate are Light Vehicles or Merkaba Vehicles

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