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  • Dex
    I m cross posting this because it helps support to my phenomenal claim, and it in itself is an interesting read. I m surprised. Dex Subject: BRIGHT WHITE
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 20, 2007
      I'm cross posting this because it helps support to my phenomenal claim, and it in itself is an interesting read.
      I'm surprised.



      Hi Dex, I don't know you, you do not know me. I got an e-mail sent to me of the description of your experience, sent to a guy named Bruce, do you remember.???? Anyhow I wanted to share a similar experience with you, maybe my experience will help you remember what you saw. I am from Dearborn Michigan, we have a family plot of land up north it is about a half hour south of Alpena Michigan in a city called Hubbard Lake. I am going to respond to certain parts of your letter and add some of my own comments/experiences

      "you described these things as bright white quarter size spherical sparks", yup thats them, I saw THOUSANDS OF THEM in my field up North

      "They behaved as though they where alive" boy that hit the nail on the head. I want to give you some contrast. We have light bugs in our field up north, this is NOT what I saw. Light bugs have a greenish hue to them they light up and then go out usually about 2-7 feet off the ground. These things were everywhere. Some swirled around like a toilet flushing, others were cascading like a waterfall from the tree tops. "Very graceful", good description, man.

      "The other witness wasn't quite prepared for the experience" I understand that, the first thing we did is rub our eyes, as if we couldn't be seeing what we are seeing. Then, it was as if once we saw one of them,when were then "prepared" to see them, there were THOUSANDS of these things. "some type of trans dimensional being": that is big 10-4 good buddy, these things can't be explained by science if biologists knew about these things they would be studying them, I don't think that they coud harness these things if they tried.

      "I was "sensing" at the time." I think there is some type of interaction going on with these things an interaction with us and them, it was as if we became connected to them. what about you. ?
      As for your line about "tinker bell lights" there was something truly magestic about these things I understand where you got that from, it was almost as if they were"flaunting their stuff, or showing off" they were beautiful but, I was pretty much in shock when I saw them so I wasn't enjoying the experience like I should have.

      I wanted to further add that crickets up north at my camp chirp in unison at night. When you walk by them, they stop and wait for you to pass. and begin chirping again. you could hear the crickets quieting themselves as these things passed them, on the other side of the field and behind me and all around me, as if they saw them too. Then I heard what I think was a deer getting scared of these things, snort, and run back and forth, then run into the woods. I wanted you to know that when we turned the lights on on our 4 wheleers, they disappeared. I never saw them again, did you?

      My name is Brad and I am not crazy, I saw these things, and I am convinced you saw the same thing I did. If you have time, write me back, at this e-mail adress straitrazors@... Your account of the experience helped me remember mine, merry Christmas Dex I hope this helps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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