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Be Prepared-Dan Burisch

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  • Dex
    From EaglesDisobey: http://www.projectcamelot.org/livermore_physicist_4.html The link, just above, takes you to the latest comments by one Henry Deacon. In
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 19, 2007
      From EaglesDisobey:


      The link, just above, takes you to the latest comments by one "Henry Deacon."

      In that interview, with Project Camelot, "Henry Deacon" indicates, and I will comment to each, under each statement:

      "1. Stealth pathogens have been covertly deployed with the intention of reducing the world's population. Henry was aware of many other programs besides the weaponized Avian flu deployment described in detail by Bill Deagle. Weapons that are genetically selective (racial) were also mentioned. Also, "Environmental threats" he had referred to in his previous update here ( http://www.projectcamelot.org/livermore_physicist_3.html ), were reiterated."

      The inline link was added by me, as it was a hyperlink on the Project Camelot page.

      First, concerning this subject, I am well aware of the contentions made by both credible as well as tabloid-like posters on the internet. I am aware of the "sheep/wolves" mentality, as outlined above this list, on the Project Camelot page. I can say that, thus far, I have only met two wolves I have ever liked: one is a retired United States Navy Vice Admiral, for whom I must (in all honesty) maintain serious reservations even given his very patriotic conduct of late, and another who used the name "Wolf" as a pseudonym, for whom I have no (and also with good reason) reservations.

      It is apparent that "Henry Deacon," due to some of his comments, possibly remains unaware of certain recent undertakings in certain backrooms and hallways. That's fine. Raising awareness of the sensitive moments we have now reached, is a good thing. Where I depart from such statements, is where awareness becomes irrational fear mongering and extremism. I do not believe that "Henry Deacon" is presenting an account to cause either...I believe he is providing an account of good intention, and I believe Project Camelot is doing right by presenting it.

      Concerning others: certain people run about the net, saying just anything, about the issue of pathogens. We (Eagles Disobey) take the subject seriously, as it involves "lives." Therefore, you hear very little from me, until I have something honest to say. We don't publish for the sake of saying anything to the public (in apparent hope of shaking loose anything that one can get), we publish holding the dignity of the situation, of the human condition, foremost.

      Being this issue has been raised once again, I will again state for the record that I know of no credible evidence of such virus, currently being deployed against any segment of any human population, for the purposes of curtailing population numbers.

      (I am now {learned within the last few months} aware of such actions having been contemplated, now in the past, by representatives of the Illuminati. Such ideas were never brought to fruition, not because of their love for humanity, but as they judged it counterproductive for themselves. They were also threatened that should they attempt anything of such nature, they would be "acted upon" in a manner they would not find acceptable. Quiet factions, including what is now the group in charge in the wake of the adjournment by the Majestic, during the consideration period by the Illuminati, were preparing to counter the actions by the Illuminati with the use of biologists, Federal Law Enforcement, and where necessary - outright force. 24/7/365 vigilance is ongoing. That is all I can publicly say about these issues. I am "extending myself" to this extent...but you have the right to know.)

      Should any such action come to my attention, I have said before that I would personally act - and will. To that end, perhaps the public may be interested in the partial contents of a letter between myself and a group of wonderful people, to whom I am now allied for life? It was sent on Sunday, April 15, 2007 @ 16:35:57 (PDT), from Marcia's email address. In this portion of the letter I am responding to a request for suggestions as to what to do, should such an outbreak, biowarfare originated, or ethnically targeted virus be suspected as infecting a human being:

      "They need to sequence the virus with something such as nested RT-PCR. Time consuming. The first actions should be patient support, to keep the person alive. Samples can be taken by a well stocked and appropriately secure and licensed laboratory for later testing. The result of later testing: any data determining the virus as novel, as determined by a valid sequencing, can be sent to me. Some genomic reassortment in nature is normal with Bunyaviridae, and so a novel strand is not proof in and of itself of any human tampering. Novel nature should be confirmed with a database like CDC or NIH, ICTVdb. I know the codes, which should stick out, but given they name government scientists, I am willing to confirm and identify should I see a tag, but not name all tags as possibles. That could be dangerous to not only NatSec but also the scientist. Good biodefense people could die as a result, just like the scientist in your letter did. If someone's tag is there, though, I will identify them in a heartbeat and swear to it under penalty of perjury. The testing procedures for rodents (which would have to be trapped, quarantined, and cross checked against the human derived material), are set forth in the NIH, under guidelines like
      http://www1.od.nih.gov/oma/manualchapters/intramural/3043-1/ Clinicians, laboratories, and hospitals all have access to this. Now...Bunyaviruses are CDC Category A, Viral Hemorrhagic Fever pathogens. Any clinician or laboratory suspecting Hantavirus should contact the CDC immediately due to reporting laws and support. The state offices phone numbers are located, here: http://www.cdc.gov/ncidod/diseases/hanta/hps/noframes/statecon.htm Further, the clinician or laboratory will be supplied with the most up-to-date protocols and locations of kits for putative and confirmation testing, by the CDC."

      I have been accused of skirting an issue? Does the aforementioned sound like someone who hasn't been concerned, or who hasn't offered assistance? It only sounds like that when you encounter someone who lives for his next sensationalistic internet headline full of hot air.

      Further...it would even be my intention to go this far:

      If any credible evidence would be offered to me, for such a biodefense industry (or other "black operations" government or other group) originated pathogen, where no public agency was otherwise either already acting or where such an agency would refuse to act, I would be willing deploy a well stocked independent team of experts, from my own circles, to investigate. I would also be willing to personally head the investigative team, and thus would ensure liaison with all appropriate government agencies and licensed laboratories. All applicable laws would be followed, but I can promise the pathogen and its origin would be "cornered." I will ensure that any putative human-crafted pathogen is isolated, identified, and subjected to sufficient genetic assay. When it comes to "bugs" - it's a matter of personal pride - I don't lose. As follow-on, I can assure everyone that action would be taken to eliminate the infection and (legally) the liberty of those who caused it.

      Many years ago, my family was treated as scum (by the filth known as "Nazis") for who they were: Macedonian Jews. I don't take kindly to either the garbage who conducts such ethnic prejudice, nor those who falsely accuse others of conducting same. In my opinion, the first applies a near death-sentence upon their souls (albeit I believe everyone is finally subsumed by the Love which is God), and the second certainly adds great weight to themselves.

      "2) Attention should be paid to Alex Jones's documentary Endgame, which documents comprehensive and well-established plans to reduce the world's population to a manageable 500 million. (This is also reported in detail by Deagle.)"

      See above. (hint, hint.)

      "3) Naomi Wolf is accurate in her assessment of the coming threat to US democracy, brilliantly laid out in her book The End of America."

      Speaking with Americans:

      While such a threat is ongoing, from international terrorist organizations as well as by State sponsor...it is also from within we must watch and keep guard. World History teaches us that even governments and cultures which have been considered "longstanding" in their time, perish in the seeming "blink of an eye." Our country, our way of life, our Freedoms/Rights - while we (at least I hope most of us) still believe they are 'endowed by the Creator' - must be safeguarded against not only acts of individual or group treason from within, but also treason by way of governmental tyranny. Any seated government which refuses to follow the Supreme Law of our land - The United States Constitution - is then by its own actions per se acting ILLEGITIMATELY.

      How should we behave? How should we behave now?

      As this is a Nation of LAWS and not men (meaning "persons") we should restrain our conduct and behave lawfully. The Constitution still exists for US, "WE THE PEOPLE"...and I HEAR WILL REMAIN...and insofar as anything illegitimate may exist, as long as it is behaving as restrained by the rule of law, being therefore of very short existence, and so long as no other imminent threat to our survival as a Nation exists, we should...

      (...in my opinion...and to put a fine point on it...no matter how much we may disagree with certain odorous personalities on the Hill and in the White House...)

      ...show the respect to the United States Constitution which the self-same odorous personalities may be (to some extent) seemingly indifferent!

      The Great People of the United States of America are peace-loving, regardless of the idiot currently at 1600! (People may say that no one should call another an idiot without great personal experience with the person. I have had enough to qualify as able to give my opinion.)

      Precipitous behavior by "We the People" would only serve to confirm extremist views about the good people of America. It would make us appear allied with those whom would willingly trample on those values and way of life we consider so very important, those whom HAVE trampled on the rights of foreign nationals by torturing them under the label-guise of "enhanced interrogation", and those for whom personal ideology is sufficient to take the lives of others within other cultures. It would show that "WE THE PEOPLE" are willing to take unrestrained action in contravention of the wise suggestions of the Founders. We're smarter than that, we're wiser.

      Stand with dignity, even before "that" which currently occupies the Executive! We are strong enough, as a people, to withstand it, as his delusions of king-ly behavior will come to an end by written instruction of the United States Constitution, at the moment the new President of the United States takes the Oath of Office, on January 20, 2009. Once done, I have faith that we will once again begin practicing closer to what we preach, and stop acting as though we are an empire. The Great People of the United States will serve neither a King, nor an Emperor.

      "4) It is likely that there will be an economic meltdown in the very near future, starting with the dollar, then spreading to the pound and then the euro and onwards. This could happen at any time. In an extreme case, cash holdings may be next to useless. Bartering of skills and commodities might be a useful alternative for survival during those times. Water purification facilities are a good investment. Psychological/Spiritual (not religious) focus is Most important for one�s readiness."

      Free-fall will be prevented, but I have also been involved near people who are actively moving to prevent the "prevention of free-fall on the backs of the "second" and "third" world's peoples. "Psychological/Spiritual (not religious) focus is Most important for one�s readiness." That is a very wise approach.

      "5) A Solar CME (Corona Mass Ejection) is likely, but in Henry's words is "Russian Roulette" as whatever transpires depends on the position of the Earth in its orbit around the sun when it occurs, and also - for specific global areas - on the rotation of the Earth itself."

      CME's happen all the time. The greatest danger comes with the next movement to Solar Maximum.

      "6) Henry suggests those with the means to do so to find a safe place as soon as possible. It should be away from coastal areas and other locations vulnerable to flooding; be away from earthquake fault zones; be away from major conurbations and population centers; ideally have at least part of the dwelling against a hillside or under the ground; and have reliable access to uncontaminated fresh water and food."

      Go underground? While I am aware that we are most probably on T1, still...remember the contents of my account. They are true. We are all living on Planet Earth, we are (without the garbage of governmental prohibition) ONE PEOPLE! Real world here: where is the place called "Safe?" We sink...we swim...together. Concerned/worried about a possible asteroid strike or tsunami due to an earthquake...consider not living near coastal areas. Move away from population centers? Ladies and gentlemen: I see no reason to tear at the fabric of our lives...our ways of life.


      --> Pray, think of, meditate on, however you conduct yourself within your philosophy for UNITY FOR HUMANITY! Honest to God, it's important, especially now.

      "7) To protect against the EMP (electromagnetic pulse) that might be associated with a Corona Mass Ejection or EMP devices, electronic components should be (a) wrapped first in cotton or natural cloth (an insulator) and then (b) wrapped in aluminum foil, or buried in the ground or stored in a metal container."

      It is always wise to have such provisions for protection available for immediate use, but I wouldn't start burying my electronic items just yet.

      " In the event of a heavy EMP, any vehicle with an electronic engine management system would be vulnerable to being rendered useless. A reliable powered vehicle to have would be a diesel-engined car or truck, old enough to contain no electronic components. Bicycles are a good asset."

      When considering such matters, bicycles are good things to have! No argument to the wisdom of possessing a bicycle. Does that mean that people should rush to get one? No. If you want one and feel it is a good idea, do so; if not, don't. Panic is always an unreasonable response.

      "9) Ham (Amateur) radio systems may be the only reliable means of communication for local and global communications. Even these systems may fail temporarily to some degree for direct, long distance communications, if the ionosphere is perturbed by HAARP-like systems or Solar activity."

      Be able to exist without such communication systems - no matter the particular issue at hand. That's what families, close friends and neighbors, and communities are all about! Let's not forget about any of them!

      "10) Vitamin D3 (5000 IU per day) provides excellent cheap insurance against viral epidemics, whether natural or engineered. Dark-skinned people may require slightly higher doses. More than 5000 IU per day is not recommended on a regular basis. D3 has many additional benefits to include teleomere protection. Ten to twenty minutes of exposure to sunlight (on your skin) will generate more than enough D3, but for those who are indoors most of the day (elderly or office workers), or those who are in high-latitudes (during winters) should compensate with approx 5000 IU per day of D3."

      Unfortunately, Officers (such as me) of Eagles Disobey, Inc., cannot suggest or endorse issues under the scope and authority of "licensed healthcare professionals." We can (and I will from time to time) comment on current research, but for all such medical and dietary items, please consult your licensed healthcare professional.

      "11) Working free energy systems have been developed, in essence making use of the Casimir effect (which Henry explained would come as no surprise to most "physicists"). In general, the resulting technologies have been withheld from the public not for economic reasons such as oil interests, but because it had been judged that widely available free energy would only speed the unchecked growth of the world's population - this being regarded by the Powers that Be as the most pressing problem of our times. Due to many religious and other social constructs, addressing the population growth issue appears to have no gentle, timely, easy solution."

      While I am aware of certain systems, it is my impression from contact with certain of the "Powers" that the issue has less to do with increasing population than it has to do with how much population could be eliminated with energy weapons in the hands of terrorists and certain Nation States. Free energy sounds all snuggly, until it's weaponized.


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