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  • Bre
    Hi All, Very interesting. Love & Blessings, Brenda.
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 12, 2004
      Hi All,
      Very interesting.
      Love & Blessings, Brenda.
      August 9, 2004 
           We are beginning to hear from widely varying sources that (a few 
      days ago) the Hubble telescope captured an image of an unknown object - 
      more likely an alien spacecraft than asteroid - in close fly-by. 
      (Seemingly wanting to be viewed.) 
            A caller to Art Bell's program last night spoke of hearing the 
      news, as have others on the internet. But the news of this, it would 
      appear, is only being leaked; not yet announced. 
           It seems that all we have to go by for now are rumors and 
      unsubstantiated reports from uncorroborated sources. 
           FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH....................... 
      The hottest rumor of the past 24 hours across the internet is that the 
      planet earth is presently being "surrounded" by extraterrestrial 
           I wish I could offer more pertinent information at this time, but 
      such verifiable info seems to be difficult to acquire. If possible, I 
      will share whatever I am able to learn as quickly as possible. 
           We must keep about our normal routines and not allow fear to 
      over-take our higher awareness. Be at peace, stay in prayer, love thy 
           I was reminded today through a conversation with an old and
      friend who is a scholar of ancient history that - given the variance of 
      the old and new Western calendars  - we are presently in the year 2012 
      As we used to say in the '70's: 
      "Just keep on truckin'!" 
      Mark Andrews 
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