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An Early Contactee

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  • Dex
    An Early Contactee? In the most recent issue of his Saucer Smear newsletter, Jim Moseley reveals an intriguing story about the early years of the so-called
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 16, 2007
      An Early Contactee?
      In the most recent issue of his Saucer Smear newsletter, Jim Moseley reveals an intriguing story about the early years of the so-called Contactee controversy.
      As Jim says: �Here�s an obscure fact of some interest: According to a recent Net posting, the first of the 1950s UFO contactees was not George Adamski but a now-forgotten man named Samuel Eaton Thompson.�
      Jim continues: �In March of 1950 - more than two years before Adamski�s first interplanetary exploit - Thompson was walking along a forest trail near Mineral, Washington, when two Venusians landed in their flying saucer and invited him on board for a chat. The had long blonde hair and perfect features (of course!), but the most interesting thing about them was that they were both stark naked. It is not stated what sex they were, if any.�
      Jim rounds up the story thus: �There was the usual talk about the other inhabited planets in our solar system and the beautiful philosophy of the Space People. Kenneth Arnold, the renowned 1947 private pilot who saw �nine gleaming objects�, was sent by Fate Magazine to interview Thompson, but he decided against writing this story, as it was �just too unbelievable�. We honestly believe it was the nudity aspect that spoiled Thompson�s �15 minutes of fame�! He was apparently never heard of again.�
      Of course, Thompson�s story is a veritable classic of Contactee lore, filled as it is with bizarre, outrageous and (probably unintentional) humorous �facts.�
      But there may be an even earlier Contactee-style report than that of Thompson.
      It is a matter of historical UFO lore that throughout the 1950s and into the 1960s, many of the so-called Contactees of that era who claimed face-to-face contact with long-haired, human-like aliens asserted that their cosmic visitors expressed deep concern about our burgeoning atomic arsenals, and desired that we all lay down our weapons and live in peace and harmony with one another�man. That�s right: hippy stuff.
      The FBI in particular took a keen interest in a number of the Contactees, including the aforementioned George Adamksi, as well as George Van Tassel and George Hunt Williamson. Yep: if you wanna have a Contactee-style experience, you stand a much better chance if your parents named you George.
      That, however, is beside the point.
      The FBI has declassified via the terms of the Freedom of Information Act its files on the above-Contactees, as well as those on several other, lesser known figures in the field.
      However, all of the relevant documents date from the early 1950s onwards, when people like Adamski really came to the fore. All of the relevant documentation, that is, aside from an intriguing five-page collection of papers from 1949.
      Those same papers detail what may be the bare bones of a Contactee-style account that dated from the summer of 1947 - the same time period in which the Flying Saucer controversy kicked off, following the sighting of our hallowed lord, Kenneth Arnold.
      The strange saga all began - as far as the FBI was concerned, at least - on 9 July 1949, when the columnist Walter Winchell brought to the attention of Hoover�s G-Men a report that he had received from a �Mr. Jones of Los Angeles� who was claiming a striking UFO encounter in the summer of 1947.
      Winchell told the FBI that Jones had sent him a letter which - according to official FBI memoranda - was �very well written, obviously by a man of intelligence.�
      As a result, the FBI dug deep into the man�s story, as the following report from FBI Assistant Director D.M. Ladd to J. Edgar Hoover reveals:
      �In this letter, Jones stated that in August of 1947 he left Los Angeles for the mountains and started hiking through the mountains. About 10:00 a.m. he was laying on the ground when he observed about one-half block away from him a large, silver, metal object, greenish in color, shaped like a child�s top and about the size of the balloons used at Country Fairs.�
      The FBI�s report continued:
      �He stated that there appeared to be two windows in the object and portions of metal appeared transparent and that he gained the impression that there was some life within this object although he saw no persons. The object appeared as though sealed as a pressure chamber. He stood up and waved toward this object and this so-called Flying Saucer was off the ground in a second, knocking Jones to the ground. In its flight he stated that its power was silent and he raised the question as to whether this was an inter-global landing on our planet. He thought that it might be a device to land on our planet because the occupants of another planet had become curious as to the reaction caused by the atomic bomb causing trouble in an expanding universe. He asked the question as to whether it was possible that the occupants of another planet might have solved the theory of negative energy.�
      An unnamed source within the scientific arena informed the FBI that Jones� letter indicated �a very good knowledge of physics,� and stated that it would benefit the FBI to �check into� Jones� background and to secure a full interview with him to ascertain the complete picture of events.
      All attempts to do so ended in failure, however, and it was initially suspected that perhaps the whole thing was nothing more than a hoax. There are, however, a number of issues that are worth commenting on.
      First, Jones apparently lived in California - just like many of the original Contactees.
      Second, in the same way that the encounters of Adamski and Van Tassel occurred after they had felt compelled to travel out into the desert, so Jones� experience took place after he embarked upon a trip into the isolation of the Californian mountains.
      Then, there is the issue of the alleged concern on the part of the aliens as it related to atomic weaponry: was this Jones merely speculating? Or, as with the contactees of the 1950s, had some intelligence subtly implanted this idea in his mind?
      As people who are aware of my views on the Contactee issue will know, I do not for one single minute believe that any of the Contactees ever had face to face meetings with literal aliens from Venus, Saturn or wherever.
      I do, however, accept that we have some form of unknown intelligence among us that can manipulate the human mind, and that the Contactee encounters of the 1950s were merely the then-latest incarnation of a phenomenon that has presented itself in various, multi-faceted ways since we took our first, faltering steps.
      Many of the Contactee stories of feeling impelled to visit remote desert and mountainous locations, where they would receive messages and thoughts from higher space beings, have clear and undeniable parallels with certain alleged religious experiences and Shamanic-style episodes.
      Given that Jones�s experience occurred in the mountains while he was �laying on the ground,� I have to wonder strongly if Jones was perhaps in some form of altered state during his encounter, and maybe an altered state brought on by whatever it is that lies at the heart of the UFO puzzle.
      If that is the case, Jones� story - that purportedly described events that occurred only weeks after Kenneth Arnold�s sighting in the summer of 1947 - may well represent the earliest Contactee-style case on record from the specific, modern era of ufology.


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