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RE: [prepare4contact] Re: Metatron Speaking - December - by Sarupa Shah

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  • Dex
    What I ve learned is that Metatron is not an Ascended Master or an Angelic Being or an Orb and such as described by a few. Much greater as Creator of the Outer
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      What I've learned is that Metatron is not an Ascended Master or an Angelic Being or an Orb and such as described by a few.
      Much greater as Creator of the Outer Light. Uriel is supposedly, Creator of the Inner Light. IMO these things cannot possibly be understood 'fully' or even 'visually' without the necessary revelatory experiences either in the body or out of the body. That's what's generally called for contactees and others..initiations from the Higher.
      Enoch is an Ascended Master and Metatron chose to work through Enoch.
      In the early 70's, J. J. Hurtak was taken out of his apartment in Berkeley, Calif. by the Merkabah Vehicle of Enoch when he was contacted by the Higher Evolution, revealing to him his mission to write about his high powered experiences. The conveyed detailing work of messenger emissary Whole Light Beings bringing the Anointing Power and Judgement to the world beginning 1976. My year of initiation with them.
      Enoch was only able to show Jim the Fleet Forces and Bio-satellite worlds of the higher evolution but, when he was taken to Orion constellation and Orionis's portal threshold, Enoch being only an Ascended Master, was not able to enter the Throne's of God, so, he turned Jim over to Metatron because Metatron is a Greater aspect of the Deity. Jim had to leave his physical form behind and then was taken into the Creator's Presence through Metatron and it was there where Jim learned directly from God who he really was and why he was given birth on our planet.
      A true story...


      I relate your angry reaction to one of fear.
      Metatron's message was not that we serve as slaves,
      but that we serve the will of our own higher selves
      while down here in physical form. If we continue on
      our human paths of greed, we will only further
      ourselves from our true selves. Once we are open to
      the idea that we are not only the parts of ourselves
      that we can see, feel, and remember being, we will be
      able to bring a long overdue sense of Peace and Love
      into the Earth plane.

      The reason Metatron requires the use of the internet
      to get this loving message across, is that so many
      people are blind and deaf to their psychic senses, and
      wouldn't hear Metatron's angelic voice if it was
      screaming in their inner ear. (Or perhaps, if they did
      hear it, they would mistake it for a buzz...)

      I hope you will understand that the English langueage
      is flawed, and not dismiss an entire message because
      of a disagreement with the word 'serve.'

      --- noeticus <noeticus5@...> wrote:

      > A super mega Metatron that needs internet to send
      > his messages to people?
      > An ascended master that stated that:
      > "It really is that simple, you are all here to
      > serve in
      > one way or another and how that manifests is about
      > how in alignment
      > you are to your soul!
      > We are NOT here to serve!
      > We are not slaves.
      > Bye Metatron.

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