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Winifred's UFO Abduction Pt.1

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  • Dex
    Cross posting: Subject: The Abduction Of Winifred. Dec. 3, 2007. Here is some information about my interdimensional friend called Winifred Barton. In most of
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      Cross posting:
      Subject: The Abduction Of Winifred. Dec. 3, 2007.

      Here is some information about my interdimensional
      friend called Winifred Barton.
      In most of the abductions that I have read about before,
      it seems like the space people have had their eyes on some
      of the Earth people who they pick up for a long time. It
      also seems that the Earth people who are picked up
      volunteered for this mission of being picked up.


      Subject: MY UFO ABDUCTION as told here by Winifred
      Barton: My dear friend Winifred Barton will be 85 yrs old
      on 5-05-08. With the recent passing of her dear friends
      David and Nora H-mel. she is now ready to expose some of
      the s-crets of her abduction experience in 1973 to all who
      will now accept that reality. Many of the original
      abductees who attempted to publicly relate of their
      experience had mysteriously d-ed or disappeared.
      The only personal online interview that she has given in
      the USA was to James G-lliland. I was honored with the
      gift of her personal visit to my Seattle home on 5-05-05.
      She is a very petite and energetically vibrant,
      exceptionally young looking beautiful woman. Having been
      born in England, and later moved to Eastern Canada, she has
      a distinct British and French Canadian accent.
      SHARING, Love and Light,
      Subject: MY UFO ABDUCTION
      My alien abduction occurred at the Lester B. Pearson
      Peace Park in the small village of Actinolite, Ontario,
      Canada, just to the north of Highway #7. It began just
      after sunset on the 26th of September 1973 and ended at
      about 11.30 am. on the 27th. Together with about forty
      other people I had been attending an end of the summer
      seminar on the property known as The Madoc Art School which
      then adjoined the Peace Park. The Art School was in the
      valley and the park stretched onto a hill. On the top of
      the hill was an Obelisk which had been built by Buddhist
      Monks, and a Buddhist style stupa which we called the
      "Peace Pagoda" made by artists who had attended the Art
      School in previous years. On special occasions this white
      domelike structure was floodlit, but such was not the case
      on this September evening. It was quite usual for people to
      wander, singly or in groups from the Art School at the
      Peace Park Pagoda. On this particular evening a heavy
      ground mist covered the view. As I went up towards the
      Peace Tower, there was a strange luminosity. The texture
      and shadings of the silver mist seemed to keep changing.
      Each change in color seemed to have a different effect on
      my mind.
      The message it conveyed was very soothing. At first the
      mist went blueish, as if illuminated by bright moon light,
      but there was no moon that night.
      Then other shadings intermingled turning the blue in
      violet, like black light.
      The effect was transcendent. Then two beings seemed to
      emerge from the vapor.
      They were both part of the mist yet in some ways more
      densely concentrated.
      Although no word was spoken the messages being sent came
      across with crystal clear reception "Come with us, we will
      not harm you" I believed them and went towards a bright
      circular object which glowed in a dip just beyond the crest
      of the hill. In the background I could hear some of my
      friends calling out to one another and felt that they too
      were being magnetized towards the celestial car. From about
      half past seven in the evening I lost track of time while
      having aeons of input. During my absence from Earth I had a
      mind transplant on a UFO. It is interesting to look back
      at my first whirling emotions and resentment against the
      intrusion on my personal privacy.
      Much water has flown under the time-bridge since then.
      One piece that I wrote on the subject was published in the
      book "Dark Visions" by John Robert C-lombo. The caption on
      the article read "I HAD A BRAIN TRANSPLANT ON A UFO
      WITHOUT ANAESTHETIC" which is true. The article reads in
      part ... "Against my will, and without any anaesthetic, I
      had a brain transplant on a UFO which turned me into a
      biological mutant. It happened during and following a UFO
      abduction on the evening of September 26, l973, at the
      Lester B. Pearson Peace Park, on Highway #7 in Actinolite,
      Ontario. I felt the sting of electrical probes, but at the
      same time could understand their reasoning due to thought
      transmissions being given at the time. They burned off the
      ends of my human neurons, making my former will
      nonfunctional. I became a "Neutroni" with no further sense
      of like or dislike. They said this changed my
      electro-magnetic circuit from Alternating to Direct Light
      Current." During the process veils of human consciousness
      were stripped away. Among other things they opened my third
      eye. The next morning when I came too all matter looked
      glowing and translucent as if the fog that had clouded my
      normal vision had cleared with the morning sunrise, both
      metaphorically and physically. I understood about Universal
      Law and my Atlantean origin and its purpose.
      Putting the event into words seemed close to impossible.
      At one time during the procedure it felt as if they had
      "melted" my physical form and condensed it into a mere
      microspec of matter, no more than a burning tip of
      conscious awareness.It was as if my bony skull was replaced
      with a timeless head which was encased in a glass bubble.
      They called it the gift of the crystal skull. It would take
      almost twenty years of serious effort before I could
      clearly translate the whole experience. During the
      "Bio-Transmutation", they prodded my human nerves either up
      close or at a distance with "electrical sticks" to
      neutralized the "like-dislike" files in my normal thought
      This they implied was the sole methodology used for
      developing the Earth civilization. They showed me the
      accelerated decay of the whole earth situation from their
      point of view which ended all my human resistance to
      helping them.
      After the two beings emerged from the fog they firmly but
      gently escorted me onto the Star Ship by putting themselves
      on eitherside of me. We went up a ramp then passed through
      a raised flap-door into an elevation tube which took us to
      a large semi-circular room, of a translucent aqua color.
      Then the escorts left. This gave me a chance to look
      around. The room was about 40 feet in diameter. It seemed
      to have double walls with a walkway in between which
      encircled the whole room. There were two transparent
      sliding doors set approximately opposite each other.
      Through these doors I could see some shrubbery and a female
      figure sitting at a communications desk. There was a large,
      circular, lazy-susan type table somewhat offset from the
      center of the room with chairs around it. I positioned
      myself on one of these so that when I was sitting at the
      table I could see either door with only the slightest head
      movement. The communications desk was outside the door to
      my right. There was a bowl of some berry-type fruit on the
      table. I was tempted to try it but thought it best not to.
      A man came into the room from the opposite door to where
      the woman was sitting. He barely glanced in my direction
      but walked straight across the room to what seemed like a
      circular shower stall, where he dropped his overalls and
      stepped into this tube. He came out a few moments later,
      put on clean clothes and came towards me, projecting the
      thought "I am your Space-Brother ON." Although no words
      were spoken we had a clear t0lepathic two way
      communication. He looked quite human with a bronze toned
      skin and dark eyes, rather like a native North American.
      He gestured to offer me some fruit which I took and ate. It
      tasted like mango. A quick psychological battle ensued.
      Though very polite I could feel that ON was trying to
      override my free will. Then a cover moved back from the
      table to reveal circular screen marked with degrees like a
      compass. This central "All-Seeing-Eye" is the same as
      depicted in Egyptian theology and the USA $1 bill. As it
      began to rotate slowly it seemed to have thousands of
      mirror reflections, which could be brought into focus by
      some automatic circuitry.
      It was similar to having multiple TV monitors. Although
      the time lapse seemed brief, and there had been no feeling
      of movement, in looking down into the eye I realized the
      Star Ship must have taken off because Earth was now very
      far below us and appeared as it would look from a star.
      This open eye was like a spiders eye. It constantly
      registered and automatically co-ordinated thousands of
      info-data-bits simultaneously. I later came to call it
      the "Cyclopean Eye" and understood that these people were
      of the r-ce of the Cyclopeans.

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    • Karin Holloway
      Dex---is there more to this? Can you find the source? Thanks, Karin
      Message 2 of 2 , Dec 5 6:39 AM
        Dex---is there more to this? Can you find the source?
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