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FW: [prepare4contact] Fulford's latest: Aliens and David Rockefeller

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  • Dex
    Cross posting: Benjamin Fulford, who recently wrote about Asian/global powers rising up against the Rothschild/Rockefeller NWO to decapitate it before it
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 12, 2007
      Cross posting:

      Benjamin Fulford, who recently wrote about Asian/global powers rising
      up against the Rothschild/Rockefeller NWO to decapitate it before it
      poisons humankind with pathogens, now says his deceased great
      grandfather dictated a letter to Benjamin. Fulford, on
      http://www.rense.com/general79/benjk.htm , says his great grandpa, a
      contemporary of David Rockefeller's father, dictated two letters to
      be sent to David Rockefeller, who, at age 92 or so, is in extremely
      frail health.

      The letter says that "Humanity is about to expand into billions and
      trillions of different species spreading throughout the universe and
      into different fractal dimensions. Many will be immortal by your

      One more thing, there really is a Heaven. I have been there. You will
      be able to go there so long as you take good care of your legacy. You
      will be known as the Greatest of the Mortals, the man who presided
      over the dawn of the age of immortals. Congratulations."

      I thought Fulford's recent reports interesting, but when channeled
      letters talk about joining a larger kind of off-world order, and when
      the letter says that David Rockefeller will be known as the "Greatest
      of the Mortals," something is definitely wrong. David Rockefeller is
      a case of multiple crimes against humanity. History will see him as
      something like a cruel, bizarrely criminal Assyrian warlord, in a
      larger sense. In other words, Rockefeller is just the opposite of
      what the letter opines.

      I don't know Benjamin Fulford's level of exopolitical awareness, but
      all it would take is an advanced alien with good psychotronic
      technology to tease out Benjamin's awareness of his old family (it
      could be done while he sleeps, for example), and then it could be put
      into the supposedly channeled message. An alien could do it all. I'm
      not saying that a precise, enduring sub-quantum/cosmic memory of all
      that transpires doesn't exist; who could deny the possibility?
      Instead, Fulford's channeled letter seems more alien than human. It
      disregards all the human casualties of Rockefeller's crimes. It's
      like saying that Rockefeller is just part of a larger takeover
      scheme, for what it's worth. It doesn't sound very human.

      So, what's up with Fulford? First he tells us how massively criminal
      Rothschild and Rockefeller are (which is true), but then he comes up
      with a letter saying David Rockefeller is the greatest of mortals. It
      sounds as though Benjamin Fulford is easily led, perhaps a mere
      greenhorn when it comes to unusual or even off-world interactions.
      The boyish look on his face in the Rense article photo says it all
      (Benjamin met with David Rockefeller in Japan recently). David
      Rockefeller actually agreed to meet with Benjamin when Benjamin
      called a secret, private number of Rockefeller's. Doesn't this all
      seem a little too convenient?

      First we get a sharp anti-Rockefeller slant, then it degrades into
      cosmically reaching, apologetic sop.

      From Fulford's 2nd channeled letter: "I was also able to confront God
      with some of my doubts�. The answer I received is that just like
      there is matter and anti- matter, there is life and anti-life. They
      are like Ying and Yang or the two hemispheres of a brain."

      In other words, too bad about Rockefeller's millions of human
      casualties: in the end it all evolves just like salmon spawn. To me,
      knowing that aliens interact with humans and also speak of intricate,
      sometimes disputed relations and interpretations of right and wrong
      (and ecology) among aliens, the idea that Benjamin's great grandpa
      got to speak with God (some singular, seeming animate figure?) seems
      na�ve. God supposedly told Benjamin's grandpa, "So far it just keeps
      getting infinitely better forever but, we will let you know if we
      find out anything different." Suddenly, it isn't one figure, God,
      but is "we," a multiplicity of minds, not a singularly posed, animate
      individual. Again, it would be easy to mislead Fulford.

      Finally, from a third Fulford letter to David Rockefeller (remember,
      the man belongs in a Nuremburg-like criminal dock during a showcase
      trial): "Dear David, Here is a humble suggestion. We would like to
      see your Armageddon. It would be a fitting way to announce a fresh
      start for the planet Earth."

      Seen enough of this? Fulford does say, "But please, no hurting people
      and no vandalism." But to invite an Armageddon that lurks somewhere
      in mass-killer Rockefeller's mind? It's like asking Rockefeller to
      continue sacrificing the lives of kidnapped children. You wouldn't
      want to suggest it to a psychological monster, of sorts.

      I don't know where Fulford goes from here but I'd like to hear him
      explain his understanding of how aliens interact, where they are, and
      how their regard for humankind may vary from species to species, at
      present. Rockefeller is a psychopath. We wouldn't want to leave it to
      him to decide. He has trashed the lives of millions of innocent
      humans, all the while thinking that it was his right as a criminal
      prince, of sorts, to do so. Worse yet, Rockefeller has betrayed
      humankind regularly. Fulford even suggests that Rockefeller make
      public the downed and recovered alien technology that Rockefeller's
      cultish regime cohorts have hidden away. In other words, Fulford
      suggests alien connections to Rockefeller that tend to exclude all of
      us, as a matter of course.

      Ironically, Fulford's (great grandpa's) letters begin with these
      words, "Your picture was in the paper yesterday. I am worried about
      you. You look like you have at most six months left. You have to
      think about your legacy." David Rockefeller doesn't have long to
      live, of course. But his legacy? Read recent history. Read about the
      genocide in Indonesia and Henry Kissinger's "tilt" to let Pakistan
      massacre some 300,000 East Pakistanis when Bangladesh moved for
      independence. Read about how Klaus Barbie and Rockefeller Foundation
      sponsorship of Dr. Josef Mengele's early eugenics research. Read Dr.
      Sue Arrigo's story reporting that David Rockefeller personally
      supervised in the Monarch program murder of children, even taking her
      to personally inspect a GM factory that made special, soundproofed
      trucks used to transport dying children from US harbors to be sold in
      slave auctions to elite sadists. Read about how Kissinger extended
      the Vietnam War to please his Rockefeller master. Read Steven Greer's
      (Disclosure) story about how thousands of witnesses to uniformed
      (partly Rockefeller owned) narco trafficking in government were
      murdered to keep it all quiet. Read about the many other pre-planned
      genocides and intended ruin of nations, economies and people in order
      to preserve the perennial gold-sucking thrill-fest of sadistic
      cowards like David Rockefeller.

      To ask Rockefeller to simply spin on his heels and think about how
      Rockefeller might look, at the very last moment�after all of the
      cruel murder and greed and betrayals�before God isn't quite enough.
      What kind of universe would allow a man like Rockefeller to preserve
      his "legacy" with a final gesture? Where is the weighing of
      Rockefeller's life against that of any single victim of his
      indulgence? Men like Rockefeller are so vain and practiced in killing
      those who would tell on them, that like Bush Jr. they prefer the self-
      glorification, the money-grubbing masturbatory poses of their own,
      bizarrely criminal crowd. There's always another little stooge,
      another abused, then manipulated young woman willing to be posed like
      Disneyland statuary beside a case of crimes against humanity---much
      like Benjamin Fulford in that Rense photo.

      We go deeper than that, don't we?

      --George LoB. Davis, CA

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