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Re: [ufodiscussion] SERPO

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  • William Hamilton
    Regan, Former DIA employee and Area 51 worker Paul McGovern said, I m sorry to say, this guy Collins has everything wrong. The transcipts released of
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 4, 2007

      Former DIA employee and Area 51 worker Paul McGovern said,
      "I'm sorry to say, this guy Collins has everything wrong. The transcipts
      released of Reagan's briefing is the absolute truth. If you wish not to
      believe it you certainly have the right to. But for the non-believers, I
      would wait before you make an ass of yourself. The remaining transcripts
      will prove this story is the truth and nothing but the truth. Hold on to
      your hats. It gets more interesting than words can describe. Especially
      the final segment of Transcripts 4. But then again, maybe the idiots, like
      Collins and Broadbent-head, won't believe anything."

      Well, despite this it is a classiv disinformation piece. I looked for
      certain markers
      in the material and found them. Some of the text is a diect copy from
      Collins book
      "Exempt from Disclosure"!!!

      The disinfo agents have ramped up their efforts.


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      > Dex,
      > I am also skeptical about this Serpo material. Besides sharing
      > disbelief that Reagan really talked like that, I am also totally
      > underwhelmed by the capabilities of an ET culture that is supposed to be
      > thousands of years ahead of ours in terms of its scientific/technical
      > development yet whose astronauts take nine months to get here from a
      > that is just 40 light-years away and who have to do it via a complicated
      > series of hops through wormholes. Earth scientists are already
      developing a
      > quantum teleportation capability that will enable people to travel
      > in the space-time continuum instantaneously. I know we should not count
      > chickens, but I see no reason to think that it could not be perfected in
      > less than even one thousand years. To still be using wormholes for
      > space-travel after thousands of years of technical development smacks of
      > dull-mindedness to me. Yet the EBEns are supposed to be more
      > than us.
      > I'm afraid the Serpo material looks like a disinformation-piece
      > me. There may be some grains of truth in it but they are scattered
      > so much chaff that the effort required to sift them out would not be
      > worthwhile undertaking - at least, not for me. Whoever concocted the
      > needs to read up on the current trends and developments in terrestrial
      > science and technology before trying to pull the wool over our eyes
      > I also share your liking for the Adamic ETs. I look forward to
      > day - still far off, no doubt - when earth will be able to rejoin their
      > cosmic civilization.
      > Regan
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      > Subject: [ufodiscussion] SERPO
      > SERPO
      > In the past stuff.
      > Does Reagan really talk like that?
      > On the whole, the constructed syntax seemed to me, way to perfect, over
      > counter easy put together over time information.
      > What happened to GOV. consensual contracted agreements? Abductee
      > in exchange for technology advancements.
      > I wonder where they're headed with this?
      > The real I feel is a specific specie enemy.
      > Jesus, that would cause a great disturbance in the intelligence
      > Maybe, they now realize it's all our problem. Better to get it out and
      > with it through other diplomatic trusted galactic alliances.
      > The kind contactees have developed.
      > Could be why they're formatting the disclosure in this way.
      > When they start discussing the off world adamic variety, is when and
      > then, I may feel their true intent and sincerity.
      > Dex
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