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Re: [ufodiscussion] 'Amnesty'

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  • masanga@talktalk.net
    Dex, I think Dondep is quite right. The bunch of people involved in Majestic-12 s operations cannot give themselves global immunity from criminal prosecution
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      I think Dondep is quite right. The bunch of people involved in
      Majestic-12's operations cannot give themselves global immunity from
      criminal prosecution because they simply do not have the authority to do
      that. To presume to have that authority, as they appear to have done,
      demonstrates to my eyes how arrogant and pretentious they really are.
      Evidently these people do not want to have to respect the ethical laws of
      the world community and think they should be allowed to be a law unto
      themselves, while at the same time representing the world community in its
      dealings with ETs. In effect they appear to be telling everyone, "Just hand
      over the world entirely to our care to do with as we see fit and don't ask
      us to account for anything that we do with it." That seems to me to be the
      unspoken proposition which is implicit in their claim to global immunity
      and which I think we would have to be out of our minds to accept.

      We seem to be confronted here with a clandestine agency of the US
      government, which officially does not exist and whose existence is therefore
      illegitimate even in the USA, seeking to legitimise itself on a global
      scale. And all in one fell swoop too, by simply declaring its global
      immunity to all and any of mankind's laws as an act of fiat. To call this
      attempt "misguided" would probably be the understatement of the millennium.
      It is an attempt to give themselves an elite world status that could be used
      at any time in future to foist an arbitrary, unaccountable dictatorship
      upon the whole globe and everywhere off-world that humanity might go. It is
      a blatant bid for unconditional totalitarian rule. It is thus an emphatic,
      in-your-face reassertion of the rules of the ages-old game of power-politics
      that have brought the world into its present precarious condition. And
      these same people apparently think that by doing this they will be
      installing a New Age of Light! They are plainly delusional and instead of
      being given global immunity from prosecution I think they should be
      incarcerated in asylums for the criminally insane, where they will receive
      the psychological care that they evidently need and will be prevented from
      endangering the world any further.

      Of course it is an open question as to what specific crimes they are
      wanting to have global immunity to prosecution for. Assassination?
      Torture? Kidnapping? Libel, slander and character-assassination? Public
      deception and misinformation? Interference in the course of justice?
      Misappropriation of public moneys? Drug-running and racketeering?
      Kidnapping and false-imprisonment? Infringement of citizens' rights and
      international treaties? Conspiracy with others to commit all of the
      foregoing? The list of potential indictments seems serious enough to make a
      Mafia Godfather's seem trivial by comparison. And these are just the crimes
      which they could have committed already - crimes which could have resulted
      in the traumatisation of many people and the ruin of many lives. What might
      they do if they are granted the global immunity from prosecution to which
      they are laying claim?

      Amnesty is a separate question to that of unconditional global
      immunity of course. Amnesty may be given for crimes which have already been
      committed, but it is a one-off affair that does not grant any right to the
      perpetrators to repeat their crimes, which is what the post-Majestic
      declaration appears to claim for the possible perpetrators here. However, I
      do not think that granting an amnesty would do any good either unless it was
      made conditional upon the whole black project community being brought out
      completely into the open and brought back under the legitimate
      constitutional rule of the official governments of this world. Otherwise
      all the old games would simply start up again and it would just be a
      question of time before we were right back at square one with weird things
      happening all over the place, spooks coming out of every corner and no-one
      able to find out what the hell is really going on.

      But can anyone seriously think that the shadow world would do that
      voluntarily? I think it is more realistic to expect them to have to be
      dragged kicking and screaming into the open, public light day. They do not
      want amnesty. What they want is the unconditional right to go about what
      they see as their business without interference or oversight or control by
      anyone else. This is what their declaration of global immunity and
      privilege declares in no uncertain terms. They have expressed no intention
      to account for their past deeds, nor to offer restitution to anyone who they
      may have offended, nor to seek reconciliation with the possible victims of
      their crimes. I can predict with confidence that if we grant them amnesty
      they will not even say "Thank you" and will just try to persuade us all that
      they never committed any crimes in the first place. And the cover-up and
      the disinformation will go on uninterrupted.

      We are dealing with a deeply rooted collective human problem here.
      I'm afraid there can be no quick get-outs and easy solutions that do not
      cost anyone anything. It is a situation that has been nurtured and
      cultivated by our culture over centuries of popular blind eye-turning to
      official corruption and misdemeanours. We have bred a monster in the form
      of the secret black projects community and now it is preparing to begin its
      rampage by rattling the rusted bars of the decrepit legal cage that still
      just about contains it. If the free world is going to stay free, I think it
      is going to have to deal with this entity like it would deal with an unruly
      adolescent who thinks he should have the right to do as he pleases in the
      world without being answerable to anyone and reckless of the costs and
      injuries that he may inflict on them in his thoughtlessness too. Such an
      adolescent needs to be shown that he is subject to the law like everyone
      else and I think this is what the black project community needs to be shown
      too for everyone's well-being and security.


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      From: Dex
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      Subject: [ufodiscussion] 'Amnesty'

      Dondep wrote:
      Dex wrote:
      If T-9 was real and in favor of protecting mankind...Thank you Committees,
      especially for finally wising up.


      I'm glad you used the word "IF", Dex. One thing we DO NOT hear when we hear
      of the T-9 is the treaty we had/have with the OTHER group of ETs/aliens -
      the alleged OF-9 Treaty. This is a critical issue, because by not even
      mentioning it we are assuming that the so-called "Tau-9" treaty is the ONLY
      treaty that Majestic was ever a party to.

      One of the clauses in the (so-called) "OF-9" treaty is the agreement that no
      single nation can unilaterally declare 'Disclosure' without ALL governments
      agreeing to do so. SNEDs slipped in some boiler-plate from a
      seemingly-innocuous Resolution about 'nuclear proliferation' made by the
      Security Council during an April 2004 session, then claimed that in a secret
      meeting following that session, certain provisions of immunity for MJ-12
      made at that secret session for ratification by the Tau-9 the following
      month would go into effect once certain celestial phenomena occurred. Said
      who?? You can't sign treaty clauses like that without the membership of a
      nation being aware of what's being agreed to on their behalf.

      Think about that for a minute. MJ-12 arranges to have themselves immunized
      from prosecution for their own criminal behavior, as if they had the
      legitimacy to do either! THIS is one of the primary reasons why we can't
      have these criminal elitists making decisions under the guise of "discussion
      groups" at their various conclaves called the "CFR", the "Trilateral
      Commission", the "Bilderberg Group", and their playground known as the
      "Bohemian Grove". They simply don't have the right, no matter how often they
      repeat the lie.

      So; the 'good' ETs/aliens, Dex, are more than likely NOT parties to the
      "T-9". If they can declare that Dan "successfully completed his mission of
      informing the public of the 'truth of the extraterrestrial presence' by
      September of 2006 (one year ago)", then I'll be a monkey's uncle. I probably
      am, anyway.

      "The Crux"

      The key word I believe is 'amnesty'.
      If you want disclosure, and if you want it from them, they'll have to be
      allowed amnesty.
      There isn't any other way around this.

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