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  • Dex
    I m glad you did Phyllis. I hope for your happiness and may you find many more friends of like mind. Sedona was quite an experience for me in my days of living
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 31, 2007
      I'm glad you did Phyllis.

      I hope for your happiness and may you find many more friends of like mind.
      Sedona was quite an experience for me in my days of living there.
      I hear a lot of the artist creative spiritual seeking people have found new
      homes somewhere in New Mexico.
      Maybe, they'll drift your way.

      In the days of my beginning adventuring discoveries, I found I wasn't alone.
      In a little town in Alvarado, Calif. was an antique shop.
      I was out exploring one day looking for rundown shacks with porcelain knobs
      still on them and other odd items of fancy when I met an elderly couple who
      owned the store. I was impressed how delightful and very friendly they
      It was a poor town with hardly a population.
      This couple seemed so nice and interesting, so, I stuck around for a few
      hours just talking with them.
      The man took me in his back room to show me his prised sewing machine he
      was selling for five hundred $ dollars. I wondered how he was going to sell
      it with it being in the back room and nobody around to see it's rare beauty.

      I left and came back after about 2 weeks and stopped by to say hello again,
      not knowing when I'd ever return in future. It was a out of the way remote
      little town.
      The man was hoping I'd return because he couldn't wait to tell me of the
      good luck he'd been having.
      Surprisingly, he said he sold that sewing machine he showed me soon after I
      left to a couple of friends of mine. They knew it was in the back room and
      told him they wanted to buy it. That was a surprise, because the shop
      owner really needed the money at the time and how did they know it was in
      the back room?
      I asked him what in the world made him think they were friends of mine?
      He said they told me they were friends of mine and that they knew my real
      I was a loner in those days and nobody accompanied me anywhere while I went
      He said after they left soon afterward another mysterious stranger came
      into their shop and had something he wanted to sell him.
      He said this stranger had a beautiful silver necklace with the most
      strangest center stone in it they ever did see.
      He said he bought it for a mere twenty dollars and was told the stone would
      change with the weather.
      I thought this is getting to be quite a discussion and who in the world
      would be following me and telling people they were my friends?
      Well, he showed me the necklace. It was a large Egyptian design and the
      center piece looked like a beautiful clear crystal and partly white clouded
      My friend the shop owner said when the weather changes the stone will
      either clear up or the milky white swirl in it will form different patterns.
      I thought how could that be? I didn't believe in magical stones. Hmm.
      Amazing. I've never heard anything like that before. It being able to
      change the way he described? What a mystery. Both his wife and he swore
      that it did, and on top of that, sense they bought it, they've had good
      luck ever sense.
      People were coming into their little antique shop from all around buying up
      the place.
      He said soon he'll be able to retire like he wanted for both him and his
      wife seeing they were tiring in their physical strength from age.
      He was so happy, and I was amazed at his recent acquired good fortune. I
      was really happy for them.
      The stone was not a mood plastic ring piece.
      I've studied geology in college and I know for a fact it was a real agate,
      of some kind? but, now, I wonder was it from another world? Is that
      possible? The scales weighing that it is.
      For reason's not explained at this time, I'm now sure the mysterious
      strangers were extraterrestrials. But from where? and the thing they did to
      help out that nice elderly couple was quite an impressive. Caring.
      These space people can be really something wonderful and consider
      yourselves specially privileged if you ever get the chance to encounter

      A true story. This is the first time I've ever shared this with the public.


      > Andrew, I'll be delighted to have the stones as they came from you. I
      respect you and always read your comments. They will be a part of you. I
      shall treasure them. Thank you SO much. I'll await them with excitement!
      What fun. It's very thoughtful of you! At the moment, I can't think of
      anything to do for or give you in return. Us there anything you need that
      i can supply you? Besides love? My husband and I had a small store in
      Silver City, NM called Angels, Authors & Artists. There we had all things
      metaphysical. Mostly angels, and the town was so thrilled over it, they
      used to bring in their friends and relatives to show the place off. I
      learned so very much at it and had such a wonderful rapport with the
      customers. We didn't make much money, as it was poor town with many
      Mexicans. I made friends who even now still contact me. Much love between
      us. Hardly a day went by that someone would come in in tears. We would
      hug and talk about their problem, and they would go all aglow from our
      talk. I received SO much love from them. Of course, I wasn't a good
      business woman. I gave too much away. Then when my husband died, I sold
      the store. Since she defaulted, I never received the money, as she didn't
      have any. No sense in being angry. I learned a lot about love.We invested
      our life's savings, and now I'm broke. But have good memories, and I
      learned a lot of spiritual knowledge.
      > Why did I mention this? I don't know. It was an experience in total
      > Hugs,
      > Phyllis
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