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Serpo Disclosure

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  • Dex
    Cross posting: I will say this from personal knowledge, something I ve stressed repeatedly. EBE has only one mark of distinction in the nomenclature designed
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 30, 2007
      Cross posting:

      I will say this from personal knowledge, something I've stressed repeatedly. "EBE" has only
      one mark of distinction in the nomenclature designed for both recovery teams and those
      observing tactical operations around UFO reporting and limiting of disclosure, and that is
      to discern between ET and EBE.
      Think about it, why the redundance in Extraterrestrial Biological Entity if that is really what
      EBE designates? Both ET and EBE could be defined equally by it.
      But not ExtraBiological Entity, as distinquished from ET, the former biologically engineered
      for deep space travel and the latter, an actual species capable of reproduction.

      Another grave misgiving here is the obvious attempt to virtually remove the prospects for
      humanoid ET, claiming the "shape-shifting" hostiles (insect-like otherwise) are that manifestation,
      even as the blondes. What this does is to polarize the vast bulk of humanity from ET contact
      through fear.

      It has never been about the government and military actually wanting to remove the ET equation
      or they could have behaved far less suspciously, kept down the tide a great deal better...no it
      has been to CONTROL disclosure, to interpret ETs and their message. The last thing the
      government and military want is to disturb power placement and status quo. THEY are to
      benefit, not us, by shared technology. We might not be so dependent with efficient energy,
      with healing methods the individual can employ, with better comparative analysis of how
      societies function without inordinate disproportioning of wealth! Why we might even acquire
      fuller use of our 3/4 atrophied brain! NOT GOOD FOR PEOPLE THAT SPEND LIFETIMES
      DECIDING THINGS FOR OTHERS. Politicians, in other words.

      We all want determinations. But we all need to know there is a war against our knowing ANYTHING
      well enough to defeat conspiracy.

      The SERPO papers are the work of someone utilizing what I call, the principle of inevitability, but with
      someone feeding them who still has their foot in the intrigue of the Grand Deception.

      There are humanoid ETs who differ from us in only one respect, they do not have split consciousness
      and are not susceptible to hypnosis. Hint, hint, hint.


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