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Re: A Mysterious Photo

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  • Dex
    Cross posting: Dex, I m not dismissing what you re saying, and I apologize if I came across as facetious. Out of respect for you, I ve deleted the offending
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      Cross posting:

      Dex, I'm not dismissing what you're saying, and I apologize if I came across as facetious. Out of respect for you, I've deleted the offending image. There could be an angelic manifestation there in the photo you posted. I'm of no doubt that apparitions, ghosts, whatever you want to call them, exist -- whether they're a series of temporally dissonant images (visual interference, if you like) from another time, or "past" entities caught in a timeloop that is unfolding due to the Paradox restacking/realignment that Dan_B talks about, or real interdimensional beings that are part of our timeline, I really don't know.

      Personally, I must admit I have a hard time with all religions, be they Christianity, Islam, etc [Buddhism perhaps being the exception]. I'm not a complete secular humanist in the Richard Dawkins mould, because I believe human beings do have a soul, and there is some "creator force" in the omniverse, but I don't buy the "clothes" that the mullahs of this world have dressed religion up in. I feel we need to shed these clothes that bind us and look at spirituality in a new way that is all-encompassing and unites all of humanity. The trouble with all religions is that they have the hand of venerable old men stamping their dogma on everyone else, since time immemorial, although I accept there is a lot of good in some of the basic tenets of religions and these beliefs give a lot of people comfort throughout their lives.

      Interesting xxx

      You speak in the abstract and exclusion of yourself.

      These truth's becomes more realized as we progress learning to understand ourselves...
      Believe it or not, these incredible entities instructed me about what God want's of us while dwelling here in this lifetime.
      This I emphasis as a primary issue with the Greater Mind that put us here.
      Render unto Caesar what's Caesar's..Render unto God too.

      Anyway, that's what I was getting at. The Source of it all has a revelatory plan and purpose for the way it wants to conduct the Spiritual interaction side of Creation.

      BTW, today, I was told the Mother and whose Son photographed the room didn't see the visitation. However, the hospitalized woman, whose still alive, did.



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