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    Photon belt From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia • Interested in contributing to Wikipedia? •The photon belt (photon ring, manasic ring, or golden nebula)
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      Photon belt

      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      � Interested in contributing to Wikipedia? �The photon belt (photon ring, manasic ring, or golden nebula) is a modern myth linked to some parts of the new age movement that a belt or ring of photons is going to. Beliefs about the belt vary, but include that it will envelope the Earth in 2012 leading to a massive failure of electrical equipment with 2-3 days of total darkness or total daylight, and/or initiate some kind of spiritual transition (usually referred to as "a shift in consciousness", "the shift of the ages", or just "the shift", with the time period leading up to the shift as "the quickening"; it has also been referred to as "zero point" and ties in to various prophecies, the Mayan calendar, extraterrestrial life, etc). New Age beliefs hold that the belt itself is 760 thousand billion miles wide, composed of photons, to be positioned so that Earth intersects with it ever 26,000 years.

      Historically, a number of predictions have been made as to when Earth will pass through the photon belt, including dates in 1992 and 1997. To date, no sign of this passage has been detected and no astronomical data exists to corroborate the belt's existence.

      Related mainstream science

      According to mainstream, modern-day science, the Milky Way's galactic center harbors a compact object of very large mass (named Sagittarius A*), strongly suspected to be a supermassive black hole. Most galaxies are believed to have a supermassive black hole at their center.[3] Black holes emit gas jets which are plasma (typically an ionized gas) that emit light when excited. A photon is the elementary particle that makes up light.

      The Pleiades is a star cluster some 440 light years away from Earth, composed of some 500 stars.

      Paul Otto Hesse, a self professed scientist from Germany wrote of hte effects said to be generated by the belt belt in his book, Der J�ngste Tag (English: "The Recent Day").[4]
      Samael Aun Weor (V�ctor Manuel G�mez Rodr�guez), in a lecture called The Rings of Alcyone at the Conferencia Sobre Alcione ("Conference on Alcyone"), mentions Paul Otto Hess [sic] who predicts that if the Earth enters the belt first, a "great fire in the skies, or pyrotechnic lights" would occur"; but if the sun enters first, "the radiation released would interfere with the solar rays and darkness would reign for 110 hours, after which everything would return to normal." Weor refers to the photon belt as "Alcyone's rings" (or "the rings of Alcyone"), Alcyone, Weor claims, is the principle sun (star) of the Pleiades 7-star cluster, of which our sun, according to Weor, "It has been said that the sun which illuminates us is the seventh sun that circles Alcyone" and "Alcyone is, precisely, the principal sun of the Pleiades and in its orbit gravitate seven suns, our sun being the seventh which circles Alcyone". Alycone has rings made of "radiation" caused by the "splitting of the electron" which is released as energy by which Woer refers to as "manasic", a Sanskrit term for the mind that "is in some way related to the inferior manas (inferior mind), or to the superior manas (superior mind)" [of the subtle body]. The electrons, Weor purports, "release a type of unknown energy".
      Thereabout, in the year of 1974, three astronauts who were circling the Earth reported a type of radiation, or a type of unknown energy, unsuspected by official science. Obviously, since 1962, specifically since the 4th of February of that year, our planet Earth, and in general, the whole solar system, has been on the verge of entering the terrible rings of Alcyone. ... These rings extend for some light years; they are instantly enormous. Nevertheless, at any given moment, our solar system will enter Alcyone�s rings.[5]
      August 1981
      An Australian UFO magazine called Australian International UFO Flying Saucer Research Magazine #12 in an article called The Photon Belt Alycone Saga by Shirley Kemp also mentions the photon belt (but does not mention Rodriquez but does mention Jose Comas Sola, Freidrich Wilhelm Bessel. Isaac Asimov, Edmund Halley, Paul Otto Hesse, and Erich Von Daniken).[6] It was reprinted in the Australian Nexus magazine in February 1991 as The Photon Belt Story, page 6.[7][8][9]
      May 5 and June 23, 1992
      The Phoenix Liberator mentions the photon belt.[10] The photon belt is also mentioned in a few Phoenix Journals (years unknown but seems to be from the mid-1990s).[11]
      June 8, 1992
      the photon belt appears on Usenet in the newsgroup sci.astro.[12]
      November 1992
      in the channelled newsletter, Revelations of Awareness, the photon belt is mentioned in the section The Photon Belt: "Five Days of Darkness & No Electrical Power" Claims the Phoenix Liberator: This to Occur July 25, 1992.[13] The newsletter refers to the photon belt in numerous issues thereafter.[14][15]
      in Foster Perry's book, When Lightning Strikes a Hummingbird: The Awakening of a Healer, Barbara Hand Clow mentions the photon belt numerous times in the book's foreword.[16][17]
      April 1994
      , the book You are Becoming a Galactic Human by Virginia Essene and Sheldan Nidel was published which mentions the photon belt:
      1994: The photon belt, a huge torroid [sic] shaped object composed of photon light particles, was first discovered by your scientists in 1961 near the vicinity of the Pleiades by satellite instrumentation.[18]
      The book is an edited transcription of a series of messages channeled from Washta, a Sirian counselor and galactic presence, channelled through Nidel, who claims he has been receiving messages from the Sirians since he was nine.[19]

      January 1998
      Noel Huntley, Ph.D.[20] wrote an article called The Photon-Belt Encounter which examines the origin and scientific credibility of the belt, which he refers to also as an "electromagnetic cloud".[21]
      Since 2000
      the photon belt has been mentioned in other books[17] such as The Pleidian Agenda by Barbara Hand Clow[22]
      In the 2005 book Touched by the Dragon's Breath: Conversations at Colliding Rivers by Michael Harrington, the author mentions the photon belt numerous times[23] and, in the foreward, refers to a 1987 meeting with John Redstone at "Colliding Rivers" who, the author claims, was familiar with the photon belt, "a spectacular band of multi-dimensional light that St. Germaine had called the Golden Nebula" and "in esoteric circles it is known as the 'Dragon's Breath'."[24] Harrington also refers to "a Native American prophecy that told of a dynamic wave of energy traveling through space" and that "when the earth passed through this wave great changes would occur"; "this 'great transformation' would be preceded by a time of purification."[25]


      The details of the photon belt belief vary from source to source. This section attempts to point out some of the elements often found in these sources that are contrary to normal scientific belief.

      The Earth orbits the Pleiades cluster. This is not the case;[26] the Earth orbits the Sun, and the Sun orbits the galactic center, some 26,000 light-years away.[27][28][29]
      A belt of photons orbits the Pleiades cluster (or, in some variants, the center of the galaxy). A photon is a particle of zero rest mass[30]; such particles are not known to enter orbits, so the idea of a "photon belt" is contrary to all models of physics presently accepted in mainstream science.
      Earth is going to collide with this belt. Given that the Pleiades cluster is approximately 440 light-years away, this requires that the size of the belt's "orbit" (if such a thing was possible) must be at least 440 light-years, which, even if the idea of photons in orbit wasn't ludicrous, would make it a nearby galactic object of truly remarkable size. No sighting of such an object by any conventional observational method has been reported by a reliable source.
      Paul LaViolette, while criticizing the photon belt,[26] says that the galactic core can emit intense radiation in the form of high-energy cosmic rays which he dubs a "galactic superwave"[31] that can produce "electron cascades" on impact with Earth's atmosphere, many of which scatter upwards and become trapped by the Earth's magnetic field to form radiation belts.[32][33]

      Popular culture

      In 1994, in the April-May issue of Nexus Magazine, included is a review of a song called Five Days in a Photon Belt by Warp Factor Nine on Karmic Hit Records.[34]
      In summer 1994, Art DiFuria, after having read about "a band of photonic matter" that will envelop the earth and change consciousness forever, in the astrology magazine Welcome to Planet Earth, it seemed to Art that this explained everything and left the Lilys to form Photon Band and released the single, 747, on Darla Records in 1996 (and other albums since then).[35]
      In January 1995, the Lilys released the album Eccsame the Photon Band.[36]
      In 1998, the music group The Photon Belt released a CD with Frankie Death called Soundtrack for the film 'Future Unseen ' on Subversive Records.[37]
      In 2006, Tori Amos released a much-anticipated song entitled "Zero Point" in which she sings 'we are entering the photon belt / we are now in the photon belt'

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