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A Most Dangerous Cargo on Crashed UFO's

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  • Dex
    Cross posting from p4c: Subject: A Most Dangerous Cargo on Crashed UFO s... --An Introductory Discussion of Scientific / Engineering aspects of ET Crash /
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 5, 2007
      Cross posting from p4c:

      Subject: A Most Dangerous Cargo on Crashed UFO's...

      --An Introductory Discussion of Scientific / Engineering aspects of ET Crash / Retrievals.

      It is this observers long concern and , that there is a sad utter lack, in our research community of a projective and anticipatory analysis, on what is , with high probability a truly stunning treasure trove
      that is held in UFO crash / retrieval engineering labs. Translated few have sat down and conducted
      a "break out" , system by system, a formal decomposition of what was a hidden harvest now diffused
      into the average automobile, commercial jet , PC , Server farm, or secret space ship. This has been
      accomplished with stealth and subterfuge, and very clever cover stories. It is not possible in a few
      words to support and justify this claim. Corso knew some small part of this effort. I will detail this
      claim in a report in preparation.

      What is the real complete story of; IC ,LSI , VLSI work sponsored very early in the 58-64 time period
      by ARPA (DARPA later ) Yes, a TI lab seems to have done critical early work, but were there multiple
      infiltration seeding programs?

      Intact, or virtually intact craft retrievals have likely yielded synchronous synergistic "wild card" results in the form of cargo , databases, and storage media. Many would yawn at this point and say "so what". .
      This betrays a lack of understanding of many industrial and economic growth investment waves.

      The fact is , single even tiny components found on crashed crafts , could launch or change whole industries, unleash large Kondratieff waves of industrial and economic change. It is an open historical question still standing as to what were full inspirations for DARPA , or IN-Q-TEL programs, prototype test devices and ;3-d lithography , advanced night vision and infrared vision gear, laser advances, high velocity defensive ceramic armor, fiber optics, particle and beam weapon work, high powered microwave weapons, and ......

      Trans luminal communication gear , gravity engines , diagravitic materials, room temperature superconductors, ultra conductors ( ultra low ohm polymers THESE EXIST ) , nuclear Isomer storage, ultracapacitors ( with x 20 lead acid watt-hr / ft^ 3 storage density ) with x 10-20 watt-hr / lb storage efficiency e.g.50-75 Farad units = 60-80 kwh., ultra high transient megajoule fast switch work--diamond carbide tech. , high frequency gravity wave guides , sub orthonormal ground state Hydrogen technology , stable exotic isotopic super heavy elements, paraphysical transducers ( this is a very big one that many do not appreciate.) Bussard mini variants pulse hot fusion units , interstitial in situ exotic solid state lattice cooled 3-d molecular dimension vertical planar stacks , harnessed controlled strong force devices, quantum computers, cybernetic / computer logic at decenary even millenary, levels which the permutative and combinatorial power is astoundingly greater than
      binary, this embodied at discrete level as a gate array implementing a n-level propositional logic with correspondingly greater power. High energy radiation in this analysts estimation will set lower geometry scale bounds. This will limit scale of nano technology.

      This technology will present great puzzles and surprises���as well as rewards.. Access to retrieved systems may present unique challenges. A primary possibility is that access may require a set or ensemble of actions, keypad , tactile input combination lock, keys perhaps physical and optical, perhaps involving subtle timing sequence, this could even be compounded with telepathic identifiers and signatures.

      Access may be linking with or talking to the crafts ���brain��� / computer. Some abductees, and contactees , told that the vehicle they are in, is a living conscious entity���possibly silicon, Kurzweil���s singularity in the ���Silicon��� flesh so to speak. There appears to be no apocalyptic machine digital decimation of biological intelligence.

      Quite the opposite. A harmonious Modus Machine Vivendi seems to be working seamlessly. Could it be there are unknown asymptotic limits to silicon intelligence���perhaps biological brains interstially embody macro quantum aspects that are difficult to duplicate. What are the biological intelligence levels that would coexist with AI? The upper range is vague indeed.

      A full discussion is beyond the scope of this effort, but a minimum, we may extrapolate from statistical deviations represented by the most extraordinary human intellects such as; Newton, Aristotle, Euler, Gauss, Mozart, Goethe, Von Neumann. Combine such levels with the larger ET brains that would allow learning and wisdom accumulating over centuries. If leaks from individuals at LANL are fact, the several exchange aliens tested off the IQ 200 scale. I suspect that a large portion of galactic advanced cultures citizens would possess a cluster of advanced versions of human savant talents; even much faster than human lightning calculator abilities, complete multi-sensory recall (visual , aural, kinesthetic ) , artistic, time space ratiocinative powers ( that is the ability to measure of count large areas or objects or numbers accurately at a glance.), most important a resultant conceptual power that would exceed that of the seeming clairvoyant insight of a Von
      Neumann, of whom stories are legion, that summative consequence would be an ability to condense and collapse problems millions of times faster, than sheer brute force application. Some human savants solve N th root problems millions of times faster than exhaustive methods.

      This is the highly probable , and inexorable to this observer trend and direction of most biological intelligence, once the ability to manipulate the genome emerges, this overwhelmingly becomes embodied in flesh, for both competitive and inherent reasons.
      The need for true understanding of complex challenges both in physics and systems and
      perhaps the sheer fun and mind play, that would be possible----as well as keeping a very sharp watch
      on AI This arena containing Neural nets, Bionic, Androidal cybernetics, Nanonets, Hybrid semi-bio-artificial brains, self programming & learning. systems.

      This cybernetic / computer function, may be, based on a number of answers to questions where abductees / contactees asked; ���where are your computers��� only to be told, that ���we don���t have computers rather our ships have artificial brains���, to which ���our pilots mentally link to,��� might mean that a classof interstellar vehicles ( some ) have names , nick names and real personalities.and may cuss like sailors when the hyper spatial weather is bad or they don't receive clearance to deorbit.

      This is a much neglected issue, of enormous potential impact. A���priori it would seem a great unknown, yet the entire methodology discussed , is that certain logic applies to any society and that this is another case of where even for very complex advanced civilizations certain database contents are likely to be on typical visiting vehicle. At minimum a collection of operational manuals and guide books, instructional maintenance and repair documents seems likely. Even if the pilots or maintenance tech on board an
      Interstellar ship had via eidetic memory memorized the text and image content of a thousand book and manuals.---they���d want to fact check occasionally.

      Accessing the ���ships��� database may be a function of asking the quasi-conscious ���entity���
      running , or dwelling in the ship questions. This process could even consist of a telepathic link, with the ship, or to androidal beings serving the ship, the ���worker bees���or ���drones��� that seem to act as if they are part of a hive or group mind. This is evidenced in repeated instances when a group several beings turn move and stare as if on invisible coordinated puppet strings.

      It is possible, that with the development of artificial intelligence, perhaps even in gradations that we will not recognize, there may be a division of labor, where some databases may be embodied in the quasi- living ��� quasi - biological entities on board. Could databases ( for that matter a whole range of devices and tools that possess consciousness) be conscious active helpful truth seeking conceptual search engines that would make the founders of Google weep?

      A careful look of patterns of activity ( and non-patterns of activity) suggest the equivalent of a dynamic earth protocol guide. This seems inferentially to exist. or else why hasn���t a single UFO landed on the White House lawn or hovered for an hour over the UN building? A thousand other sensitive situations and locations exist. Live high definition Sport coverage would be determinative. There it would seem are detailed guides of where and when and what to do in front of the natives. Perhaps , also based on the gradual trend lines and very blantant appearances over several cities recently., are a function of a dynamic evolving protocol, It may be there are participative and carefully progressive shows in front of the natives, all a part of a dynamic living ������tourist��� guide book.

      This implies the access to either information from the large scale galactic , or other administrative interstellar groups that may have been watching and recording our planet for many millennia in the form of, a jointly compiled earth archive.

      It is conjectural, but a formal regional survey could be very long term systematic mosaic consisting of stealthy orbital watch , with quite imperceptible close RPV activity as events and situations evolve. Literally the ���watchers��� of the book of Job, or Ray Fowler���s
      Andreasson affair.

      This on board function could be very ���hot��� indeed. If the reputed contents of the ���yellow
      Book��� do directly challenge one, or multiple major religions of the planet, what scandalous, taboo facts may come flying out of databases like avenging angels of truth telling. The release of some information could have both atheists and the pious stirred into shock and fury , and make current fundamentalist fervor of some major sects seem prologue.

      In addition neutral , highly objective frank observations by super intelligent alien
      historians, geo-political analysts views , and the interstellar equivalent of bloggers may be viewed as extreme threats. Almost certainly they know as a consequence of telepathically gained facts, the deepest darkest secrets of our planet, one that runs on the ���oil��� of secrecy, and the lubrication of mega ���lies���, must be very potentially threatening influences.

      It should be totally clear that much of the galaxy���s residents are telepathic. To a planet that runs on secrecy, this is a very very subversive force. Alien technology may include, the equivalent of telepathic PA���s or megaphones, thought recorders , based on multiple abductee accounts.

      This note has probably enough topical scope for a further hopefully more robustly eclectic pattern to
      examine and prepare for these realities before showing up on the front page of the NY TIMES.

      VINCE WHITE Oct 5 07

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